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Bankera’s BNK Token Gets Listed on HitBTC

In recent years, the financial world has been disrupted by the eruption of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to innovative blockchain technology, numerous industries are being revamped and improved. For the first time, the unbanked population are empowered by cryptocurrencies and the vast potential they may bring to the modern world. The banking sector has changed, thanks to Bankera which is ushering in a regulated digital bank of the blockchain era.

Bankera stands firmly on three core elements. Technology, the main driver of a digital bank, enables all financial operations to run smoothly. Licenses, a key asset that assures the services Bankera provides are compliant with the highest banking requirements. And capital, enough to meet regulatory requirements, and avoid financial crises and always be able to issues a loan or pay back deposits. This allows Bankera to provide high level financial services with the full support of cryptocurrencies.

Bankera – A Digital Bank for the Blockchain Era

Bankera is set to be a digital bank without the overheads of a physical branch. Bankera was launched in 2017 and was introduced as an operational fork of SpectroCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, wallet, prepaid card, and payment processor with over 5 years of experience in the market and over 860,000 existing customers.

SpectroCoin is a payment solution for cryptocurrencies, and was never intended to be a bank. However it does have an infrastructure similar to the traditional banks and plans to leverage it to build Bankera. The appeal of Bankera’s digital bank is that it will offer traditional and investment banking services, including loans and saving accounts, low-cost investment products, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs). While also dealing with crypto funds, this bridges the gap between conventional banking and the blockchain sphere.

Bankera has hit an exciting new chapter, and is proud to announce BNK tokens will be listed on the popular cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC, starting on Monday, June 4th. This milestone has been eagerly anticipated, after Bankera’s very successful token sale, that broke records by attracting over 100,000 contributors from across the world. For those who missed their chance to purchase BNKs during the token sale. There is a second chance to obtain BNK tokens from June 4th, when they will be tradable on HitBTC.

This listing is crucial for the progression and growth of the BNK token. Getting listed on leading exchanges is key to ensuring liquidity and advancing the developing of the token in the blockchain ecosystem. On the HitBTC exchange, BNK can be paired with top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether USD (USDT). Bankera’s contributors are offered a wide choice of trading options, and BNK tokens can become readily available to cryptocurrencies traders around the world.

One of a Kind Token

Security is paramount and in preparation for the listing the BNK tokens have been submitted to four layers of audits. Following on, BNK tokens will also be supported as NEM Mosaics, allowing BNK token holders to switch between blockchain technologies with ease.

Each BNK token will also be entitled to a percentage of a commission constituting 20% of Bankera’s and its MVP SpectroCoin’s net transactional revenue. For the commission to be distributed to the token holders, BNK smart contract, unlike any other, was designed to store commission funds in Ether. Token holders who hold their tokens in SpectroCoin blockchain wallet get their share of commission automatically settled to their accounts every week.  Meanwhile, those who keep their tokens on external wallets can alternatively claim the commission via smart contracts.

What’s Next?

HitBTC is only the first of many exchanges to list the BNK token. Once the price of BNK stabilizes on HitBTC, tokens will then be added to the SpectroCoin exchange. However, the focus for Bankera remains on the development of its own trading platform. With the vision to provide a community with a secure and efficient alternative to established exchanges. Bankera’s exchange is set to support the main cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, NEM, Litecoin and later ERC20 and NEM Mosaic tokens. Bankera exchange also hopes to increase BNK token demand by offering holders the possibility to trade BNK token pairs without paying commission fees. To find out more on Bankera’s exciting new chapter visit their website. Chat with their team here and connect on Twitter to be part of the banking revolution. Follow on Twitter at

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