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Aventus Pushes for Decentralised Protocol for Better Ticketing

One Decentralized Protocol for Better Ticketing Goes Open Source

Aventus Pushes for Decentralised Protocol for Better Ticketing

With ticketing one of the many sectors targeted for disruption from decentralizes blockchain solutions, startup Aventus is the latest to focus on digital assets based blockchain protocol. And now, it has made its code open source.

Like other competitors, it uses a blockchain-based decentralized platform to establish better transparency in the ticketing industry. It seems to have a better idea about how it will happen, as its Aventus classic product, which allows about 100 ticket transfers per second, uses an Ethereum-based blockchain protocol to ensure an open-source platform for the exchange of tickets. 

The startup said:

“This release marks our first real step in engaging with the open-source community, as Aventus Classic will now be open to contributions from anyone and will no longer be solely developed by official partners of the Aventus Protocol Foundation.”

A reward of USD 15,000 worth of Ether was announced for blockchain developers who would come up with a blockchain-based ticketing platform. In partnership with Takoshi developers, Aventus also announced that these developers will get 2 tickets to the ceremony. The blockchain framework which wins will be used as the ticketing platform for The Satoshi Awards’ first-ever ceremony taking place mid next year. 

As Bitcoin News has reported previously, Russian railways also used the blockchain based crypto platform to ensure more transparent and cheaper ticketing exchange. Online companies such as Destinia are already offering crypto ticketing around the world. This makes it evident that blockchain’s integration in the ticketing industry is becoming a popular endeavor, providing a plethora of opportunities. is committed to unbiased news and upholding journalistic codes of ethics. For more information please read our Editorial Policy here.

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