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Ripple (XRP): Unternehmen jetzt 15 Milliarden US-Dollar wert

Durch ein Rückkaufprogramm von 2019 ausgegeben Anteilen erhöht sich der Unternehmenswert von Ripple auf 15 Milliarden US-Dollar. Doch mit dem anhaltenden Rechtsstreit mit der SEC schwebt nach wie vor ein Damoklesschwert über dem FinTech.
Source: BTC-ECHO

Der Beitrag Ripple ist jetzt 15 Milliarden US-Dollar wert erschien zuerst auf BTC-ECHO.

Former Goldman Sachs Exec Raises $33M for Startup Fusing Stocks, Crypto

  • The platform focuses on helping retail investors gain more control and access to stocks, as well as digital assets
  • Its investment strategy division is managed by a team of alumni from Bridgewater Associates, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley

An investment platform with one foot in crypto and one foot in equities launched Tuesday with the goal of building the wealth of retail investors across both asset classes. 

Domain Money raised a $33 million round, which founder and CEO Adam Dell said is earmarked to expand the team and build out additional customer features.

The round included participation from venture capital firms Bessemer Venture Partners, Maveron and RRE Ventures, plus noted venture capitalists Marc Benioff and Joe Lonsdale.

Investors are looking for exposure to diverse asset classes, including crypto, while maintaining control of their finances in a way they can easily track, Dell told Blockworks via email. 

“We built Domain Money to be an investor-centric service – from the ground up, based on research and entirely focused on helping consumers answer the question of ‘how should I best invest in crypto’ and also responsibly build wealth,” Dell said.

Dell, the former head of product at Goldman Sachs’ consumer bank, Marcus, tapped a number of well-known financiers and regulators  — including former Goldman chief technology officer Elisha Wiesel; former CFTC chairman Christopher Giancarlo; and Do Kwan, founder of Terra Network. 

Domain Money’s investment division — which runs actively managed strategies — is managed by alumni from Bridgewater Associates, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

Apex Clearing custodies equities, while Gemini Trust runs crypto trades.

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Market Recap: Crypto Holds Steady as Stocks Keep Tumbling

  • Equities markets took another decline today as crypto markets worked their way back up from substantial drops
  • Both equity and crypto investors seem unnerved by the upcoming Federal Reserve policy setting that will determine interest rates and asset purchases


Volatility in the marketplace has continued to climb as investors have become increasingly unnerved leading up to Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference tomorrow where he will discuss the central bank’s plans regarding inflation.

Microsoft released a positive earnings report today and investors have begun selling off the stock showing that fundamentals are a lesser concern than macro factors like decreased capital and higher interest rates. Other noteworthy earnings reports this week include Tesla (TSLA), Visa (V) and Mastercard, all of which have become participants in the crypto industry at some level.

Volatility ahead of Fed Policy

Volatility has continued pacing upward as uncertainty grows among traders and investors ahead of tomorrow’s press conference with Fed Chair Jerome Powell. In the last month, the VIX, an index that measures volatility on S&P 500 options, has increased over 62%, almost 37% of which was in the last five days alone.

CBOE Volatility Index

Earnings reports

Microsoft released a mostly positive earnings report and the market reacted by selling off the stock pushing it down 2.66% followed by another drop of nearly 6% in post-market trading, at the time of writing. Markets have strayed from typical logic following a positive earnings report with record Q1 sales and better-than-expectation jumps in other areas. The next major earnings report comes tomorrow with Tesla expected to beat estimates.

Top stories

Story: OpenSea is Reimbursing Users After Loophole Led to Steep NFT Losses

  • The company said it’s working on improvements to mitigate risk, such as a new dashboard for its marketplace
  • An OpenSea bug destroyed 42 NFTs last year

Story: Proprietary Crypto Trading Firm Taking on Investors For First Time

  • The firm’s flagship strategy gained 50.8% last year, with less volatility than bitcoin
  • Marketing efforts are mostly centered on high-net-worth individuals and family offices

Story: Grayscale Considering 25 New Digital Assets as Investments

  • New assets Grayscale is considering include Algorand (ALGO), Axie Infinity (AXIE), Cosmos (ATOM), Fantom (FTM) and Helium (HNT)
  • Grayscale most recently added payment network Amp (AMP) to its investment mix

Story: Crypto Industry Weighs Likelihood of Rising Rates as Fed Meeting Kicks Off

  • Federal Reserve policy makers meet this week as markets reel and inflation rises
  • Bitcoin’s rising correlation to equities could mean a further pullback in coming days


Volatility has continued to increase amid uncertainty on how the Federal Reserve will deal with inflation. The potential for higher interest rates and decreased purchases from the Fed have investors worried that capital in markets could dry up and cause further drops in equities and crypto. The situation unfolding at the Russian and Ukrainian border has put increased pressure on the markets as well as investors fear the consequences of military action on assets.

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