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Let's get WholeFoods to accept Bitcoin. Tweet, retweet, email and call them.

One of my favorite places to buy groceries is Wholefoods. A grocery store, of its size, accepting BTC would be huge. Also, this would be very convenient for many Wholefoods customers.

I will start by tweeting them. Please retweet, favorite and reply. My next step is to send an email.

If you love Wholefoods and Bitcoin please help.

website: twitter: @WholeFoods phone: 512-477-4455 (HQ) phone: 512-542-0878 (Global Customer Service) email form: 

Edit: I am sure that Wholefoods will appreciate their customers feedback but please don’t spam them.

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My experience with Expedia

A very good friend of mine was traveling to NY this week and didn’t have enough funds to cover their hotel room for the night (medical student). I offered to pay for it using expedia and during the booking and confirmation process I accidentally used my name for the room reservation. I had already paid with Bitcoin and called their customer service to get assistance on changing the reservation booking. Unfortunately their customer service was absolutely useless and didn’t even know what bitcoin was. I was told it would take 5-7 days to refund my order and I needed to rebook. I canceled my order, and proceeded to place another order using the correct reservation name details. Before I could even make the second payment; Boom! My refund hit my wallet… absolutely amazing! I was able to successfully place the booking the second time and was 100% refunded within 2 minutes. I love bitcoin!

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