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Microsoft Azure Releases Tool for Blockchain App Development

Microsoft has released the Blockchain Workbench on its Azure cloud computing platform, which promises to streamline blockchain-based application development. One of the most popular cloud computing services; it provides web developers and programmers numerous different types of servers, computers and databases for rent.

Since the beginning of cryptocurrency, people have used cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure to mine cryptocurrency, a process where a computer solves cryptographic hashes to maintain and secure the network and is rewarded coins in return. In recent years, blockchain-based applications and technology have led to some of the biggest advancements in the crypto world, and people are using cloud computing to build their own blockchain-based apps. It is easier and initially cheaper than buying all the necessary equipment. With cloud computing, a user can rent as much computing power as they need instantly, and thoroughly develop their application before investing in physical equipment.

Microsoft Azure Blockchain Workbench claims to provide everything needed to start a blockchain-based application within a few easy clicks. This saves developers a lot of time by automating the process of linking the different types of computers and databases required for a blockchain-based application to function, which is known as scaffolding. Developers can instead spend their time focusing on developing the logic for their blockchain-based application; this logic is generally contained within smart contracts that directly interact with the blockchain making the application cryptographically secure.

Overall, Blockchain Workbench should reduce blockchain-based application development time from months to days, since it provides all the underlying infrastructure needed for the application to work with a blockchain. This will help bring blockchain-based applications into the mainstream, since developers who have no experience with blockchain technology can simply use the Blockchain Workbench and make a fully functioning blockchain-based app.

Microsoft Azure previewed the Blockchain Workbench in a beta test that hundreds of people participated in, resulting in innovative new uses of blockchain technology. Bank Hapoalim of Israel used the Blockchain Workbench to create an application that simplifies the process of issuing bank guarantees for large purchases like real-estate. Nestle created an application that tracks the movement of its Bacio Perugina chocolate through the supply chain.

This latest development could lead to many more blockchain technology success stories, since it makes blockchain technology accessible to developers and programmers like never before.


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