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Overstock Sells $5 Million Cryptobond to New York Trading Firm

US retail giant Overstock has sold $5m of a recently issued “cryptobond” to FNY Managed Accounts, a New York-based trading firm.

Bitcoin in the Headlines: Rolling With the Punches

This week’s media coverage, though interrupted by the launch of Ethereum’s decentralised app network, largely scrutinised bitcoin’s reputation.

Deutsche Bank Letter Touts 'Expertise' in Blockchain Tech

Deutsche Bank is exploring the use of the blockchain for a variety of potential applications, according to a recent letter from the German megabank.

Survey Finds Bitcoin Most Inconvenient Payment Method

Blackhawk Network

In a recent survey by Blackhawk Network, surveyed shoppers considered checks and Bitcoin to be the most inconvenient payment methods.

Blackhawk Network, a prepaid and global payments company, surveyed over 1,000 Americans in April of 2015 to investigate their payment preferences. Despite cash and check use declining the most since 2014, they still remain the most used payment methods along with debit cards.

When asked to select the most convenient payment methods, 90 to 93 percent of survey respondents selected cash, credit cards, and PayPal. Thirty-eight percent selected Bitcoin as the most inconvenient payment method, closely followed by checks with 35 percent.

Smartphone owners are quickly adopting new payment methods, with over 25 percent of all smartphone owners utilizing a mobile wallet. Additionally, the majority of survey respondents who are already using alternative payment methods such as Bitcoin, report they are using the alternative methods more than in 2014.

“Our findings prove that payments is not either/or when it comes to legacy payments versus emerging products; it’s really about convenience and providing a mix of options,” said Teri Llach, Blackhawk Network Chief Marketing Officer.

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Kaspersky Data Shows Bitcoin Malware Attacks Declining in 2015

A new report from Kaspersky Lab shows that developers continue to target users with malware geared toward illicitly generating or stealing bitcoins.

Ethereum Launches Long-Awaited Decentralized App Network

Long one of the most ambitious projects in the industry, decentralized application platform Ethereum is set to open to the public tonight.