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Quartz – How Digital Currencies Democratize Offshore Banking

Quartz – How Digital Currencies Democratize Offshore Banking:

Quartz reporter Tim Fernholz (@TimFernholz) writes on how digital currencies extend the international financial system to the rest of us.  Excerpts:

“The two tools Liberty Reserve used to evade financial scrutiny—anonymity and layering transactions through multiple companies—are already embedded in the international financial system. The difference now is merely access and scale.”

“When offshore financial centers first became trendy many, many years ago, you used to have to go to the offshore location, take the money with you, and deposit it in the bank. Now [open up an offshore bank account] you don’t have to go to Guernsey or Cayman or BVI.”

“The internet has shrunk the world, and Liberty Reserve and other digital currencies similarly help bring offshore banking to the masses.”


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