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ARK Ecosystem Being Prepared to Embrace ARK Core v2

Updates are essential to improving Blockchain-based systems. The space is new and full of ideas and innovations and so much so that even juggernaut networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum have to update in order to remain competitive. ARK, the blockchain-based all-in-one solution has announced that it is ready to deploy ARK Core v2. The update comes a few months since ARK last announced that its system was indigenously being updated into a fast and reliable network and there were a few key areas in which there was a complete overhaul of the ARK core code after the team identified key areas where the core design could be improved.

ARK Core v2

The new update is in the final stages of testing and will be available for public testing soon on the Devnet. There is no specific timeline provided by the ARK Core team but once public, the crypto enthusiasts are welcome to try, attack, review and report bugs on it in any capacity as possible.

The v2 Core is fully compatible with the v1 protocol, but a hard fork will be necessary to to make the new changes in the system that are vital for the progress of the system. A new block height will also be announced by ARK when the update is ready to go and the contributors are urged not to listen to rumours as they are just speculations.

Block Times and Delegates

Despite the rumours, the block times will not change in the new update. The creation times are set to be remain the same because there is no reason to change them. Changing the block times may end up undermining the premise of decentralization itself.

The number of delegates will also remain fixed at 51 right now. Increasing the number of delegates will require a lot of new testing as well as a change in block times, so it is dropped for a more smooth transition.


Fee reduction has received overwhelming response from the ARK community, which is understandable as well considering the ARK’s price has increased over the past year. ARK core v1 offered integrated flexible fees but it was unavailable at the client and Block creation level. But, the new hard fork ARK V2 will undergo a successful hard fork and thus making ARK the first ever DPoS Blockchain to have implemented a dynamic fee structure in its system.

Summary of ARK v2

So, all in all, the ARK v2 is promising great new features as well as key updates. It will be 100% backwards compatible and thus resulting in an easier transition for the new codebase. It is more modular, faster and much more accessible for hackers thus allowing them to contribute and use it. ARK has recently published a blog post for this new update. Users can read it here.

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