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UTRUST Just Made Charitable Donations a Whole Lot Easier as Crypto Flows to Charity

Blockchain-based payment platform, UTRUST and AidCoin will combine forces to enable charitable donations across the world in 23 different cryptocurrencies.

The project is being launched to simplify donations in multiple countries via the UTRUST interface. The new system is set to replace methods whereby a donor transferred and then converted funds into AidCoin tokens or through a donate button allowing donors to transfer UTK from their UTRUST wallet to the AIDChain wallets of various charities.

The new donation system called AIDPay is a widget which allows the donor to use any one of 23 supported cryptocurrencies to pay charities registered with AIDChain online using a fully trackable system including how the money is dispersed and what on.

There’s been a significant rise in the number of charities supported by cryptocurrency donations in the recent years. Some of these include Electronic Frontier Foundation, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, WikiLeaks,, Watsi, Water Project, Code to Inspire, BitGive and Epic Change.

In such a scenario, not even a single day passes without the release of another crypto-aid project or a way to make donations and fund utilization more transparent so that NGOs and private charities are more accountable.

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of digital currency service Coinbase, recently announce the launch of a project to help the homeless and other people out of poverty with a personal USD 1 million donation.  GiveCrypto is a global enterprise which will make cryptocurrency donations to worthy recipients, who will then be able to make personal choices in whether to keep their cryptocurrency donations or exchange them for fiat.

Madonna with her Raising Malawi project has built 14 schools in rural Malawi and in partnership with buildOn have educated community members about the importance of girls’ education in that country. Ripple too, was quick to support her project with a dollar for dollar match of donated funds.

Even English Heritage, a UK charity that provides the country with access to over 400 historical sites, buildings, monuments and places, has found a way of making the technology behind Bitcoin play its part in supporting that country’s historical heritage by partnering with charity platform Giftcoin.

UTRUST’s move is another link in the chain allowing cryptocurrency funds to continue flowing towards needy causes — a forgotten fact by dissenters who happily feed the FUD in these volatile times.

Francesco Nazari Fusetti, CEO and Founder of AidCoin commented:

“We’re excited to introduce an opportunity for crypto-holders to donate cryptocurrency straight from their Utrust wallets seamlessly, or when making a payment…This is, of course, a well-established practice in conventional banking and payments solutions, and yet until now, has been an unprecedented case in the crypto world.”


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UTRUST and GAMBIO Form Strategic Partnership Brining Blockchain to the Mainstream

Developments in technology have reshaped the social and economic landscape we live in. In recent times, blockchain technology has revamped countless industries, most notably the financial world. More specifically, blockchain technology has allowed efficient and transparent transactions around the world. Due to blockchain’s decentralised nature, all transactions can be witnessed which promotes trust and aids mainstream adoption of the technology.

Cryptocurrency Payments to the Masses

In reaction to such revolutionary technology, innovative ideas and partnerships are utilising blockchain to enter new ground. The partnership between UTRUST and Gambio GmbH is a hot topic in the blockchain industry and set to bring cryptocurrency payments to the mainstream. UTRUST is a cryptocurrency payment solution offering instant transactions that protects all parties involved. This is one of the few projects based on the blockchain that offers a real world solution. Bringing financial freedom to the masses with buyer protection & crypto-to-cash settlements. UTRUST are forming a strategic partnership with Gambio, the largest E-Commerce Solution in Germany. Boasting over 25,000 merchants and generating billions in annual revenue. This strategic partnership will benefit both parties as UTRUST enters Europe’s largest economy that spans over one-third of total European online sales.

The partnership is set to begin in September, enabling cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. 25,000 merchants stand to benefit from the alliance between UTRUST and Gambio. Merchants can now securely accept a variety of cryptocurrencies with ease. This has positive implications for the blockchain industry as a whole as a widely untapped market can now benefit from its limitless capabilities. Partnerships of this nature are set to push the boundaries of cryptocurrencies into the mainstream with real world value.

Nuno Correia CEO of UTRUST shares his thoughts on their partnership and its implication on mass-scale blockchain payments:

“This partnership is another huge step forward, bringing cryptocurrency payments to real consumers. Today, together with Gambio, UTRUST is once again making history. Blockchain startups should focus on partnerships with real businesses, real customers, and real use-cases. That is what is needed now, more than ever, for mainstream adoption”


UTRUST has a vision to lead cryptocurrency into the mainstream, by offering real world uses. A standout benefit of UTRUST is their cryptocurrency payment platform, which is the world’s first platform to protect consumers on a mass scale. UTRUST is developing secure, PayPal like payments that is supported by cryptocurrencies. The potential of cryptocurrencies can be unlocked with UTRUST, who are set to provide fast and secure cryptocurrency transaction that synergise with the first cryptocurrency payment protection.

With a staggering 2.5 billion people in Emerging Markets yet to benefit from financial inclusion, UTRUST’s goal is to enable mainstream inclusion of blockchain technology. Using UTRUST enables merchants to transact with a variety of cryptocurrencies of their choice. All purchases can be converted into fiat at your convenience without the risk of volatility.

UTRUST launched a very successful token sale, raising over 20 Million USD. Since then, the team has put full focus on developing its cryptocurrency payment platform.

About Gambio

Gambio is a leading supplier of ecommerce software in Europe and has offered solutions to more than 25,000 companies. More specifically, Gambio is a flexible shopping cart solution that can cater to the needs of companies in varying industries. Based in Germany, Gambio possess a large proportion of market share in Europe, thanks to their multichannel approach. This allows all major market places to benefit from the shop software.

UTRUST and Gambio are proud to announce their strategic partnership, that brings blockchain to the mainstream. For more information on their exciting new chapter visit UTRUST and Gambio’s websites, and read the Whitepaper. To become part of the community get in touch on Telegram.

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