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WORBLI: Blockchain Banking Platform Launches 1,000,000,000 Token ShareDrop Event


Though much progress has been made in regard to the mass adoption of blockchain technology, many barriers, such as compliance, regulation and real-world application remain, stifling industry growth. Decentralized fintech platform WORBLI is aiming to change all that. According to WORBLI’s promotional material, the platform is leveraging the EOS network to deliver the first compliant financial services (FSN) in the world built on blockchain technology. The announcement was made in Valley Point, Singapore last week.

What is WORBLI?

WORBLI is seeking to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and blockchain technology by introducing a globally-compliant platform with a suite of traditional financial tools and applications for such areas as enterprise banking, equity finance, personal finance and charitable donations. The WORBLI platform is built on a forked EOS chain and is host to decentralized applications (Dapps) that are geared towards financial innovation, reliability, compliance and security.

The developers claim these Dapps are able to take advantage of several core features of WORBLI, thereby helping to create a community. Features such as full AML and KYC user account verification for enterprises, convenient startup exchange listings and merchant processing services are all offered.

In addition, the independent EOS blockchain means that built-in developer tools are available, along with reversible, free transactions. According to the brains behind WORBLI, the FSN is robust and supportive, and structured to be as frictionless, efficient and innovative as possible. Two Dapps are currently ready to launch on the platform: Gamma Bank, and Surepeer. Gamma Bank is a fiat and digital currency bank offering debit cards, trading and other benefits. Surepeer is a peer-to-peer (P2P) decentralized insurance market.

WORBLI Foundation

The not-for-profit WORBLI Foundation’s mission is to offer a transparent FSN that has applications for individual consumers, SMEs and institutions, freeing them up to focus on their projects rather than having to deal with developers. The company believes that hundreds of business across a wide variety of sectors will benefit from what WORBLI has to offer.

WORBLI COO Craig Kellogg has spent nearly two decades at the forefront of banking technology with numerous fintech firms, as well as heading strategic initiatives with Wells Fargo, US Bank, and Vice President of Technology at GE Capital.

WORBLI ShareDrop Event

WORBLI’s ShareDrop event involves sharedropping 40% (1,000,000,000 WORBLI tokens) of the total supply of 2,500,000,000 to EOS holders. Participants who create a WORBLI user account will be eligible to take part in the event, with all users holding tokens from 11:15 pm on 7 September qualifying for the sharedrop (sign up on the website).

WORBLI appears to have found a niche for itself, equidistant between traditional financial systems and decentralized technology. If it can enable ‘better business’ by offering users the services they need now and will likely need in the future, the platform could find itself in an enviable position, with no shortage of clients.

To learn more about WORBLI, visit the website, check out the facebook page and follow WORBLI on Twitter.Follow on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom

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Trade Follow Global Matches Investors with Expert Traders for Maximum Profits

Trade Follow Global Matches Investors With Expert Traders For Maximum Profits

Trade Follow Global (TFG) is an estabilished Global Forex and CFD Broker trading platform that utilizes social trading to bring maximum profits to cryptocurrency investors. In addition to cryptocurrency, TFG offers metals, CFDs, stocks, and fiat currencies. New users can open a demo account to see how TFG works, before investing any actual money. Social trading may be the next big thing for cryptocurrency and traditional market trading.

TFG uses proven strategies and sources for selecting Top Traders. These are expert traders and money managers. Their history of trading must have stable income. TFG’s Top Traders make short-term trading orders, will close all orders within a day, and must produce consistent profits of 2% daily.

Followers are people who invest with TFG, and they are matched with Top Traders. Followers can see all of the trading decisions of the Top Traders they select, which can provide an educational crash course on how to trade. Also, followers can allow the Top Traders to make investment decisions for them, so users can take part in the market without investing the time and research needed in order to profitably trade. Profits will be more stable because Top Traders are reliable. Depending on the amount of capital invested, Followers will be able to follow up to 10 Top Traders. Following more Top Traders minimizes risk. The below chart shows the different levels of membership at TFG, and the corresponding number of Top Traders that can be followed for each membership level.

TFG will keep 30% of the Followers’ profit to give rewards to the Top Traders (15%), and the remaining is given to the Operation and Insurance Fund. Followers can receive 50% insurance if their daily trades result in a loss.

Overall profits for followers is capped at 200%. After this goal is reached, Followers will receive the principal and need to deposit more to continue trading and earning with TFG.

TFG aims to be listed publicly in 2020. TFG is awarding shares to all investors until the total amount of awarded shares reach 1,400,000,000 shares (40% of total corporate shares). The holders will receive dividends from the company’s revenue on a monthly basis, and after August 2019 these shares can be traded in the community. Higher membership levels come with increased stock bonuses, as can be seen in the above chart.

Followers can get bonuses from the TFG referral program. Anytime a new investor is referred, the Follower that referred them will get a fixed bonus based on the plan the new investor purchases.

Thus, users of the TFG platform have multiple avenues to make money including receiving profits by investing in Top Traders, earning TFG stock, and referring new users. New users can learn more by viewing this TFG presentation, contact TFG via the email, and can open a TFG account at this link.


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MinexPay Announce Seamless Crypto-to-Fiat Solution and Public Test for its Crypto Cards


There is no shortage of wallet solutions for storing cryptocurrencies, yet none of them gives users the ability to own their own cryptocurrency bank account for spending just like any other fiat account. While numerous third-party solutions exist to help users convert crypto to fiat for daily spending, none of these solutions offers the seamless usage fiat is renowned for.

This hurdle remains one of the biggest obstacle facing the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies despite its myriad of benefits. For cryptocurrency to gain that foothold it sorely needs for mass adoption, there is a need for a fast, seamless, secure, and easy to use service solution. Estonian-based blockchain startup, MinexSystems, has announced the public testing of this first of its kind solution.

Your Wallet, Your Pay   

Initially developed for MinexPay’s ecosystem use case, MinexSystems’ team have created a frictionless and intuitive web wallet designed to cater to the daily use requirement of cryptocurrency users. This innovative solution seamlessly enables users to convert their cryptocurrency into fiat for spending just like any normal fiat bank card.  Boris Shulyaev, CEO of MinexSystems, said:

“We want to provide a seamless service for any customer, wherever he or she is. MinexPay is the only solution designed to work globally. We believe that cryptocurrency holders want to use their crypto funds as ordinary money. This is why we focused on the MinexPay Web Wallet service first, with the card as a financial management instrument.”

Minex Web Wallet is the critical component of its payment ecosystem, enabling users to control their funds and make faster payments from their favourite device. The system is compatible with virtually all types of bank payment without the bothersome card-issuer problem that had hindered previous attempts at facilitating such services. Boris Shulyaev also stated:

“We may consider connecting users’ existing cards to the MinexPay system in the future”.

All Systems Set

Ahead of its global launch, MinexSystems is launching a public beta test in collaboration with Ukraine’s PrivatBank. The collaboration is set to enable users exchange cryptocurrency to fiat through cards issued by the bank. Unlike the current crop of cryptocurrency cards, cryptocurrencies are not sent to the bank accounts of the users, rather the bank directly facilitate liquidity, ensuring that the ecosystem is legally compliant.

Following the conclusion of the public test and integration of feedback and improvements gleaned during the event, MinexSystems will issue branded MinexPay cards to users.

How to Participate in the Public Test?

While participation is opened to the global community, participants will have to physically visit

MinexSystems’ office to be handed their test cards. Further details about the product can be accessed on MinexPay’s Telegram chat or by contacting its online support Development update, progress, and outlooks about the Minex Web Wallet, MinexPay and other company’s products can be accessed on the company’s blog.

For more Information, visit the Minexcoin website at – Follow on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom

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EOSBet Obtains First On-Chain Gambling License on the EOS Blockchain


In a press release dated 30th November, first decentralized EOS-based cryptocurrency casino EOSBet announced that it is the first to be licensed as an on-chain open-source gambling site. EOSBet announced that it has successfully obtained an online certification to be an operator of a casino. This license was obtained from the world renowned online gambling regulator Curaçao eGaming. The Caribbean regulator is one of 4 and the oldest and established online gambling regulator with exclusive rights to sub-license its master gambling license which was accorded to it by the Ministry of Justice.
The EOSBet project is an EOS-based casino built as an on-chain decentralized gambling application, that allows players to gamble with their EOS tokens. Two types of games are currently available, the dice throwing game and the baccarat card game. The obtaining of the license is a huge development for the project and will help them operate within legal frameworks. EOSBet Marketing representative Frej said the following about the development of the project:

“We’ve worked relentlessly to make this license succeed and we will continue to strive to be the standard for smart casinos.”

Growing Support

So far, patronage has been growing with over USD 5 million betting volume already recorded. This has set the record as being the top-rated decentralized application on the EOS network. The solutions provided by this platform are meant to address the most fundamental problems of a centralized casino, to include slow gameplay, high fees, and unfair house advantage.

The advantages provided by the platform enables bettors to place their bets through smart contracts on the EOS blockchain, this makes it impossible for bettors to play an unfair game. Other advantages provided by the platform include instant transactions, near zero latency and zero fees.
BET Tokenomics

The native token of the platform is the BET token, which is a utility token that allows holders to earn profit-sharing. As the first ‘community-driven online casino’, allowing holders of the BET token to earn dividends from the profits being made on its platform, EOSBet positions itself as a revolutionary disruptive online gaming entity. Dividends are paid out based on the token holder’s BET balance.

A major milestone achieved by the EOSBet since its launch is having more than 70 million EOS placed as bets in just under 10 million bets. So far, in just two months of operation, USD 1 million has been paid out in dividends to holders of the BET token. To spread the word, a referral program is being run with a 0.5% reward from bettors to their referrers. There’s also the incentive to motive new members to join as 0.5% of their winning bets are also credited to their account.

With this license, EOSBet is able to operate all forms of interactive gambling. With a new game in the works almost completed, the platform is also preparing for a website overhaul. More so, the project is expanding its team, and releasing new tweaks periodically to ensure that it competes with legacy casinos out there in order to fulfill its long-term vision.

Visit the EOSBet Official Site –
Chat on Telegram –
Follow on Twitter –
Read the Medium – Follow on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom

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ABCC Trading Competiting from 5th to 12th December 2018 with USDT 4,500 in Total Prizes

Exclusive Interview With The ABCC Crypto Exchange

ABCC, a cryptocurrency exchange with tens of millions of US dollars in daily volume and full refunds for all transaction fees paid via ABCC Token (AT), is launching a trading competition from 5-12 December 2018. USDT 4,500 of rewards will be given to the traders with the highest returns during the competition week. The trader with the highest return will get USDT 2,000, the trader with the second highest return will get USDT 1,000, the traders with the third to tenth will share USDT 1,000, and those ranked 11th to 20th will share USDT 500. This competition is an excellent opportunity for cryptocurrency traders to sharpen their trading skills and win money at the same time.

The return is calculated with the equation (holdings at end of competition – (holdings at beginning + deposits + AT awards)) / (holdings at beginning + deposits). Basically, this equation ensures the return is equivalent to the trader’s actual skill, by excluding AT transaction fee refunds. There are some rules as well. Users must have holdings of at least USDT 100 at the beginning of the competition, traders must be fully know your customer (KYC) verified and enable 2-FA via SMS, cheating will be monitored and will be grounds for disqualification, and users are not allowed to withdraw any money from ABCC during the competition or they will be disqualified.

In other ABCC news, ABCC Pro has added 160+ trading indicators to their chart analysis software. This includes the full spectrum of technical analysis parameters, such as Bollinger Bands, RSI, MACD, and volatility. This gives pro traders the information they need to make educated trades. If someone were to go through all 160 trading parameters on ABCC Pro and research each one thoroughly, and then test out each indicator, they would become an expert cryptocurrency trader.

Beyond this, ABCC Pro has added stop loss/limit functionality, which automatically executes a trade when the price of a cryptocurrency drops to a certain level, to prevent unacceptable losses, or automatically executes a trade when a cryptocurrency rises to a certain level, to lock-in profits.

Perhaps traders who fully utilize the 160+ trading indicators and stop loss/limit functionality will have the best chance at winning the trading competition.


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World Open Network (WON) to Build Blockchain-Based Community That Provides Real Products and Services

World Open Network (WON)

World Open Network (WON) aims to build a global community that is open, sustainable, diverse, innovative, good for society, and thrives via positive values. WON believes this vision is achievable via the utilization of blockchain technology, and has already secured USD 15.5 million of funding to make this a reality. The team behind WON has strong connections in the gaming industry, and will use their expertise to spread WON to video gamers worldwide before expanding into other mass consumer markets.

The native cryptocurrency of WON will be W, a total of 1 billion W will be 100% pre-mined, and no more will be printed after the genesis event. This will ensure that W does not consume any electricity due to mining, making it environmentally friendly. W will be leveraged to nurture and grow the WON ecosystem.

W will be launched on the World Open Blockchain (WOB), which uses Byzantine fault tolerant Proof of Authority (PoA) and dynamic sharding. The WOB will be highly scalable, and will be able to handle millions of transactions per second once lightning channels are integrated. WOB will be 100% know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) compliant, to protect users and to ensure that applications launched using the WOB are trustworthy. Users can launch their own tokens on the WOB but will not be allowed to do ICOs, airdrops, pre-sales, or to make security tokens, which are considered negative activities by WON.

The value of W and WOB tokens will be dependent on the value of services and products on the WOB, and speculation will be discouraged. This encourages developers to boost productivity and creativity to increase the demand for their applications and services, which simultaneously encourages users to actively participate in the WON community. Basically, WON is trying to build a blockchain community that is free of hype cycles and pump and dumps, and actually focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption instead of just investment to get rich quick.

Developers will be rewarded with W to incentivize the creation of useful applications and services. Further, developers will receive a fraction of the transaction fees from the users they bring into the WON ecosystem. WON will attract popular brands and services into the ecosystem by offering sign-on bonuses paid with W.

The World Open Marketplace (WOM) with integrated API will facilitate the buying and selling of services and products, and can be compared to a blockchain-based version of Amazon. The WOM will help fuel the WON economy, by providing a streamlined way for developers and users to launch storefronts to make money.

In Q4 2018, the W genesis event will occur, and the WON website and mobile app will be launched. The first 3rd party gaming developer will be signed on as well, and they will develop a crypto-enabled game that integrates WON. In Q1 2019, WON will add Lightning channels, which will ensure infinite scalability. The strategy of WON long term will be to attract 3rd party developers, and to expand to as many markets as possible, while simultaneously being 100% compliant.


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Hiveterminal Unveils Factoring Industry Revolution Powered by Blockchain

Blockchain startup, Hiveterminal, is making history as one of the few blockchain innovations pushing the real-life utility of the technology. The company’s invoicing solution for the international invoice financing industry is one of the first concrete efforts at tackling the capital bottlenecks crippling this multi-trillion dollar market. Leveraging the blockchain’s disintermediated and decentralized ledger system as the backbone for the secured exchange of values, Hiveterminal is developing a transparent and automated solution for the future of the factoring industry for the years ahead.

The Hiveterminal Platform

Launching first in Slovenia and then to the rest of the world, Hiveterminal is providing SMEs with the often sought after, but rarely delivered solution to liquidity problems. Hiveterminal’s patent-pending solution not only throws the door wide open for SMEs to acquire the funding required for their operations, but contributors are also afforded the opportunity to earn on contributions made.

The blockchain is the foundation for Hiveterminal‘s innovative solution, granting every invoice issued a unique fingerprint and automating invoices. The platform plans to expand into becoming an all-encompassing marketplace for peer-to-peer lending, giving stakeholders access to advanced trading analytics. The marketplace is set to drastically increase the available liquidity to SMEs, while building a decentralized and easily accessible database for businesses to score and audit invoices. It will also help facilitate credit checks and improve the real-time auditing capabilities of businesses.

Speaking at the launching of the platform, Jure Soklic, Hiveterminal Co-founder and CEO, was quoted as saying:

“I am thrilled to announce that, from this moment on, one of the first use cases of blockchain adoption in the real economy is here. Companies from Slovenia are able to upload their invoices and get instant and free liquidity, while invoice buyers from all around the world are able to buy their receivables, finding high-return investment opportunities in the real economy.”

A Pioneering Marketplace with Real-time Invoicing for Blockchain Adoption

Invoice financing has been providing businesses with a means of ensuring daily liquidity for their operations for decades now. As an asset-based financial instrument, invoice financing makes it possible for businesses to finance receivable, slow-paying accounts. However, this instrument has often remained exclusive to banks until now.

Hiveterminal is now making it possible for anybody to participate in the market as an invoice buyer backed by the immutability of the blockchain. Its solution eliminates the middlemen clogging up the traditional system. These middlemen are required to access risk to counterparties, however, their reports are often based on outdated sources and their delivery is painstakingly slow. Hiveterminal’s blockchain revolution introduces a unified ecosystem integrating various corporate intelligence data sources, ERP data module, and a proprietary scoring algorithm. These features will enable Hiveterminal to deliver a real-time invoice raising marketplace built on transparency and trust between actors.

Visit the Hiveterminal Website for more information  – on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom

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Exclusive Swiss-made Crypto Watches Let You Live the Blockchain Dream

As cryptocurrency increasingly gains mainstream acceptance, it’s logical that products tapping into the concept of blockchain technology as a progressive lifestyle choice would appear on the market. Enter Switzerland-based Tech Bureau Europe. The company has joined forces with celebrated Swiss watchmaker Chronoswiss to launch an online shop for an exclusive range of crypto-design watches. The timepieces are based on the Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Open Gear. The launch was announced this week in Zug, Switzerland.

Five unique, stylish designs commemorating Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zaif, NEM and COMSA have been created, with the availability of each watch limited to a mere 101 pieces. In a novel move, each watch’s certificate is enshrined on the blockchain. The range will be offered for sale exclusively via Tech Bureau’s online store.


Founded in 1983 and with headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland, Chronoswiss has been responsible for a number of innovations in timekeeping and the brand has played a significant role in the revival of the swiss watchmaking industry. Independent and family-run, the company makes just a few thousand watches per year, adhering to strict Swiss Made quality standards. Chronoswiss timepieces are exported to over 26 countries globally. With its latest range, the brand is focused on updating its most successful watch, the Regulator, for the 21st century.

Tech Bureau Holdings, Corp.

Tech Bureau Holdings’ American and Swiss subsidiaries provide software and services for decentralised technology. The Swiss arm refers to Tech Bureau Europe SA. This offers consultancy, know-how and solutions for optimising businesses with blockchain.

Tech Bureau Europe has created a user-friendly online shop for its exclusive new range of crypto-design watches, with a secure and convenient purchasing process and detailed information on each of the models. Each watch in the range has its digital certificate recorded on the blockchain, thereby guaranteeing security. According to Chronoswiss, the luxury watches are unique, boast sophisticated technology and have been made to the highest standards. Production has been limited to just 101 pieces per theme, ensuring they are collector’s items.

The available models are as follows:

  • Bitcoin – The Currency
  • NEM – The Harvest
  • Ethereum – The Contract
  • Zaif – The Exchange
  • COMSA – The Token

LuxTag Involvement

According to publicity material, the blockchain LuxTag will officially register the details (e.g. serial number and warranty period) on each watch in the Chronoswiss Blockchain Series.

LuxTag is geared towards the watch and jewelry industry and combats counterfeiting and theft by using the NEM blockchain platform.

Oliver Ebstein, Owner, and CEO of Chronoswiss, Switzerland had this to say about the range:

“With this homage to cryptocurrencies, Chronoswiss is combining the roots of traditional watchmaking expertise with the digital revolution of the new global currencies. It is thus more than natural to be curious and open-minded about the future. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are the future, which Chronoswiss is also actively following and supporting. That is why we are proud to use blockchain as a marketing tool and a means of certifying our timepieces.”

Mathias Schmid, Tech Bureau Europe Ltd., Switzerland also commented:

“With Chronoswiss as our partner, we were able to successfully manifest our vision of five cryptocurrency-inspired luxury watches.”

Perfect Time?

Chronoswiss and Tech Bureau Europe’s marriage of high-end analogue watches and blockchain technology is both mutually beneficial for the companies involved and highly unorthodox. For a variety of reasons, it also has the potential to be highly sought-after – both now and at a later date.

To learn more about the Chronoswiss Blockchain Series, visit the website and check out the online shop.Follow on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom

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Blockchain-Based ARK to Increase Capabilities with Launch of Core v2 on 28 November 2018

ARK will be drastically upgrading their technology and capabilities with the launch of Core v2 on 28 November 2018. ARK is the #81 cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of USD 45 million and trading volume of several million USD per day. The code for Core v2 has been developed from scratch, and is ready to be deployed on the mainnet with a hard fork.

All ARK nodes will have to upgrade from ArkNode to ARKCore, but regular users will simply receive an automatic update. Since this is a hard fork, which necessitates widespread changes and coordination, there could be slight downtime. It is expected that exchanges will have an easy time upgrading though since the ARK wallet now integrates JSON-RPC.

A Scalable and Flexible Platform for Blockchain Development

ARK is an international collaboration among 23 developers from 11 different countries, with an ever expanding community, and is designed for blockchain innovators and startups. ARK aims to create an ecosystem of numerous linked blockchains, via SmartBridge technology, and there is room for infinite utilities. ARK uses delegated proof of stake (DPoS), which provides decentralized governance and a mechanism for securing the blockchain.

ARK is designed to be highly flexible and scalable, by offloading data and transactions to hundreds of side-chains. The update to Core v2 increases scalability even further, with transactions per block increasing from 50 to 150, and transactions per second increasing 300% from 6.25 to 18.75. This will lower transaction fees across the platform, since transaction backlog will become unlikely. Additionally, the transaction pool will be upgraded to provide better stability and reliability via memory optimization and SQLite. Beyond this, the update to Core v2 will implement dynamic fees, where users can choose the transaction fee they want.

The “Wordpress of Blockchain Development”

The primary purpose of the Core v2 upgrade is to turn ARK into a blockchain development platform that is as easy to use as WordPress is for building websites. Just like there are plugins for WordPress, there are plug-and-play blockchains for ARK; most of ARK’s processes have been decoupled, modularized, and retrofitted as plugins. This will give blockchain developers who use ARK maximum flexibility.

Furthermore, a new API has been developed for ARK to interact with servers, and it is more powerful and stable than the previous version. Webhook has also been implemented, which allows an app to deliver real-time data to other apps, versus older technology which polls for data at a set frequency.

ARK Core v2.1 will Bring Other Exciting Features

After the release of Core v2 the development team will focus on addressing any bugs or other issues associated with the hard fork, but will then begin putting together Core v2.1, which is scheduled for release in early 2019.

Core v2.1 will include ARK Pay, which will allow e-commerce shops to easily implement ARK payments. Additionally a new wallet will be released with an improved user interface, as well as a revamped ARK Whitepaper. Technical improvements include timelock transactions, improved multi-signature transactions, and improvements to the SmartBridge technology.

For more information about ARK visit their website at or follow ARK on Twitter on Twitter: @bitcoinnewscom

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ABCC Launches Bitcoin Options Trading

ABCC, a cryptocurrency exchange with trading volume in excess of USD 10 million per day, will soon launch Bitcoin options trading. This new feature will allow traders to bet on whether the price of Bitcoin will rise or fall during a day. Currently, options trading on ABCC is in beta testing but should be made available to the public within about a week.

Call and put options are available, where call means that a trader is betting Bitcoin’s price will be higher at the end of a contract than at the beginning, and put means the trader is betting that Bitcoin’s price will be lower at the end of a contract than at the beginning. Contracts start and expire each day at 16:00 UTC, and there will be USDT and ABCC Token (AT) trading pairs for Bitcoin.

When a call option expires, and the bet is successful, the seller will deliver 1 USDT or 1 AT to the buyer for each contract. An example of how this would work is two traders, A and B, who each hold 100 AT and no contracts. If A and B agree on a contract price of 0.4 AT, then A pays 40 AT for 100 contracts, and B earns 40 AT for the 100 contracts. Essentially, the options markets on ABCC are powered by traders making peer-to-peer deals. The contract price determines the leverage.

If the call is successful, meaning Bitcoin’s price increases, then A will be paid 100 AT, leaving A with total profits of 60 AT. Since B has to pay out 100 AT, they will incur losses of 60 AT. A lower contract price means A earns more and B loses more, if the call is successful.

In the scenario where the buyer loses a bet, the seller of the contract keeps the profit from selling the contracts. The put option works about the same, the difference being it is successful if Bitcoin declines, the opposite of a call.

Major cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges like BitMEX have 100x leverage on short and long positions, but ABCC exceeds that since price of contracts is accurate to 0.0001 AT or USDT. At the minimum possible contract price, A would pay 0.01 AT for 100 contracts but would earn 100 AT if the bet is successful. This means the maximum leverage on ABCC is 10,000x, which equates to 1,000,000% profits. This creates exciting possibilities for traders who take risky bets and succeed.

Further, the exchange can offer this 10,000x leverage safely since options trading is peer to peer, and ABCC itself is not the one lending money or contracts for these trades. It merely takes a 0.5% fee. Additionally, contract sellers must lock the appropriate amount of AT or USDT in escrow, to ensure buyers will be paid.

Beyond this, ABCC will be releasing stop loss functionality on their regular cryptocurrency exchange by the end of November 2018, and will be revamping their website soon to provide a more optimal user experience.


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