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Orderbook: Tokenizing Securities with its One of a Kind Awareness Protocol

Ethereum blockchain platform Ambisafe, are known for their decentralized tken exchange, Orderbook. Have created a unique piece of regulatory protocol (RAP) token, which users whitelist to track of who is allowed to buy, sell and trade each asset. As the cryptocurrency community have spoken, users want a safer place to invest. With such elaborate scams out there. Orderbook aims to solve this issues.

Additionally Token Generation Events have drawn the attention of regulators around the world, with different countries releasing their own guidance on how they are managed within separate regions, worldwide. As a result we see that a standardized regulatory procedures are far from being universal.

Stringent rules must be followed, the usual KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering), Project founders must be mindful, when it comes to these regulations as they place the trust back into the community.

Utilizing Smart Contracts

Using the Orderbook native RAP token to ensure none of these issues come to light. Orderbook is built upon the Ethereum network, utilizing smart contracts to clarify every users permission who attempts to push forward a transaction.

If a user who does not meet the proper parameters of the compliance levels inbuilt within the protocol, in an attempted to buy a token, the relevant smart contract compares their permission level against an internal database, and instantly restricts their account from completing the purchase.

The Regulation Aware Protocol does a lot more than give access for a creato to produce a token that meets a the wide array of requirements. Orderbook also comes with a vast majority of improvements to the general experience. Users will not be required to re-submit their data every time they join a new token sale. This key information is kept up to date within the Orderbook database, they will be able to interact seamlessly with any sale that matches the Orderbook level of compliance.

Orderbook has created the RAP tokens to be a diverse and well established instrument for a new generation of financial innovation. The team believe in the migration of financial markets to this new technology in the near future. Taking a big leap in the right direction, Orderbook is taking the right steps in making Blockchain a safer and more secure community.

The Latest

Currently, Orderbook is the only exchange that supports the necessary registries of a verified blockchain user. Using smart contracts to store data, as the technology progresses, the benefits of maintaining verified user database will become increasingly valuable. This will lead to the incorporation of RAP tokens within the Orderbook platform.

Once the token sale has finished, and the tokens have been released to participants. RAP tokens will be available to be traded for other currencies such as Ether, Bitcoin, any Fiat or any other listed cryptocurrency. Some TGE may even accept tokens from secondary market contributions.

Orderbook is one functional and beautiful web UI that allows to do all in one, With fast, secure and scammer-free. For every tradere, entrepreneur or financial institution that operates internationally this is a dream come true software.

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