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Player-Owned Casino EarnBet Distributes $4 Million in 1 Year to Token Holders

Earnbet, one of the most successful Dapp launches of all time, is proud to announce that over $4 million has been distributed to its BET token holders in only its first year of operations.

Achievements Since The Start

The demand for a decentralized and provably fair gaming experience where 100% of game profits are distributed to token holders was such that when EarnBet’s decentralized application (Dapp) made its debut, its transaction volume far surpassed Bitcoin’s and every Ethereum Dapp within the first month of launch on the EOS mainnet.

Many casinos pop up everyday and try to make a quick buck by using industry buzzwords but end up being a bad experience for the players. EarnBet is a professionally-managed project – something that the cryptocurrency industry was hungry for. EarnBet’s continued success and rapidly increasing growth is a sign of meeting this demand.

Since 2018, the platform has recorded 27 million bets and paid out over $377 million, with dividends instantly being received by token holders.

EarnBet has made several achievements and milestones in the few months they have been on mainnet – including being the first commercially successful platform built on the EOSIO blockchain, and the first on-chain casino to acquire a Gaming License.

Unmatched Experience

In an online world, people expect things simply to work and for it to work now. EarnBet follows that – with an extremely painless onboarding process with deposits and withdraws occurring instantly.

Thanks to a recently released decentralized account system, new account creation for players is even easier and takes fewer clicks.

Everything is managed internally so there are no external wallets, third party software, transaction fees, or staking resources players have to worry about. Just deposit funds, rest assured funds always stay 100% in your control, and play to your hearts content.

EarnBet in its current stages is working on expansion and catering to a large audience – the platform not only serves EOS but has begun to offer betting in BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH. While the largest markets are being targeted first, Earnbet has no intention to stop expansion and will announce more currency integrations in the future.

BET tokens, used for gameplay within the platform, used to be only useable within the ecosystem but another milestone is the listing of the BET on Binance DEX and Newdex.

This not only allows users to convert their BET winnings into other crypto, but also allows interested users easier access into the ecosystem, which was previously only accessible through gameplay or promotions.

On top of this, there is a perpetual buyback protocol in place, with over half a million (1.5% of circulating supply) BET tokens already burned. This protocol combined with the exchange access will ensure that BET token holders not only continue to receive dividends as a form of payment, but continue to benefit from appreciating value as well.

Future developments for the platform include two games to be released before end of the year, as well as an affiliates page to help members keep track of referral payments. Undisclosed future plans to add additional revenue streams and functionality to make the BET token even more valuable are under work as well, making it the best time to get into BET tokens. 

Find out more on the EarnBet website, or join their Telegram community now.

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