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ABCC Trading Competiting from 5th to 12th December 2018 with USDT 4,500 in Total Prizes

Exclusive Interview With The ABCC Crypto Exchange

ABCC, a cryptocurrency exchange with tens of millions of US dollars in daily volume and full refunds for all transaction fees paid via ABCC Token (AT), is launching a trading competition from 5-12 December 2018. USDT 4,500 of rewards will be given to the traders with the highest returns during the competition week. The trader with the highest return will get USDT 2,000, the trader with the second highest return will get USDT 1,000, the traders with the third to tenth will share USDT 1,000, and those ranked 11th to 20th will share USDT 500. This competition is an excellent opportunity for cryptocurrency traders to sharpen their trading skills and win money at the same time.

The return is calculated with the equation (holdings at end of competition – (holdings at beginning + deposits + AT awards)) / (holdings at beginning + deposits). Basically, this equation ensures the return is equivalent to the trader’s actual skill, by excluding AT transaction fee refunds. There are some rules as well. Users must have holdings of at least USDT 100 at the beginning of the competition, traders must be fully know your customer (KYC) verified and enable 2-FA via SMS, cheating will be monitored and will be grounds for disqualification, and users are not allowed to withdraw any money from ABCC during the competition or they will be disqualified.

In other ABCC news, ABCC Pro has added 160+ trading indicators to their chart analysis software. This includes the full spectrum of technical analysis parameters, such as Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD, and volatility. This gives pro traders the information they need to make educated trades. If someone were to go through all 160 trading parameters on ABCC Pro and research each one thoroughly, and then test out each indicator, they would become an expert cryptocurrency trader.

Beyond this, ABCC Pro has added stop loss/limit functionality, which automatically executes a trade when the price of a cryptocurrency drops to a certain level, to prevent unacceptable losses, or automatically executes a trade when a cryptocurrency rises to a certain level, to lock-in profits.

Perhaps traders who fully utilize the 160+ trading indicators and stop loss/limit functionality will have the best chance at winning the trading competition.


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