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CBOE Futures Closure Unlikely to Impact Bitcoin

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In about a week’s time, Bitcoin futures at CBOE will cease operations after almost a year and a half. After its last futures contract expires on 16 June 2019, it will close indefinitely.

CBOE spokeswoman Suzanne Cosgrove explained to Bloomberg that there were no plans at all by the company to introduce any new crypto trading products, after confirming its decision to close, announced earlier in March. She said:

“[CBOE] is assessing its approach with respect to how it plans to continue to offer digital asset derivatives for trading, but we have nothing new to announce at this time.”

Although Bitcoin futures markets have had some sway over the price of Bitcoin ever since their introduction —  it is sometimes credited for helping bring on the bull market in 2017 — analysts do not believe that this closure will have any impact on the price movements this time around. This will all be thanks to the success of CBOE’s rival in Bitcoin futures, CME Group.

Just last month, CME Group recorded its highest ever volume for Bitcoin contracts: 33,700 individual contracts worth over USD 1 billion on a single day on 13 May 2019.

Markets analyst Alex Krüger also said that Bitcoin was CME’s second highest traded asset in May and that demand was not diminishing from institutions and accredited investors:

“Bitcoin is the second most heavily traded asset at the CME when measured by the volume / open interest ratio. In other words, bitcoin is an asset very actively traded throughout the day… Volume is the number of contracts traded in a day, while open interest is the number of outstanding contracts held (unsettled) at the end of the day. A high ratio points towards market participants actively trading intraday for whatever reason (hft, arbitrage, etc).”

And with Fidelity and Bakkt also scheduled to come later this year, it doesn’t seem like the bulls will stop their pace.


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Bitcoin Slips Less Than a Day After Recording 2019 High, But Optimism Remains High

Bitcoin 2019 high

Bitcoin price took a quick blow, losing almost 10% of its value after recording a new high for the year only 14 hours earlier. Bitcoin is now trading at just around USD 5,060 after yesterday reaching USD 5,400, according to CoinDesk listing at time of writing.

After hitting the high at the peak of US trading hours, Bitcoin slipped to USD 5,290 in under an hour. By 4am GMT, during East Asian trading, Bitcoin had given up more ground to USD 5,150, before its week’s low now, 10.50am GMT. The rest of the cryptocurrency market has followed suit, with those in the top 10 all losing value. Litecoin has lost 10%, Ethereum 7% and Ripple 6% as the market capitalization collectively sits just below USD 90 billion.

Nevertheless, this is unlikely to cause any worry among upbeat speculators who believe that the trend for now must be upwards.

Bitcoin trader and economic analyst Alex Krüger said on Twitter moments after the first slip that a pullback to USD 4,000 would be “too deep”.

Coinbase high was $5489. Don’t expect a pullback to $4000. Too deep.

– Support: 5000, 4780-4680, 4550 (200DMA), 4400, 4200
– Resistance: 5350, 5500, 5750 (weak), 6000, 6400

— Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) April 11, 2019

Analysts are calling this a rejection of USD 5,400, which is a technical point of resistance, but most will feel that the current buyer sentiment will be to protect the USD 5,000 floor even if USD 4,900 levels should be tested if the short-term weekly trend continues.


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Coinbase 48x More Expensive to Use Than Stock Exchange

Coinbase 48x More Expensive to Trade than Traditional Stock Exchange

Self-proclaimed market analyst Alex Krüger has drawn the attention of the crypto community to a rather bizarre comparison between cryptocurrency exchanges and traditional stock markets, claiming “maker fee + taker fee” for crypto exchanges could be far more expensive at higher volume tier trading.

1/ Are crypto exchanges overcharging customers?

The average “Maker Fee + Taker Fee” in crypto SPOT exchanges (excluding Gemini) for the lowest volume tier (where most users fall into) stands at 0.33%.

— Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) March 28, 2019

Krüger queried the fees levied on crypto traders as he explains in a series of Tweets how legacy financial institutions often have a flat rate cut per trade, while a typical fee cut by cryptocurrency exchanges only remains fair for lowest volume tier, and according to him, this is where most users fall into. He illustrated how brokers like Fidelity charge a flat rate of USD 4.95 flat per trade, putting the sum maker and taker fee at 0.02% for a USD 50,000 trade, and at 0.33% for a USD 2,900 trade, which can further be reduced should a trader consider brokers who charge per share rather than per trade.

According to the data he shared, Gemini exchange stands out with a sum maker and taker fee set at an exorbitant 2.00%, followed by Bittrex and Bitstamp with 0.5%, whereas Bitmex being a derivative market only charges 0.05%. Meanwhile, major US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Pro takes 0.40%.

In a comparison with foreign exchange markets, Krüger further cited how “an FX trader at Oanda would pay 0.008% for a round trip (in and out of a position)”, concluding that:

“Trading on Coinbase is 48x more expensive, while trading on Bitmex is 6x more expensive.”

Moreover, Krüger opined: “A cross-asset trading costs analysis should also account for spreads and relative volatility,” which invariably should impact fees levied, however, “crypto fees are generally high even after adjusting by relative volatility”.

In recent times, institutional investors have been targeted with offshoot market solutions to further attract this class of investors to the burgeoning digital asset industry. However, considering Krüger’s analyses, crypto exchanges second to huge volatility index of cryptocurrency markets may indeed be a huge deterrent for currency traders from the traditional market.

In February, Marketing consultancy Edelman published a report noting an unwavering millennials’ support for cryptocurrency exchanges, further corroborating eToro’s findings of a generational shift in trust suggesting a concrete trust in cryptocurrency market exchanges as well as a fading faith in the traditional stock market exchanges. However, while cryptocurrency trading appears to be more rewarding due to high volatility, the practical aspects of trading come with hidden fees that make it a trying first-experience for newcomers into the industry.

Blockchain technology may appear to solve certain constraints in legacy financial institutions and reduce the cost of transactions between clients, however, cryptocurrency exchanges may end up constituting a clog to the furtherance of the decentralized ecosystem as it reinvents the centralized systems obtainable in the traditional markets.


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