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bitcoin block, mining and node

I am very new to bitcoin, appreciate any help that I can get for below queries. 1) Is there any way ( site or app) to know, to which node my current(latest) transaction is headed to ? Does it go to one node or many before included into block? Probably it is going to the pool, where it will be (…)

Bitcoin Forex Noob

I’m researching the current best places to start getting in to exchange/trading with BTC. The problem I’m running in to that that either the data is rather stale, it’s questionably trustworthy (there are a lot of sharks out there), or it’s simply not geared for anyone without a serious level of experience in such things.

Can you offer any opinion and advice on getting started in BTC exchanges? What is the best one currently? Why? Where can I go to learn the basics without getting eaten alive? What are the things I need to know (especially the ones that you won’t see coming)? I don’t mind collecting a few scars of my own, but I do believe in learning from those that have braved this path ahead of me.

Any help is sincerely appreciated. 🙂

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