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BINEX.TRADE – The New Generation of Crypto Exchange

Humanity is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, as it shapes our development in the modern world. The emergence of blockchain technology is such a development, that has the potential to revolutionise society. Blockchain technology has enabled many companies to take advantage of a decentralised ecosystem. These decentralised market places utilise tokens or cryptocurrencies to allow users to transact with complete transparency. This advancement has let to multiple exchanges emerging which allow users to trade and connect without the necessity of a third party.

Introducing BINEX.TRADE

BINEX.TRADE is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that gives back to its users. The platform is designed to reward its users as BINEX.Trade shares its trade commission with BEX token holders, making BEX a real utility token. In this sense, the exchange is set to reinvent the sharing economics by rewarding its stakeholders from their daily trade revenue.

The BINEX.TRADE platform is catered to all cryptocurrency traders. Whether a user is new to cryptocurrency or is a more seasoned trader, BINEX.TRADE is a standout new platform. Their focus has been to incorporate a trending news section which encourage users to engage with the cryptocurrency sphere. Users are also welcomed to immerse themselves with an interactive community with BINEX.TRADE, through social media and news outlets. This allows traders from all levels of experience to stay up to date with the current affairs in the cryptocurrency market. Allowing users to stay on point with their decision making to optimise their trading performance.

The BINEX.TRADE User Interface

BINEX.TRADE are excited to launch their new exchange that is catered to a quality user experience. The user interface has a notable ergonomic design, using a single window to benefit veteran and novice traders alike. With a summary of market news, public sentiment and currency trading values, users are bolstered with all the necessary information to maximise their trading potential. The primary currency pairing will incorporate the top cryptocurrencies, BTC, ETH, USD and BEX. With the launch of the BEX utility token bonus system, new traders are given easy access with a seamless transition into cryptocurrency trading.

Whether you are an experienced cryptocurrency trader or new to the markets BINEX.TRADE is the platform for you. The platform offers a basic and advanced format to suit users needs. The aim of a multi-functional interface allows users to benefit from a platform that works around your ability and knowledge. As you develop, the platform is designed to suit all of your needs.

The BINEX.TRADE Token Event

The BINEX.TRADE exchange is designed to be as transparent as possible, while rewarding users for their participation. This is made possible by the BEX Token Event which began March 9th and is currently in the pre-registration phase. During this time, participants can purchase BEX tokens, in exchange for ETH. BINEX.TRADE is certainly giving back to its contributors, as they are offer 70% trading commissions back with traders on a daily payout. During the pre-registration period, participants are able to obtain up to 5 BEX tokens.


By using the BINEX.TRADE platform users are benefited with the latest news and market reports in one simple interface. By immersing themselves in the BINEX.TRADE platform and community, users can place cryptocurrency trades immediately with proficiency and confidence. This is a simple way to execute trades allowing users to have complete control over the price at which their trade takes places. Users are therefore reassured with knowledge that they can buy or sell cryptocurrency a specific price.

You can find out more information on BINEX.TRADE by visiting their website or reading their Whitepaper. To

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