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Algory Launches Crypto News Aggregator with Social Media Analysis

Bitcoin News Press Release: Bitcoin News is pleased to announce a partnership with Algory, a cryptocurrency news aggregator that uses the latest technology to provide the full spectrum of crypto and blockchain news to customers. All Bitcoin News stories will now be appearing on Algory. 

Katowice, Poland, 16 August 2018 – Algory is delighted to announce the launch of what will be the largest news system for investors and active crypto traders on the cryptocurrencies market – the Cryptocurrency News Aggregator. The first of its flagship products is now live.

The cryptocurrency aggregator, called Cryptonews, will enable all users to custom filter all information from around the world affecting the volatility of the price of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptonews filters information coming from thematic websites, blogs and companies focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology industries. It also analyzes data from social media which have a significant impact on volatility in the cryptocurrency market.

“We have connected to the system the top 1,000 of various types of news sources from the world of cryptocurrencies. More will be added soon. Our system provides traders with a solution such as “all cryptonews in one place”, thanks to which they will no longer have to browse dozens of other websites or tools. Right now we have been working on our second product – real-time Cryptocurrency scanner”, said Tomasz Przybycień, co-founder of Algory.

Be more profitable with Algory Cryptonews aggregator

Each user of the platform will have the option of creating dedicated workspaces. The platform’s customers will be able to sort the news according to their needs, the cryptocurrencies or the news category of their interest. There will also be archival data available, thanks to which investors from the cryptocurrency market will be able to assess which sources of information had the greatest impact on the volatility of exchange rates.

Access to the news platform is offered for free at this moment. In the future, a premium version will be launched, whereby users can get access to VIP features for a fee.

Algory Cryptonews is now one of the most competitive major crypto news aggregator in the world. However, Algory wishes to note that this is only the beginning for them and that there is a lot more work to be done. Users should expect subsequent announcements about new tools to follow.

About Algory

Algory is a startup based in Katowice in Poland. It offers tools for active crypto traders, starting with flagship products including an advanced cryptocurrency scanner called Cryptoscanner and a crypto news aggregator, which was designed for the most active traders.


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