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American Libertarian Dave Rubin to Use Bitcoin for Crowdfunding

Dave Rubin

Dave Rubin, an American libertarian political commentator, declared on his Twitter account that he would be using Bitcoin (BTC) instead of crowdfunding platform Patreon. The decision came as a result of alleged censorship practices by Patreon which go against the libertarian beliefs of Rubin.

Ok @Bitcoin world, a little Sunday test.

Patreon deletion commences on January 15th…

— Dave Rubin (@RubinReport) January 7, 2019

Rubin is a leading stand-up comedian and host of The Rubin Report, an online show which focuses on politics and current affairs. He explained his decision recently in an interview with The Washington Examiner stating that it is a stand against the attacks on freedom of speech and expression on these platforms.

Facebook and Twitter have recently been criticized by American Conservatives and Libertarians over the alleged filtering and suppressing of the right-leaning content. On the other hand, Patreon is a funding platform instead of a content hosting site.

In a recent event, a far-right polemicist, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), was banned by Patreon stating that he used the N-word during an interview. Patreon maintained that the incident was a breach of its community guidelines and could not be tolerated in any case.

Rubin responded to the action by posting a video to the Rubin Report channel, claiming that the ban on Sargon was indeed the catalyst for his decision to choose the censorship-resistant form of funding over the platform. It appears from his Tweet that the only censorship-resistant form of funding is Bitcoin. Rubin also proclaimed a deletion date for Patreon, which is set on the 15th of this month.

As of today, it is reported that Gab, a controversial social media site promoting uncensored speech online, has announced to transact and receive Bitcoin donations by using Square’s Cash App. Gab’s account was closed on Coinbase in the previous month, reportedly due to its damaged reputation. However, now, Gab was one of the first to respond to Rubin’s request, claiming the transfer of BTC 0.0025 to his account.

Sent 👋

— (@getongab) January 7, 2019


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