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Brazil registers its first birth certificate on the blockchain

Brazil Records First-Ever Blockchain Birth Certificate

Brazil registers its first birth certificate on the blockchain

Brazil, the fifth most populated country in the world, has made history by issuing its first birth certificate using blockchain technology, a significant step towards recording vital public statistics.

According to reports, Álvaro de Medeiros was the first baby to have his birth certificate issued without the need of any notary or a registry office. GrowTech, which strives towards a high-end tech world, in partnership with IBM, has used blockchain technology to record birth certificates, using its Notary ledger platform which provides virtual notary services.

The parents were invited by the hospital to test this technology to record birth certificates. The father, highlighting the convenience of this technology stated that the registration process was time-saving as it only took about five minutes. Conventionally, it would take days for the manual registration process of birth to be done by the registry offices. Simultaneously, the transparency and efficiency in the recording of these essential documents also increase.

IBM’s blockchain leader in Latin America, Carlos Rischioto said that the registration process involves three main steps. First, the hospital is required to make a “live birth statement”. After this, the Ledger platform of the blockchain technology is used to create a digital identity of the newborn. In the last step, the essential and relevant information is sent to the notary to finalize it.

This is not the first time essential public records have been stored using blockchain technology. As previously reported on, many people are choosing to record their sacred matrimony on a decentralized ledger. Thus, it is evident that companies are striving towards the digitization of maintaining public records, in which blockchain has a major role to play. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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