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Max Keiser: Bitcoin Fundamentals Support $100,000 Valuation

Max Keiser_ Bitcoin Fundamentals Support 0,000 Valuation

Amid the strongest Bitcoin rally in months, Bitcoin permabull and host of the Keiser Report has reiterated his prediction of a USD 100,000 Bitcoin, saying that strong Bitcoin fundamentals are in fact backing up this six-figure valuation.

As Bitcoin reaches its highest point for ten months, Keiser told Kitco News also that the stagnant policies of the US Federal Reserve will trigger a domino effect on events that will solidify Bitcoin’s status as a new store of value. Alongside this, technical data in the medium and long term, coupled with market fundamentals are pointing very clearly to a Bitcoin bull market.

Keiser maintained his confidence of a Bitcoin price of USD 100,000, saying again that critics and detractors such as legendary investor Warren Buffett was sorely ill-equipped to understand Bitcoin:

“He’s [Buffett’s] too mired in his ways, he can’t adapt, he’s not agile, he hasn’t got the brain power for it [Bitcoin].”

Commenting on the US Federal Reserve’s moves towards quantitative easing, Keiser also said that the moment it was apparent was also the moment that Bitcoin saw its bottom, thanks to the revelation of the Fed’s lack of accountability:

“They’re going to print ad infinitum, ad nauseam, there’s going to be no rollback, no kind of attempt to balance their books.”


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