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XRP Preferred Christmas Crypto Gift as Coinbase Boss Reflects on Industry Year

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A GloBee poll has revealed that most cryptocurrency enthusiasts would rather receive XRP as a gift than BTC.

The as yet incomplete poll is currently testing the popularity of three leading cryptocurrencies to see how they stand up against each other as a yuletide gift. With just a few hours left before the big day, XRP has the edge against its hallmark competitor Bitcoin while only a meager 9% choosing XRM as an ideal gift option.

With 49% of respondents preferring a gift option of Ripple’s coin over 38% of Bitcoin’s Xmas crypto fans, although proving little, does highlight XRPs ever-growing popularity as a safe payment option.

This is clearly a fact not lost on Coinbase’s President Asiff Hirji after recent revelations that Ripple could soon be listing XRP alongside 300 other cryptocurrencies. One thing that Coinbase did clarify upon making the announcement is that not all of the names on its new hit list of favorable currencies will necessarily be listed, but it’s a positive step further for patient Ripple investors who have had to seek out other exchanges in order to carry out transactions, clearly losing Ripple significant business over time.

As the year draws to close, Asiff Hirji has also been speaking to CNBC’s Fast Money on the market’s fortunes in 2018, commenting rather quizzically that sometimes things are never as good as they look and never as bad as they seem.

The Coinbase boss went on to suggest that 2018 had been a significant year for the industry in terms of innovation despite ConsenSys having to lay off employees and Steemit shed 70% of its workforce. This situation has been reflected across the market due to many exchanges having had to deal with much-reduced trading volume and huge investor selloffs.

Asiff was upbeat about the number of new cryptocurrencies entering the market, suggesting that the industry was still in its infancy and a lot of positive elements were due to follow as more currencies emerge.

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