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Blockchain VR Platform ImmVRse Lists On Decentralized Exchange DDEX

With hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world available to traders, it’s a lot of work for companies looking to list tokens to select those which offer the best service. Choosing the right exchange means the having the correct exposure to potential investors and traders, leading to greater prospects for success.

ImmVRse is a decentralized virtual reality platform that aims to disrupt the current ecosystem and introduce innovations that will bring efficiency to the VR marketplace. It understands the importance of a good exchange and successfully listed its IMVR token on DDEX.


DDEX is an advanced decentralized exchange that allows for direct wallet to wallet exchanges of crypto assets using Ethereum Smart Contracts. With DDEX listing, IMVR, an ERC20 token, is now available to traders and investors on three exchanges.  

The CEO of ImmVRse, Farabi Shayor said that, “We would like deliver the amazing crypto community with multiple options to join and cooperate with us in the development of disruptive platforms that we aim to develop. DDEX provides an exceptional platform and prospect for current and upcoming IMVR traders to trade using a next-generation and cutting-edge user interface.”

In line with the listing, DDEX has announced a trading competition, with a total of 400,000 IMVR to be distributed to the winners. The competition is in progress and will run until October 7th, 2018.

About ImmVRse

Virtual Reality is billed as one of the biggest arena of consumer technology in the coming years. According to a forecast by Goldman Sachs, the technology and the industry has the potential to grow into an immense $110 billion USD market by 2025.

ImmVRse is a virtual reality content sharing platform that aims to facilitate content creators to get their VR product and services directly to consumers. Gearing itself to be the leader in VR market, the platform employs a smart contract based DApp that will let people, sellers and consumers to interact on the marketplace. Powering the platform is their native IMVR token, which will act as a medium of exchange within the marketplace.

About DDEX

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, DDEX uses technologies from 0x Protocol and others to create a truly decentralized exchange. It is an extremely secure platform and eliminates the need to sign up and make deposits and does not have the vulnerabilities that traditional centralized exchanges are prone to.

In terms of the number of transactions and trading volume, DDEX is one of the top decentralized exchanges in the world. The platform also offers a friendly fee structure and a greater degree of liquidity. The platform allows users to trade directly from their own wallets, meaning that it never handles cryptocurrencies directly and traders are always in control of their assets.

For information on the VR industry disruptor, ImmVRse, visit their website:

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Top 5 Blockchain Events You Don’t Want to Miss This Fall

by Charlotte Day, University of Nicosia

Acceptance and widespread adoption remains the order of the day as blockchain technology continues to send shockwaves around the world. In keeping up with the momentum, networking events targeting blockchain communities are cropping up by the day.

Blockchain events are becoming increasingly popular in part because they provide a perfect opportunity for people to interact and share ideas on the emerging technology. With many events, occurring all over the world, blockchain enthusiasts are spoilt for choice on which events to attend.

Heading into the fall, here are the top five blockchain events for technology enthusiasts.

Decentralized 2018 November (14-16) 2018

The second edition of the Decentralized 2018 conference will take place at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens Greece. The must-attend blockchain event will bring together over 122 attendees from over 50 countries.
Decentralized 2018 will feature 70+ speakers who will exchange knowledge and share ideas on the potential implications of blockchain technology. Key areas of focus will be how the technology is set to influence innovative businesses and the kind of political consequences it is poised to have around the world.

Some notable speakers include Peter Ruzin, Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Limited, Eva Kaili MEP Chair of STOA European Parliament and Jameson Lopp Founder Mensa Bitcoin SIG.

The University of Nicosia (UNIC), which is one of the few institutions of higher learning offering a master’s degree on the emerging technology, is the host.

Divani Caravel Hotel situated at the heart of Athens, presents a unique opportunity for participants to explore the historic city focusing on breathtaking architectural designs. The hotel is located at the birthplace of democracy surrounded by the fascinating Lycabettus Hill. The Acropolis, which is synonymous with Athens, is a must-visit historic site while in the city.

Malta Blockchain Summit November (1-2) 2018

Malta Blockchain Summit is another must-attend blockchain event heading into 2019. The event will attract attendance from crucial areas of government as well as blockchain investing and fintech. Discussions at the summit will center on world-changing potential applications of blockchain technology as well as AI and Big Data.

Malta is fast becoming a hotbed for the digital ledger technology. The country already plays hosts to some of the world leading startups as well as influencers in the sector. The summit will also include an expo as well as a Hackathon and opportunity for the over 5,000 expected attendees to interact.

The location could not have been any better. The Club Intercontinental will accord attendees stunning views of the island and the Mediterranean ideal for relaxing.

Money 20/20 October (21-24) 2018

Money 20/20 is turning out to be one of the biggest and most awaited Blockchain event of the year. The blockchain event brings together some of the most potent innovators as well as collaborators with interest in the emerging technology.

The event in Las Vegas will attract high profile speakers from the blockchain space. Attendees should expect speeches from Visa, Ripple, Coinlist as well as Coinbase executives, among others.

While in Vegas attending the conference, attendees can take time to appreciate what the city has to offer as a top tourist destination. Amazing food, beautiful scenery, as well as jaw-dropping entertainment from resorts to casinos, are some of the items awaiting participants. The Venetian hotel which will host the conference comes with 10 pools, ideal for cooling off the city’s temperature.

Beyond Blocks Summit November (26-27)2018

Beyond Blocks Summit is another of worthy blockchain events that seeks to create networking opportunities for participants. The two-day event is part of Bangkok’s blockchain week, whereby blockchain proponents will meet up to network and share ideas on the emerging technology.

The event will feature speeches as well as presentations from some of the industry’s movers and shakers. Some of the notable speakers poised to grace the event include NEO founder, Da Hongfei and Wanchain CEOM Jack Lu.

A great after party awaits participants after two days of networking. The after party will take place at the Platoon Kunsthalle, which acts as a top destination for artists and creative. The venue presents attendees an opportunity to explore art projects as well as workshops and events in realms of club culture.

Blockshow Asia November 21 – December 1, 2018

Blockshow is an international blockchain event powered by Cointelegraph. The event is moving to Asia after its successes of last year in the U.S. The event in Singapore presents a unique opportunity for attendees to learn blockchain happenings, development, and innovation in the region.

Having grown to become the largest blockchain technology roadshow event, Blockshow 2018 is to play host to 100+ speakers this year, as well as more than 2,000 attendees.

UNIC is a leading source of blockchain education in Europe and keeps its finger on the pulse of blockchain events. Are you attending any of these five events? Comment and let us know.


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Healthcare Company NHCT Bringing Wellness and Total Health to the Blockchain via Token Sale

Health, as they say, is wealth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to bring either down. Recently, managing one’s health has become the focus of a generation living in a fast-paced world. Award-winning wellness platform, NanoHealthCareToken (NHCT), has announced the development of a blockchain-powered ecosystem to tackle the problem.

Prevention is Better than Cure

With offices in India and the Cayman Islands, NHCT is bringing wellness and preventive solutions addressing the systemic issues plaguing current healthcare treatment through blockchain technology. The 2014 winner of the prestigious HULT prize, NHCT is slated to raise $9 million USD (hard cap) by the 15th of December, 2018, through a crowdsale event. There will be pre and main token sales which will be geared at raising funds towards the further development, enhancement, and adoption of its existing healthcare app. The app can be downloaded on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store

NHCT’s crowdsale will uniquely feature guaranteed capital protection for contributions over $100,000 USD. These contributions will be secured against equity backing, which will safeguard it. The token presale starts on October 1, 2018, rewarding all contributions with a generous 35% bonus. 350 million tokens will be available for contributors during both events.

Built on a philosophy of preventive, rather than reactive, treatment for health care, NHCT is addressing the high costs of the current medical care system due to data fragmentation, security, and accessibility. Since winning the HULT prize and receiving a seed funding of $1 million, NHCT has dedicated itself to creating a globally accessible, decentralized health and wellness ecosystem.

NHCT is led by its visionary founder and alumnus of IIT Bombay and ISB Hyderabad, Manish Ranjan, who expounded on NHCT’s mission:

“There are a lot of inefficiencies in the way healthcare is managed. The user data is not all in one place, is prone to security issues like hacking and above all the accuracy is a big challenge for both the payers and providers. Our idea is to gamify the entire system by using tokens. We incentivize users to stay healthy via tokens that can be redeemed to avail services like gym, wellness, lab tests among others; while payers and providers get the advantage of accurate data & lesser claims. We are trying to make the entire ecosystem efficient.”

NanoHealth has been instrumental in delivering coordinated and continuous care for 75,000 users through “health coaches.” Health coaches are highly skilled and trained medical staff providing both personalized care and authenticating data for an increased level of adherence amongst users.

Nagarjuna Vangala, CTO of the company with over two decades in managing enterprise-scale applications, had this to say:

“Blockchain is a natural fit for what we are trying to achieve at NHCT. Its inherent security & decentralization is perfect for correcting what ails the healthcare of today. The idea is to give the control of data back to where it belongs: to the users.”

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Decentralized 2018: Europe’s Premier Blockchain Conference Is in Athens, Greece from 14th-16th November

The 2nd Decentralized conference hosted by the University of Nicosia, a global leader in blockchain research, will be held from 14-16 November 2018 in Athens, Greece at the Divani Caravel. Featuring more than 70+ speakers and 1,200 attendees, Decentralized is the Europe’s preferred conference to keep abreast with cutting-edge technologies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. is proud to announce a media partnership with Decentralized 2018 as it looks to discuss the latest in multiple aspects of blockchain technology, including supply chains, financial services, government, business, and political implications, accounting and auditing, artificial intelligence, and the long-term implications of blockchain.

Speakers at Decentralized 2018 include the Chief Scientist at Bitcoin Unlimited – Peter Rizun, Bitcoin Developer – Jameson Lopp, Head of Blockchain Research at Cambridge University – Garrick Hileman, Founder and CEO of Bitnation – Susanne Tarkowski, Director of the Bitcoin Foundation – Llew Claasen, Founder of ShipChain – Brian D Evans, Managing Director of Blockchain Advisory – Jonathan Galea, CEO of STASIS – Gregory Klumov, Blockchain Lead at Antikythera Capital – George Lambrianides, Co-Founder and CEO of Cointelligence – On Yavin, Founder of CoinJanitor and BlockSmarter – Marc Kenigsberg, CEO of University of Nicosia – Antonis Polemitis, Director of University of Nicosia – George Giaglis, and many more.

The University of Nicosia, organizer of Decentralized 2018, is the largest university on the island of Cyprus and one of the biggest English-speaking universities in southern Europe. The University of Nicosia is known for bringing first of its kind education to Cyprus, including its blockchain and cryptocurrency initiative. The University provides the world’s first full academic degree in blockchain, with an MSc in Digital Currency.

Tickets are still on sale for the conference and can be purchased at this link. It costs EUR 299 for students and EUR 359 for people in academia. Corporate tickets cost EUR 599, but will only cost EUR 359 if you use the code corp40 at checkout. Call +357 22 841943 to contact the University of Nicosia regarding Decentralized 2018.


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Wikipedia Gets Some Competition From Co-Founder’s Blockchain Fork

Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger’s new blockchain based innovation could rival his world-renowned brainchild.

Speaking from this year’s Malta Delta Summit where Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was promoting blockchain technology, Sanger explained the benefits of his latest knowledge database.

Wikipedia, which grew out of a web-based encyclopedia, Nupedia and co-founded by Jimmy Wales, became the benchmark in open-source, collaborative encyclopedias. It also gained Sanger a name as a critic of his own creation. He called for more accountability and academic quality to be brought to articles which appeared on the website, leaving in 2002 and then later launching Citizendium in a quest to deliver greater accuracy and credibility.

Sanger discussed Everipedia, which forked from Wiki in 2015. Speaking at the summit he commented: “Thanks to new technology, it’s now possible to move beyond Wikipedia just as we moved beyond Britannica almost two decades ago.”

Sanger spoke of Wikipedia’s shortage of content contributors, despite it being the envy of any website with 18 billion views per month. He argued that a major issue for Wiki had been tasking 12,000 editors to check the contributions of 129,672 active writers and mentioned that an incentive scheme could encourage a higher quality work.

The forked site Everipedia will operate in a different way by rewarding contributors with its own token called “IQ” which can be traded on crypto exchanges, thereby incentivizing quality content creation. Another advantage is that the site can’t be banned by overseas governments due to its decentralized nature.

Malta’s prime minister Joseph Muscat was also speaking at the conference, suggesting that the pro-crypto government’s next target after making Malta the envy of Europe, would be the focus on AI technology, after building the strong foundations of a regulatory framework for blockchain and cryptocurrency. To blockchain developers he said of the “the next big idea”:

“We want to know how we can help and how we can make that happen.”

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VegaWallet to Unlock Cryptocurrency Mainstream Adoption

The increasing appetite for cryptocurrency consumption has resulted in demands for an all-encompassing ecosystem. Crypto enthusiasts want to be able to make purchases using their favourite crypto without the hassle of hopping across multiple wallets and exchanges. This ecosystem will also enable businesses and merchant services to integrate blockchain-based digital assets without dealing with the often steep learning curve that comes with currency conversion.

The answer to this is VegaWallet.

VegaWallet is a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency consumption, designed to bridge the divide between the burgeoning crypto community and the services they are often in need of. The platform’s ecosystem consists of a digital asset wallet, an integrated exchange, and a point-of-sale (POS) system which will allow businesses to accept payments in both crypto and fiat.

VegaWallet will be rolling out its platform development in two phases. The first phase will see its secure digital asset wallet and advanced exchange operational before the end of its ongoing crowdsale event. The second phase, post-crowdsale, will debut with VegaPay and POS.  

VegaPay and POS: Unifying Crypto Payment

VegaWallet’s second phase is where the platform is set to shine by delivering the inclusive ecosystem the crypto industry has been yearning for. Using VegaWallet, users all over the world can easily buy major cryptocurrencies using their credit or debit card. They can also seamlessly exchange cryptos from one form to another through the intuitive VegaPay interface.

Tarek Hajri, CEO of the company, has this to say:

“VegaWallet aims to be a complete cryptocurrency platform. Our Products and services will cover your journey into cryptocurrency every step of the way. We’ll make it easy to buy and trade, give you a safe place to store it, then provide options for spending it the way you want.”

VegaPay is putting cryptocurrency payments into the hands of users everywhere, including places that have yet to integrate cryptocurrency payment support. The innovative solution will allow users to integrate popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and VGW into their daily lives without the need for a traditional bank account or special debit card.

Users can instantly convert their desire for cryptocurrency into local fiat through the network’s native exchange and push the payment through near field communication (NFC) technology on any modern POS terminal. The VegaPay system creates a one-time use credit card number through any internet-connected device secured by necessary security protocols. This allows for increased security in the exchange and storage of funds. This security protocols will also help eliminate fraud and hacking attempts.

About VegaWallet

VegaWallet’s launched its public sale on September 17th, 2018 to put its innovative token, VGW, in the hands of users. VGW is the economic driver for its all-in-one crypto-fiat payment services, which have added benefits such as instant and fee-free transfers. With the first phase of its services set to launch in the coming months, VegaWallet is poised to begin providing the real-world cryptocurrency adoption vehicle the industry has been waiting for.

VegaWallet is currently exploring partnerships and has recently secured one with leading healthcare service provider, AscellaHealth. VegaWallet will help develop and implement blockchain-based protocols and payment systems for the company where applicable.

VegaWallet can be found on ICObench, FoundICO, and NAGA-Trading.

For more information, visit the website at –

Connect on Telegram – https://T.Me/VegaWalletTalk

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Bill Clinton Waxes Lyrical on Crypto

Ex-US President Bill Clinton, speaking at Ripple’s annual Swell conference in San Francisco, has praised the rise of blockchain technology.

From appearing as a moderator on a panel of world leaders at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum to keynote speaker at a cryptocurrency and blockchain conference, the ex-US president appears to be everywhere at the moment.

It has not escaped crypto pundits’ attention that Ripple is not shy when it comes to attracting big names with little knowledge of crypto to promote its causes. Actor and investor Ashton Kutcher has already donated USD 4 million worth of XRP to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund on live TV and Snoop Dogg made his appearance at the Consensus NY event early this year, again sponsored by Ripple.

As a politician and leader he was known for his drafting of policy for emerging technologies, so given this, it probably should come as no surprise. His technological swansong was the signing of the historic Telecommunications Act of 1996 which really pre-empted the age of the internet. Given these proven attributes in the field of new technologies, Ripple reputedly paid him up to USD 500,000 for his keynote address, according to media reports.

The topics of the event including foreign policy, blockchain, cryptocurrency and banking. Clinton praised emerging technologies such as blockchain in his address and commented the future for DLT had huge implications for the disruption of the global status quo. In a discussion with his formal economics adviser Gene Sperling, he commented:

“This whole blockchain deal has the potential it does only because it is applicable across national borders [and] income groups. The permutations and possibilities are staggeringly great… We could ruin it all by negative identity politics and economic and social policy. You think about that.”

Clinton, a Bitcoin holder since 2016, after receiving a gift from venture capitalist and tech entrepreneur Matthew Roszak, said that economic and social policy “work better as sum games”.


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Miracle Tele Announces Telecom Revolution on the Blockchain

Miracle Tele, a Czech Republic-based mobile network company, has announced the launch of the token sale for its blockchain solution focused on reshaping the telecom industry and empowering users. The token sale for Miracle Tele, which is set to marry two of the most exciting tech industries, telecommunications and the blockchain, offers the opportunity to participate in the development of a rewarding and inclusive ecosystem for telecom users.

Miracle Tele’s ecosystem goes beyond mobile network and communication services. The company will issue a multi-currency crypto wallet supporting its TELE utility tokens. The service will also support ERC20 tokens and prepaid crypto debit cards so that users can physically spend their tokens at merchant services, either online or off.

A Miracle on the Blockchain

Mobile device ownership continues to grow rapidly with forecasts predicting ownership to reach 5 billion by 2019. In 2016, an estimated 62.9 percent of the world’s population owned a mobile device. This explosive growth has turned mobile services into a multi-billion dollar industry. Yet it is still rife with stiff competition and a reputation for overpricing services and under-delivering due to the cost of operating, maintaining, and repairing physical infrastructure.

Miracle Tele is unfettered by such operational shackles. Being a virtual network provider relying on blockchain technology to deliver cheap mobile services, Miracle Tele is giving back to the billions of mobile networks users all over the globe. Without traditional telecom infrastructure, Miracle Tele is set to disrupt the communications industry through a decentralized mobile network spanning 163 countries.

The Miracle Tele solution provides a mobile virtual network (MVN) on the blockchain, which enables all calls to be treated as local calls. This mean zero roaming fees and all incoming calls are free. However, Miracle Tele’s data rate will be charged based on each country, while outgoing calls are pegged at the flat rate of EUR 0.20.

Other key benefits of Miracle Tele’s solution include: a pay-as-you-go service with zero paper trail and utmost privacy; virtual numbers from any country in the world for only EUR 2- 3 and a monthly fee cost of EUR .50-1.50; free service access to WhatsApp and Telegram on the network (in development); multi-currency top-ups in both fiat and popular cryptocurrencies; and a groundbreaking reward system that distributes biweekly payments of up to 40% of the company’s net profit, payable in either fiat or cryptocurrency.

TELE for Blockchain

Miracle Tele will be moving from the Ethereum blockchain to its own proprietary blockchain in 2020 for even cheaper access to services. To support the development of this blockchain, the platform has minted 150,000,000 TELE tokens for its ongoing crowdsale. Contributors can acquire TELE Tokens at EUR 0.10 with no minimum or maximum limit to contribution. Miracle Tele will also airdrop TELE tokens for the whole of next month while running a social media bounty campaign.

TELE, as a utility token, is the exclusive payment instrument for airtime and data on the platform. As a token backed by a real company with a working product, TELE is less likely to affected by the crypto market’s infamous volatility.

Name and address are only required when purchasing a Miracle Tele SIM card. Data packages are independent and users can browse the internet without needing one.

To find out more information, please visit the website:

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Trezor One Hardware Wallet Now Affordable for Everyone

Trezor has discounted the price of the Trezor One by 23% to EUR 69, making it affordable for the masses. This is the first time in history that a top of the line Trezor hardware wallet has been so cheap. The Trezor One is designed to bring confidence and security to the crypto space and is an essential tool for safely securing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Trezor One can hold more than 500 different types of cryptocurrencies.

Hardware wallets are used to store Bitcoin and other crypto private keys in a safe offline location. It is essential to store private keys somewhere besides your computer, so if your computer gets compromised you don’t lose your funds. Storing private keys offline is especially important, so the private keys won’t be vulnerable to hacking.

The Trezor One includes multiple layers of security, including PIN entry, passphrase entry, encrypted storage of the passphrase on the cloud so you can’t lose the passphrase, and 2 factor authentication (2-FA) so you have to get a code from your phone or computer before logging in to the wallet, which is an extra layer of security that ensures only you can access the private keys in the wallet. Additionally, Trezor One offers premium support, just in case there are any issues. Considering how much money the Trezor One can save in a situation where your computer is compromised, it is well worth the EUR 69 for such top-notch crypto wallet security.

The Trezor One has a micro USB which is easy to connect to your computer or phone and has an easy to use display. However, the Trezor One must be connected to a computer or phone to work since it doesn’t have a keypad. An even better option is the Trezor Model T, which has a fully functional touchscreen display and doesn’t require any connection to a computer or phone to work, although, obviously it still needs internet to connect to the blockchain.

The Trezor Model T costs EUR 149 and is a better option for crypto users who can afford it since it is self-sufficient versus needing a phone or computer to enter in account info and make transactions. That being said, the Trezor One is being continuously updated with new features, even after you purchase it. One of the most significant changes happening is that the Trezor One will soon have the Trezor Core Platform, the same operating system as the Trezor Model T.

Regardless, if you get the Trezor One or Trezor Model T, they are both excellent options since they isolate your private keys and keep them offline. The private keys do not leave your device and are not stored anywhere else, making it like an impenetrable crypto vault.

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UNLOCK Conference, Global Meeting for Blockchain & Crypto in Dubai on 15-16 January 2019

The 2nd edition of the UNLOCK Conference will be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 15-16 January 2019 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. This will be a global meeting of the most powerful players in the crypto and blockchain fields, and is proud to announce a media partnership with the event.

The UNLOCK Conference will cover a full gauntlet of crypto and blockchain applications, including gaming, e-commerce and retail, health, real-estate, banking, equities and securities, food industry, energy, logistics, and transportation. Dubai is an optimal location for the UNLOCK Conference since it is on the cutting-edge of blockchain and crypto with 20 blockchain case studies underway and the goal of having 50% of Dubai’s government services on the blockchain by 2021. Dubai is a powerhouse in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), an alliance of nations on the Arabian Peninsula which border the Persian Gulf.

It is expected that the MENA and GCC will be a hotbed for crypto and blockchain long-term, with numerous startups expected in the regions in the coming years. This makes the UNLOCK Conference in Dubai critically important for planning the future of blockchain and crypto in the MENA and GCC. Dubai’s neighbor, Bahrain, is already experimenting with FinTech sandboxes for the launch of crypto exchanges and startups.

The themes of the 2019 UNLOCK Conference include initial coin offerings (ICOs), cryptocurrencies, the future of crypto exchanges in an increasingly regulated world, scalability and interoperability of blockchain, governments and blockchain, investing in blockchain, utilization of blockchain for supply chains and trade, tokenization of everything in a futuristic digital economy, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, blockchain anonymity, blockchain payments, blockchain in the transportation and energy industries, blockchain for telecommunications, blockchain for cloud services, and identity verification on blockchains.

The registration for the UNLOCK Conference 2019 is open, and the early bird special of USD 800 per ticket is running until 15 October 2018. After that registrations will cost USD 1,000 until 28 December 2018, followed by the late registration period where tickets will cost USD 1,500. UNLOCK Conference is running a special where 4+ attendees registered in the same group nets a 20% discount.

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