"Printing money has successfully destroyed the middle class. Central Banks around the world have distorted all asset prices. Income inequality has skyrocketed, as savers are punished and the rich continue to play monopoly with the Fed!"

We live in exciting times!

I’m actually quite fascinated by what’s going on right now. I never thought we’d have the option of a quiet, peaceful revolution, but here it is. I’m actually excited!

I never thought bitcoin would be basically draining resources from the all powerful global banks. Whenever they try to take it down it just gets back up stronger. Why? It’s because people have an interest in making it work. Why? Greed. The design is so elegant it just appeals to our very nature.

We’re poking the dragon’s heel with a needle and the needle is just going to get bigger and bigger until it turns into a sword that can slay the dragon. The more we use cash for small transactions the weaker the banks get. The more we use bitcoin for larger transactions or international payments the weaker the banks get. The more we keep our savings in gold/bitcoin or anything else that doesn’t belong to the banks the weaker the banks get. They use our money against us. Time to take it back! When Lightning gets fully implemented there will be a revolution. It will be fast, it will be peaceful, it will be an overall positive change and it will be decentralized.

TL;DR: Use cash for small transactions and bitcoin for either large transactions, international payments or simply storing value. Soon we’ll have LN deployed and we’ll be able to use bitcoin for things like daily groceries or coffee. Oh, right. Forgot an important one: HODL most of it, spend some of it and then reload.

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Satoshi's Vision Conference 2018 - Day 1 Highlights😂

REMEMBER: There will NEVER be enough BTC for all of today’s existing millionaires to own just ONE.

There will only ever be a maximum of 21 million bitcoins.


Total number of millionaires (in USD value) worldwide is around 33 million (source: https://www.cnbc.com/2016/11/22/12-million-new-millionaires-will-be-minted-over-the-next-five-years.html)

The math is simple: there simply isn’t enough Bitcoin in the world for every one of today’s millionaires to own even ONE SINGLE BITCOIN. Much less all the future Millionaires waiting to be born.

If you are able to acquire even one BTC today: Enjoy the feeling.

You are an early adopter. And one of a select few.

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okcoin-btcusd-weekly-futures-Mar-23-2018 BITCOIN

Hello /r/Bitcoin, this is Jared & Derek from the Digital Assets Coalition of America. We are a national group of lobbyists and crypto lovers fighting to restore like-kind transactions and lower capital gains. Join us for our AMA this Sunday at 1PM est!

Before we were members of the Digital Assets Coalition of America (DAC), we watched as blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) grew from proof-of-concepts to the powerhouses of innovation that they are today. Digital assets and distributed applications are revolutionizing the way the world does business, manage data, assign and validate ownership, provide accountability, auditing, and more. Simply put, within a sensible regulatory climate, DLTs can fuel the American economy for generations to come.

However, there’s an issue happening right now that we as a community must come together and resolve. The crypto community deals with an unacceptable lack of representation in the creation of the federal policies that regulate everything from ICO participation to tax policy.

In response, we formed a coalition of innovators, strategists, lobbyists, and educators to ensure representation on the issues that affect us all. Through public education campaigns, congressional workshops, and face-to-face interaction with legislators, we’re educating the federal government on DLTs to promote a favorable regulatory climate, facilitate informed policymaking, and secure the USA’s position as a global leader in the digital asset arena.

Our first policy objective is to reinstate crypto-to-crypto trades as like-kind transactions. With the passing of the new tax bill, like-kind transactions only apply exclusively to real estate exchanges. This change has resulted in an over-complicated reporting process that makes filing compliant taxes exceptionally difficult and inefficient. The new bill also opens the risk for traders and users to be hit with massive taxes that are potentially disproportionate with their true profits.

Secondly, we want to reduce the capital gains tax rate for both short and long-term digital asset holdings. With current policy, every time digital assets are used to make a purchase, or when digital assets are converted to fiat, the consumer is forced to pay high capital gains tax on the transaction. This financial burden disincentivizes spending crypto, acts as a barrier to adoption, and ultimately prevents crypto’s tremendous market cap from ever benefiting the economy.

Our team is composed of experts such as Stephani Scruggs, who led the resistance to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which resulted in nearly a dozen delayed Fast Track TPA votes and the ultimate demise of the TPA. Stephani has advised President Trump on international trade deals, currency manipulation, and the Chinese trade wars. She also has experience working closely with Congressional offices to strategize and develop international trade and economic policy, establishing her as a fountain of wisdom on Capitol Hill.

Or Michael Bowen, an international trade expert, whose organization advised the Trump campaign on trade agreements. Michael has also advised Congress on economics, housing development, international trade, and currency manipulation. Over the course of Michael’s career, he has negotiated over $1 billion in capital market transactions and implemented the largest affordable housing development in Hawaiian history.

Recently, we’ve on-boarded Frank McCarthy. After 20 years embedded in and advising on politics, media and policy making, as well as serving two House Transportation Committee Chairmen, Frank founded McCarthy Advanced Consulting (MAC). Frank uses his experience as a seasoned congressional staffer to run MAC, a nationally recognized lobbying firm that is known for helping unions fight above their weight class. We want to make sure you’re a part of this process. We want you to ask us questions during the AMA this Sunday (the 25th) at 1PM est, but in the meantime, we have a few for you!

  1. Do you know of any industry leaders that you would like us to reach out to?

  2. What policy would you like to see changed or put into law?

  3. Do you have a thorough understanding or access to the resources necessary to pay taxes associated with your cryptocurrency?

  4. What is your favorite cryptocurrency use-case?

  5. What websites or publications do you use to stay updated on cryptocurrency news?

We look forward to seeing you Sunday at 1PM est! We’ll be updating this post with the AMA link.

Thank you all for doing your part to Keep America FUD Free!

– Your Friends at DAC

P.S. If you would like to stay up to date with us, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter through our website (DigitalAssetsUSA.org) or follow us on Facebook!

tl;dr – The Digital Assets Coalition of America has your back on a Federal level.

EDIT: Fixed a typo 🙂

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Bitcoin Price Analysis, 23 March 2018: Markets Back Above $8,500 After Support Breach

Bitcoin markets went through a period of uncertainty through the day with selling pressure leading to a breach of support that touched the low 0f USD 8,300 across BTC/USD exchanges. Markets appear to be faced with profit taking after the shortlived peak above USD 9,000 on Wednesday. In the end, today’s trading session was met with a characteristic U-shaped recovery.

The Day’s Signals

  1. Markets are pressured by profit-taking and selling pressure expressed with back-to-back sell orders.
  2. A low touching USD  8,300 was reached only shortly after support was breached.
  3. The market’s response to sudden buying pressure resulted in a U-shaped recovery in the preceding hours of the trading session.

gdax btcusd Mar 23 2018 BITCOIN

GDAX BTC/USD charts are showcasing that traders are still uncertain as to whether or not current price levels can be sustained and the panic response to a falling price is indicative of that sentiment. The apparent lack of support quickly prompted even more traders to panic after USD 8,500 price levels were breached. For now, support appears to be shaping up to slightly lower levels, closer to USD 8,300. That is, the price level support seems to have kicked in, leading to today’s U-shaped recovery pattern.

okcoin-btcusd-weekly-futures-Mar-23-2018 BITCOIN

OKCoin BTC/USD weekly futures showcase that the second wave of the crash was met with a more exaggerated response among futures traders. Initially, futures prices were more closely following live prices amid the initial crash. However, futures traders appear to have started worrying further along the downward path. It was only after the second wave of back-to-back sell orders that futures prices breached below live prices of BTC/USD markets.

Shortly after the breach that lead BTC/USD prices to touch USD 8,300 price points for a short time, sizeable buy orders pushed prices back up. For now, prices are resting closer to USD 8,600 but the signs of a recovery appear to be weakening. Evidence of depleting support even amid stable volumes sends ripples of a market sentiment that hasn’t improved much across markets.

All in all, the continuous breaches of support appear to be limiting the trader confidence in rising prices. Further price falls are not to be considered unlikely under such a market sentiment. And yet, today’s response to an already major breach was a swift recovery. The market appears to be back under the hood of a bearish mood which might  make prices susceptible to the effects of selling pressure.

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