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ARK Unveils Date For Core v2 Codebase and DevNet Release

Following months of development and testing, point-and-click blockchain solution platform, ARK, has finally unveiled the release dates for its new ARK Core V2 code based for public testing on the DevNet. The highly anticipated codebase goes live on thursday, the 14th of June 2018 on ARK’s public test network.

Not to be confused with the Mainnet, the DevNet, will enable the public to stress-test and try out the capabilities of the new codebase without disrupting operations on the Mainnet.

“We have completely rewritten our core to make it faster, more scalable, more modular, easier to work with and some great new features. Such as Dynamic Fees and Multisig support. This rewrite has been months in the making and we are very proud to show the world what the next level of DPoS can do!” – ARK Co-Founder Travis Walker

Users will be able to fully put the new codebase through its pace, leverage its myriad of enterprising solutions, and provide critical feedback for further enhancement and development.

Anyone running a DevNet node can contribute to the event. However, there’s a need for coordination for those running DevNet delegates and relay nodes. This coordination requires them to be on board and prepared before the code release.

What’s Next For ARK

In the coming months, ARK is set a flurry of activities, paving the way for its Mainnet launch. These includes:

1. Release of ARK Core v2 Codebase

The codebase for ARK Core v2 will be made public on ARK’s GitHub repository, accompanied by a detailed and post on the firm’s blog specifying release date. The codebase will be made available at their GitHub repository.

ARK’s current node codebase will become deprecated following the release of Core V2 and will no longer be maintained.

  1. Preparations and installation of ARK Core on DevNet

Delegates and community members running v1 DevNet nodes will be required to update their servers to the new ARK Core v2. A detailed guide will be released to educate users on replacing their current ARK Node and installing the new one. ARK Core v2 will be simpler and easier to install since it now supports a wider range of Operating Systems (including Windows).

After installation, users are encouraged to stress-test the network in anyway possible, including attacking it and looking for vulnerabilities to build a truly stable foundation for the Mainnet based on community feedback.

3. Transition from DevNet to MainNet

The first release of ARK Core is 100% backwards compatible, enabling users to still run their old ARK Node on the DevNet. However, predicting the proper timeline for MainNet release depends on a number of factors that will be gleaned from the testing.

Transforming and implementing the results gathered from the testing is also certain to take considerable time.

4. AIP-11 Hardfork

AIP-11 types (timelock, multipayments, IPFS, delegate resignation) are scheduled to be a part of a hardfork of the network during the initial release of v2 on the MainNet, requiring all delegates to update so as to enable the network switch and support the new transaction. The hardfork will be tested extensively on the DevNet, however, it will NOT be backwards compatible.

The schedule for the Hardfork will also depends on the result of the testing and how soon the initial ARK Core v2 update reaches MainNet.

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