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CNN Money – Meet the world's first Bitcoin baby

CNN Money – Meet the world’s first Bitcoin baby:

CNN Money tech editor Stacy Cowley (@StacyCowley) describes how Bitcoin plays a special role in one doctor’s practice. Excerpts:

[Doctor C. Terence Lee] is an early pioneer in the Bitcoin retail economy, and a sign on his clinic door advertises his accepted forms of electronic payment: Visa, MasterCard or Bitcoin.”

“Determined to find a patient willing to pay him in bitcoins, Lee put an ad up on Reddit last year offering a “male fertility evaluation” — basically, a sperm test — in return for 15 bitcoins, which at the time were worth around $5 each.”

“An ob/gyn with a geeky streak, [Dr. Lee] came across Bitcoin around a year ago while poking around on the Internet. The community’s passion drew him in.”

“A couple whom he helped conceive three previous babies came back to try for number four.   […] ‘I offered them a 50% discount [if they paid using Bitcoin]’.”

“Lee claims he wouldn’t care if his bitcoins lost their value entirely — he and his staff are having fun figuring out the technology, meeting new people, and enjoying the economic novelty of a whole new kind of currency. He’s even managed to convert a few more of his clients.”

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