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FutureHack Davos’ “Most Inspirational Project”, CHERR.IO, Brings Blockchain to Charity

Charity-aimed Slovenian blockchain startup CHERR.IO, which made headlines recently when they won the coveted winner’s award for the inaugural Davos 2018 FutureHack competition, is now in the midst of a much-anticipated public pre-sale, which ends on May 24th, 2018.

The surprise entrant in this year’s World Economic Forum event has also partnered with one of Slovenia’s largest charity organization, Caritas Maribor, and conducted its first charity campaign.

Seeking a clearer path for charitable organizations

CHERR.IO’s blockchain platform intends to tackle the highly complex world of global charity. As a fundraising platform, it aims to expand on the processes of existing donation structures to increase transparency and improve efficiency, eventually elevating the levels of public trust in charitable organizations, which have seen worrying dips in recent years owing to widely perceived issues of transparency and bureaucracy.

Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, the CHERR.IO platform allows for all donations to achieve high levels of traceability, giving full auditability of every transaction. This can be witnessed already on their minimum viable product (MVP) with live charity campaigns ongoing. Their most recent focus was to assist two young children living with cerebral palsy to help them walk again, as immortalized in this video.

Apart from these achievements over the last two months, the rest of the experience continued to be a whirl of activity, for the team, marked by a widely receptive sentiment from the community and wider public. The acknowledgement of its debut in the Dabos FuteHack’s winning performance has also come via the Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar who honorably dubbed CHERRI.IO as “the most inspirational project from Slovenia”. This paid tribute to its ultimate goal that helps address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), through its charity solutions.

Investors and business leaders around the world have given CHEER.IO the same endorsements, noting them to be the first to introduce the concept of gamified rewarding mechanisms on charity platforms. This proves that it was no fluke that it won the ICO Demo Day award after being invited by the ‘Business Angels of Slovenia’ to present the project to local investors, the CEE Region and elsewhere.

Via its partnership with Caritas Maribor – itself a member of Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europe – CHEER.IO have proven that its embrace of blockchain technology has enabled a fulfilment of its dream to assist and care for people in need, and this traditional charity their first partner of its kind.

Exceptional leadership

While recognizing the immense contribution of its own community of supporters, CHEER.IO also benefits from the support of a diverse board of advisory, comprising the likes of Jacob Papageorgiou, Giovanni Lesna, Vladimir Nikitin, Melinda Woolf, Niko Slavnič, Grey Jabesi, each with glittering credentials.

Co-founder Aljaz Straser stressed their belief in that the community should choose how their donations are used, for whom and to where: For us charity work is all about people. That is why we gave them powers to decide. Our community, chooses who and where their donations will go towards.”

CHEER.IO firmly believes that its incentive model will attract users from the cryptocurrency world, encouraging them to donate to charity and participating to help others. Its team comments:

With the support of our community we are confident that we can improve and save many lives. This also means truly reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).”

To learn more about CHEER.IO, visit the website and view the CHEER.IO team. To join the community discussions, connect with them on Telegram, Twitter, BitcoinTalk and Facebook.Follow on Twitter at

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Origin of Money and Future on the Blockchain through Minexcoin’s Four-Functions Developmental Strategy

Everything changes. That’s the one true constant and when it comes to technology, that constant has remained the driving force behind many a breakthrough and evolutionary development. Change determines the adaptability of anything. Those impervious to it have no hope surviving be it a living creature or non-living. With living creatures, the effects of change can be seen in their physiological and intellectual development, while non-living things are constantly being improved upon, upgraded, and modified.

The Value of Money

One of the most important changes of our time is currently underway in the economic sector. As the universal measure for the direct exchange of values, goods, and services, currency have had to undergo a series of changes in order to qualify as the definitive vehicle for exchanging values. These changes have yielded four essential and interrelated values, which every asset must acquired in order to be regarded as a fully-fledged currency. These are values must provide a means of saving and accumulation, offer equivalent of value, be a means of payment, and finally must have definitive circulation.

Means of saving and accumulation

During periods of inflation, fiat currency are often unfit for preserving value, requiring some sort of mechanism or instrument to store values instead. This is why precious stones are highly valued during this period due to the fact that their values are often fixed regardless of the economic upheaval going on.

With this in mind, leading blockchain company,  MNX system, has developed an autonomous algorithm for smoothing the volatility called Minexbank. Minexbank boasts of an innovative tool for holding asset. This tool, known as  “Parking”, enables MNX holder to retain their assets, while also receiving interest for “hodling”, which currently stands at a 70% per annum interest rate at publication time.

Equivalent of value

MNX comes with a unique system for users to peg down the value of goods and services as monetary units using cross-chain transactions to peg the value of one crypto to a “benchmarked” crypto before exchanging to fiat. The ecosystem comprises of several innovative products, playing critical roles in ensuring liquidity and fluidity of exchange on the network. Physical bank cards ensures that users can still transact using MNX even in places where they no longer have access to their digital wallet.

Using trustless exchanges and ATM terminals through an Atomic Swap technology, users will be able to transact businesses or exchange fiat and digital assets without requiring third-party mediation. Through this technology, MNX is creating a gateway between the digital and the physical world.

Means of payment

For centuries now, the sole function of money has remained the liquidation of debts from financial commitment, meaning that if an asset is not considered as a means of saving and of equivalent of value, it no longer had any function.

Minexcoin eliminates this age-old problem through its intricate development  of its platform. Users on the platform are automatically presented with two enterprising products as soon as their coin becomes equivalent to its value – MinexMerchant and MinexMarket. The Merchant service allows merchants to seamlessly accept MNX for fast and convenient payment of goods and services through the platform’s core API. The marketplace, on the other hand, is a ecosystem for ordinary users to directly exchange goods or services through Peer-to-Peer channels via MNX.

Means of circulation

The barter system remains one of the most inconvenient mode of exchanging values due to the fact that not all assets can liquidate at a moment notice, nor is it circulation guaranteed. Fiat circumvented this problem by ensuring that it can quickly pass from hand to hand to perform its functions fleetingly.

To ensure that MNX becomes as liquid and convenient as fiat, MNX will be launching the MinexPlatform in the third quarter of 2018. MinexPlatform will be a springboard for developers and startups for creating digital values based on MNX using open source tools developed by the team.

For more Information, visit the Minexcoin website at –

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Viuly Attends Block O2O and Fintech O2O Conferences

Viuly is an Estonian, blockchain based decentralized video sharing platform. The Viuly team recently travelled to Hong Kong and participated in the Block O2O and Fintech O2O conferences, a highly esteemed event with an arsenal of blockchain experts in attendance.

The Viuly platform for video content allows users to connect with the creators, directly. This gives the creator the opportunity to earn with viewership. Users in turn can also earn from watching advertisements and videos.

Block O2O & Fintech O2O

The platform recently headed to Hong Kong to take part in the Block O2O and Fintech O2O conferences, this meet saw great minds from all over the world come together to discuss the future of blockchain technology.

Block O2O and Fintech O2O were two conferences hosted in Hong Kong for entrepreneurs, engineers, financers, economists and regulators. The summit was attended by more than a hundred investors, 100 speakers and 1800 delegates from 30 different countries.

The conferences had taken place in PMQ, right in the center of the fashion and entertainment district of Soho, Hong Kong. The Summit took place on the 8th to the 9th of May, in the colonial Police Military Quarters, which had been redesigned as a state of the art conference center.

The Viuly team attended a number of private investor meetups, these were organised for the team to pitch the Viuly project to potential partners and investors. The team presented the project on stage, and gave a brief summary of what had been achieved in the last four months. The team also outlined what their roadmap holds in store for the future on the closed meetup after the event took place.

Viuly was a participant in these recent events and was able to showcase its project to other participants, meet up with other blockchain professionals and enthusiasts and discuss the future of technology.

Viuly and OkEx

While the Viuly team were in Hong Kong, they met with professionals from the OKEx crypto-exchange. The team were really glad to meet the highly motivated and creative team.

Viuly A Video Sharing Platform

The Viuly technology is driven by the blockchain, utilizing this the video sharing platform is able to achieve a fast and intuitive way of not only sharing video content, but allowing users to earn directly from it.

The Viuly platform waves any need for a third party service provider. This means there are no commissions or heavy fees involved when it comes to content creators wanting to charge for their videos and channels. More money for creators also turns into more content for them to enjoy.

If the user is a viewer it could mean that there is more content to enjoy, donations sent by viewers to their favorite creators and also free without commission.

Viuly utilizes smart contracts, the monetization of the service is automated through the Viuly VIU token. The Viuly team never participated in a crowdsale, but instead released an airdrop of 20 VIU tokens per 1 ETH in each ethereum wallet whitelisted.

With the Viuly Alpha already released, users are going to have the Beta coming in the following weeks. The Alpha already has more than one million users with over 76,000 channels running on the decentralized platform.

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Panda.Earth Unleashes Blockchain Potentials for Wildlife Preservation

Bitcoin Press Release: Launched in the early hours of May 8th, 2018, Panda.Earth is social simulation game built on blockchain technology. Authorized by China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda, Panda.Earth is the world’s first decentralized stimulation of the lives of pandas, digitizing every panda in existence into the blockchain.

May 16th, 2018, Hong Kong – CryptoKitties burst onto the scene in a flash, with a blockchain-based gamer that allowed users to breed virtual pets and put the technology firmly in the media limelight. However, as more people subscribed to these games and issues began to crop up, one fact became glaringly obvious, these games are pseudo-blockchain games. The data itself is not on the chain and it can easily be tampered with.

Pseudo-blockchain games use the blockchain to settle transactions, but not the storage of game data and gameplay. Game data and gameplay information tend to get distributed from centralized sources that do not offer true ownership and have multiple points of failure. This problem is what the Panda.Earth team is set to resolve through its community autonomous ecosystem.

A Community Autonomous Ecosystem

Players, designated as ‘Guardians’, will take on this exciting new universe while meeting up with each other, breeding, and exchanging pandas. This new fantasy-based world is hosted on both PCs and mobile terminals, enabling players to log in through their favorite devices on-the-go.

A Bold New World on the Blockchain

Panda.Earth distinguishes itself from another blockchain offering through five key features that highlight the philosophy empowering this world. They are:

Real World Mapping: Possessing sole authorization from China Giant Panda Protection Research Center, Panda.Earth is able to collect and access hundreds of real panda data and maps to make them readily available to the blockchain network. This makes the platform the premier decentralized database for real-world panda facts and the number of these digital giant pandas in the world is only 100.

Unique Genetic Algorithm: Using a proprietary genetic algorithm based on real-world genetic output, every offspring panda in the game will be based on genetic algorithms to obtain the genetic characteristics of the pandas. Core data regarding all genetic output are based on smart contracts to ensure fairness and uniqueness of every panda in the world, making the game a truly collectible game for gamers.

Rarity: According to WWF statistics, the total number of wild pandas is around 1864 at best. Panda.Earth’s ultimate mission is the protection of giant pandas, combining the changing trends of the natural environment, coding them into smart contracts alongside the total number of digital giant pandas, the game affords a new level of collectible collection, rewarding diligent gamers for collecting rare digital panda. Because the real pandas are precious animals in the world, so are these crypto-pandas.

Community Autonomy: Panda.Earth team has developed basic rules and a governing logic for the world. These rules are constantly being updated based on feedback from the community to enrich gameplay experience. Panda.Earth’s autonomous smart contract introduces a myriad of variable gameplay factors from the real world into this universe to properly simulate the living conditions of giant pandas.

Emerging ERC-721 Exchange: With ERC-721, crypto pandas will be more like “collectibles” during collection, breeding, and trading. Cryptopandas can be exchanged with other digital collections using the ERC-721 protocol (non-fungible tokens) and others. However, pricing constraints are determined by player preferences and market demand for the value of each giant panda. Through smart contracts and side-chain technologies, non-fungible tokens can be circulated cross-chain and cross-platform. The Panda.Earth team believes this is the direction of future digital assets.

Panda.Earth is also committed to public welfare. The platform will integrate the knowledge of giant pandas in blockchain games and propagate educative information on living conditions, propagation conditions, and distribution. This has been designed to assist the general public access readily available information on giant pandas and drive awareness about them and other endangered species

Panda.Earth’s Featured Gameplay

Panda.Earth offers an innovative and unique gameplay feature including:

Collection and Reproduction: Through a unique genetic algorithm, each crypto panda uses its unique genes and personality to directly influence the quality of its offspring. Breeding between pandas of different personalities is highly encouraged and incentivized – there will even be extremely treasured panda babies.

Circulation of Value: ERC-721 features not only enables Panda.Earth to populate the world conveniently, but also facilitates a cross-platform exchange of assets including CryptoKitties and other digital assets can be directly exchanged with them. This creates a tangible and sustainable gaming ecosystem for players. Because of games like CryptoKitties and Panda.Earth are both in ERC-721, users can seamlessly exchange Kitties for Pandas through Panda.Earth’s novel implementation of ERC-721 features.

Simulate Business Operations: In addition to trading and breeding, Panda.Earth will introduce groundbreaking gaming concepts based on “territory”. Players will receive “bamboo” by through the acquisition of territory. Bamboos are convertible cash source for the gaming ecosystem that creates a perfect output cycle for retaining the transferable values of the ecosystem, thus ensuring the active and healthy operation of community players.

An Incentivized Platform

Panda.Earth has decided to make its ecosystem readily accessible to the general public and will be giving a batch of cryptopandas free of charge to users who sign up for early-stage community building.

To learn more visit the Website:

Join the community on Discord –
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Media Contact
Contact Name: Info
Contact Email:

Panda Earth is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are extremely volatile. There is no guarantee of a stable value, or of any value at all. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Minexcoin Payment System Announces Monetary Policy Changes

Hong Kong-registered payment systems platform Minexcoin, a part of MinexSystems, has announced several market behavior updates which reflect changes in its monetary policy and the next stage of its development. These will affect its flagship products, the Minexcoin cryptocurrency (MNX) and MinexBank, an autonomous algorithm for influencing coin volatility.

Minexcoin CEO Boris Shulyaev opened the communication by saying that the Minexcoin project had thus far met all its scheduled objectives in its development milestones and that its “parking” feature has been successful. Parking is a feature that will give interest to MNX holders – currently this is equal to a 70% annual interest rate at the coin’s value.

Having recently marked six months since MNX first appeared on the open market, the CEO remarked that it was the perfect time to evaluate work achieved and set new goals. He noted that MinexBank’s mechanism had operated well against “planned parameters and crypto-society” and demonstrated Minexcoin interest through several achievements, including over 14,000 MNX wallet downloads, over 10,300 MinexBank registered users, over 16,000 active parkings valued at a total of over 1 million MNX with over 400,000 MNX parking payments, and a high of 127,500 monthly parking payments.

The announcement also noted successful completion of all goals set out in its first Memorandum, achieving several macroeconomic indicators such as a $20 USD/MNX average exchange rate (via a 10-crypto basket), setting an MNX/USD growth rate at 42.7% per annum, corresponding to the average annual market cap growth of the top 10 cryptos from the period 2016 to mid-2017.

A new phase of development

Noting that parked volume now approached 30% of total MNX in circulation, it set out the need to adapt interest rates. The metrics also showed supply that exceeded demand, leading to the disproportionate rise, putting pressure on further Minexcoin growth.

MinexBank, thus, will adjust its interest rate 16 days after the announcement, to the base rate of 70% per annum as outlined in the MinexBank Memorandum. The full interest structure will be as follows:

Daily 0.19%

Weekly 1.34%

Monthly 5.83%

Quarterly 17.5%

Half yearly 35%

Annual 70%

The reduction of parking payments and interest adaptation to base rates will be aligned with the goals of the Second Memorandum, to satisfy investor expectations and to mitigate the negative effects on MNX exchange rates due to monthly volume increases in monetary base. This is in line with the sustainable growth of MNX price planned in the Second Memorandum of 84.88% per annum.

The announcement acknowledged that the new rates would likely have short-term negative consequences on market trends, but also assured supported that upcoming mechanisms, including access to new exchanges, would aid in mitigating these.

Further details were promised in later updates, in accordance with the company’s open policy of transparent engagement and dialogue. Supporters are welcome to interact with the company on all official channels at any time.

To learn more, visit the Minexcoin website. To join in the discussions, connect with the team on Telegram and BitcoinTalk, or view its open code on GitHub.

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Hada DBank Updates on Token Sale and New Partnership with Vostad

Hada DBank’s token sale went live on the 1st of May 2018, and will come to a close on the 31st of May 2018 aiming to sell 50,000,000 HADACoins. These will all be sold through Hada DBanks exclusive partner F1Cryptos.

Seven days into the Hada token event, Vostad came forward and solidified their strategic partnership, with Zahid Rashid Mir joining the Hada DBanks board of advisors.

Vostad believe Hada DBank has the potential and a dynamic business module to push forward the cryptocurrency economy in the banking sector. The team behind the Hada DBank project has been working with high ambitions and a determination to push forward the project globally. Vostad intends to support this vision, and will work hand in hand with Hada DBank to ensure quality innovative products and services are made available to the public.


Chairman and Managing Director for Vostad Global, Zahid Rashid Mir, is well known for being a young and dynamic business leader, deal maker and technology enthusiast. Today Mr. Mir is responsible for overseeing the company’s investor services and building new partnerships worldwide.

Mr. Mir has over a decade of international management experience and has developed, managed and trained teams; he has been involved with helping facilitate more than 500 million dollars in business deals.

The Vostad team helps facilitate deals, securing partnerships, raising capital, closing sales, exploring new markets and secure and educate employees. First established in Bangalore, VOSTAD has a solid portfolio raising over USD 1,000,000,000 worth of deals. The team is connected with over 50,000 global executives through more than 200 proprietary business platforms. VOSTAD is the pioneer and only company who conducts the Blockchain Summits for Islamic Banking and Finance (BIBSUMMIT) globally.

The Vostad and Hada DBank Partnership

The strategic partnership between Hada DBank and Vostad aims at bringing blockchain technology into mainstream IT circles as well as the general public at-large.

The Hada team is excited to have Mr. Mir and Vostad joining the ever expanding Hada Dbank team of advisors and partners. Hada DBank plans to utilize their experience, hoping to expedite the process to introduce Hada DBank and Products to the mainstream market.

Aiming to expand throughout the Middle East where they have extensive experience in dealing with that market. Additionally, they are working on convincing future investors to participate in the Hada project going forward.  

The Hada DBank Token Sale
The FIRST 1,000,000 HADACoins will be priced at 3,000 HADA per 1 ETH. The normal price structure will be in effect for the remaining units at 1 ETH per 1,500 HADA. There will be a minimum contribution of 0.15 ETH per transaction. Following the success of its Pre-sale, Hada DBanks aims to reach its soft cap at 5,000 ETH and hard cap 30,000 ETH respectively to further progress at a desirable pace.

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Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitxoxo Announces Successful Pre-Sale

Bitxoxo has recently encountered regulatory restrictions in India, this has lead the company to incorporate themselves in Australia, Bitxoxo also recently launched a Token Sale to fund international expansion.

The Indian government has acknowledged the technological advancements the country would benefit from by the adoption of blockchain technology. The country’s central bank, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Indian central bank has asked Indian banks to not be involved in the supporting of businesses involved with cryptocurrencies.

This has resulted in India’s largest exchange Bitxoxo shifting its entire operations to Australia, where they have recently become incorporated in the new country. In addition, Bitxoxo has also had its eyes on expanding into the Middle-East and South-East.

The Bitxoxo team have been on the precipice for the completion of all the legal compliance associated to the exchange oversees.

The Bitxoxo Token Sale

Bitxoxo recently launched a Token Sale, which has already seen a successful Pre-Sale round which came to an end on the 30th April 2018, Selling 5,000,000 XOXO tokens.

The Token event was held to raise funds for the expansion and the development of new products and services. The Bitxoxo Main-Sale will go live on the 5th of May, 2018 and will last till the 31st of May, 2018, with a further 10,000,000 XOXO tokens available at a minimum price of USD $2.

A Memorable Move

Bitxoxo received help from prominent influencers and investors in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, Roger Ver (Founder & CEO, and Mate Tokay (COO, There role in the exchanges transition was vital.

Bitxoxo view for the future is a world where Bitcoin and BCH have become the basic monetary asset on a global scale, bringing freedom to users who will no longer have to depend upon the state or banks to transact with each other. Contributors taking part in the Bitxoxo token sale will be funding the creation of a BCH Marketplace, BCH E-University Certification Programme and BCH enabled PoS system.

Additionally these funds will be deployed in taking Bitxoxo to markets in the Middle-East, and South-East regions of the world. Hoping to expand the company’s operations in Australia. The company also intends to set up an incubator to invest in, grow and promote blockchain startups.

Bitxoxo has been a key player in the cryptocurrency exchange arena in India since July, 2016, the company was first incorporated by Hashem Rehman and Mohammed Rezwan, these significant players went on to hold the titles of CEO and COO.

Bitxoxo has reached an impressive 100,000 active users in late 2017, the company launched the mobile version of its platform for Android and iOS .

About Bitxoxo

Bitxoxo open its doors to cryptocurrency enthusiasts in 2016 , Bitxoxo Bitcoin Exchange aims to provide a seamless exchange service for all its users. Operating on a 24/7 basis through its unique chat, emails and phone support. Bitxoxo achieved milestones in a very short span of time like the Token Sale Launchpad, Physical Gift Cards, Referral System and XOXO Token Sale.
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CoinIdol Opens an Exclusive Expert Members Club

Popular online cryptocurrency media outlet CoinIdol has recently announced the launch of their “CoinIdol Expert Club”, this platform is to play host to expert members of the community as well as new names from the industry. has been a all ecompasing hub for news and events related to the crypto ecosystem. Providing readers with in-depth news for blockchain, Bitcoin, Fintech and much more. CoinIdol plays host to a quarter of a million views per month, this has motivated the CoinIdol team to open up an exclusive members club.

The online media outlet is well known for its coverage on world-class blockchain events and quoting the most well known faces in the industry. In the past the smaller fish in the crypto ecosystem have not had there say, this members club will give them their chance to share their knowledge with a wide array of the community.  This comes as a rare opportunity for them to become a quoted source, and rise up amongst some of the spheres leading veterans.

The CoinIdol members club is sought to be a minefield of ideas and great wisdom coming together, having access to the club does not initially mean that any and every idea will be taken into consideration by the editors at CoinIdol, the editors will only publish the best of the best.

There is a strict code of conduct that all members must adhere to, members will not be able to promote any projects throughout there time at the club, members who break the code of conduct will have their accounts removed and memberships refused for anyone who violates the rules. CoinIdol’s CEO, George Gor, values reputation and trust over money.

George recently spoke about the company’s ethics, and how they are the pinnacle that everything is built upon. The CoinIdol editorial policy will not change, CoinIdol refuses to publicize any advertising inside editorial articles.

The expert club member to have their quote approved and published by the CoinIdol editor will have it signed by a list of regalia, including personal name, personal photo, brand name, brand logo, brand website URL, special presentation of competencies of the expert with proofs.

To be part of the CoinIdol members club, users will only have to pay a one-time payment, not everyone can be accepted into the club because they can buy there way in. To combat scammers and illicit activities, the standard of quotes used must be high, applicants will need to chat with the editorial team and present themselves as potential members, in a sort of interview like fashion.

The CoinIdol platform plays host to nearly quarter of a million eyes per month, from 174 countries, once in the club, new experts will have the chance to display their competencies and can feature on up to 10 articles per month.

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Decentralized Shipping Startup BlockShipping Announces Token Sale from 14th May

The container shipping industry is one of the biggest parts of the trade sector. It accounts for more than 60 percent of the maritime trade around the world and is a major backbone of the economy. This amazing industry, however has been facing numerous threats including overcapacity, lower freight rates, security threats including piracy and rogue elements and increasing environmental regulations.

Blockshipping, a Global Shared Container Platform or GSCP is the world’s first registry and joint platform for the over 27 million containers involved in the seaborne freight operations around the globe. This GSCP will allow Blockshipping to handle different aspects of container services with transparency and efficiency like no other. Additionally, it is also hoped that the Blockchain-based service will result in overall industry savings of over $5.7 billion annually due to increased efficiency and reduced wastage and emissions.

Token Event Ratings

The Token Generation Event’s rating on different ICO sties is given below:

Blockshipping’s Awareness Campaign

Blockshipping is on a global awareness campaign for its platform and token generation event. The campaign originated from the most progressive countries, Denmark and Sweden, where blockchain startups are involved in a thriving business atmosphere,  gaining widespread recognition that region. Since the beginning of March, over 100 different pieces have been published in different media outlets around the world about the innovative GSCP project of Blockshipping and its immense future potential.

The’s telegram channel has close to 10,000 subscribers as of right now and more than 7,600 followers on Twitter and there is a lot of activity going on in other social media circles.

According to Blockshipping CEO Peter Ludvigsen:

“I am extremely proud to say that a few days ago Blockshipping obtained confirmation from a global container carrier that they will join our GSCP platform as our first customer. This is a carrier in the 10-20 global ranking who has also confirmed that they will join our Customer advisory board.” Token Generation Event

The Blockshipping TGE will start  May 14, 2018 and will continue onwards from there. Furthermore, the token event comes on the back of a successful pre-TGE that met its goals, indeed the future is looking quite bright for the startup.

The has a different token model than other platforms. It includes two different token models. They are:

  • The internal utility token, Container Platform Token – CPT
  • The external Revenue Share Token, Container Crypto Coin – CCC

The CCC tokens can be purchased in the Blockshipping Token Generation Event. Backers can purchase these tokens through Ethereum, Bitcoin, bank transfers (USD, EUR, DKK) or via debit or credit card.

To learn more or participate in the token sale visit the Website:

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Advanced Crypto Exchange Nauticus Launches Beta After Raising $14.6 Million

Australian-based cryptocurrency exchange Nauticus has announced the launch of its interface beta for testing, as its ongoing token sale continues to attract interest, raising more than $14.6 million so far. Meanwhile, its public launch is expected to take place within months.

The beta offers a peek into an advanced cryptocurrency exchange, with the Nauticus Exchange aiming to make the process of buying Bitcoin and over a hundred other altcoins as easy as ordering food online.

Lowering entry barriers for crypto newcomers

While the crypto industry has seen a huge influx of new users and traders, newcomers are often surprised by how complicated crypto exchanges can be. They have to familiarize themselves with “hot” or “cold” wallets and are required to use “addresses” that comprise of seemingly random strings of characters. If not careful, it can be surprisingly easy to lose all their crypto funds permanently.

Retailers and brokers, such as American-based Coinbase and Australian-based CoinSpot, therefore, have been popular destinations for people looking to buy their first coins, as the process is much simpler and user-friendly. However, consumers end up paying up to ten times higher fees for those services and pay higher prices for crypto when compared to the average exchange rate.

The demand for an exchange that offers the same easy of retail brokers yet with the same low fees and rates of the average global market remains high.

Nauticus Exchange – sophistication with efficiency

With its newly-launched beta advanced interface, experienced traders can now test its features. However, it is the user-friendly interface that has been the word on the streets, with guided steps having every aim at making the process of crypto purchases as easy as online shopping.


Right now, the exchange offers 100 crypto and national currencies (USD, EUR, CNY, JPY, HKD, AUD and ZAR), ensuring that all users’ crypto and fiat needs are met.

With the upcoming release of the Nauticus mobile wallet and exchange for both iOS and Android platforms, as well as a payment facility in development, users can soon look forward to easy and secure trading, storage, and spending of both conventional and crypto currencies.

Nauticus believes that the exchange business is growing and will continue to top current performances. The top ten exchanges already generate $3 million in fees daily with 100,000 new users signing up every day. Some exchanges have already halted new registrations due to the massive spike in requests.

Meanwhile, exchange coins have all increased in value, with the likes of KuCoin rising 2,738% to its all-time high and Huobi token increasing 64% in just two months.

As with others, the Nauticus coin (NTS) will offer users a 50% discount in trading fees. It is now available to purchase at around $0.10 during the remaining token sale period until May 18th, 2018.

New users will also receive 100 free NTS and a further 200 NTS for completing a Nauticus user survey.

To learn more, visit the Nauticus website or register to use the Nauticus exchange and receive 100 free NTS. Join Nauticus on Telegram or follow them for updates on Twitter and Facebook.

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