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PR: Leading European Crypto Payment Platform Announces Instafill, A New Crypto-to-Bank Feature

Bitcoin Press has announced Instafill, which allows users to directly link crypto wallets to bank accounts, resulting in seamless crypto-fiat transactions.

After months of development and fine tuning, operator Payster Group Ltd, which has been in business since 2014, is releasing Instafill. This feature enables users to directly bind a crypto wallet address with a bank account, to facilitate seamless transactions between crypto and fiat. Currently, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash are supported. When crypto is sent to an Instafill address it will be converted into EUR and transferred to the chosen bank account automatically in 102 countries around the world.

Instafill is an improvement on the original PiixPay service, where users would fill out a form with their banking info and the amount of EUR they wish to receive, and then receive an address to send the crypto payment. Instafill automates this process, so whenever crypto is sent to the Instafill address it sends the EUR payment to the connected bank. This saves users time, which can be crucial to lock in the fiat exchange rate, since crypto markets are often volatile and the amount of time it takes to manually fill out a form can cause a loss of money if a crypto’s fiat exchange rate declines.

There are numerous uses for Instafill. Miners can configure Instafill to receive EUR in their bank account every time they receive a mining payout. People with crypto holdings can make transfers via Instafill whenever they need to cash out some crypto for fiat. Street performers can print out their Instafill address as a QR code so passing people can enjoy their show and make crypto donations. Likewise, retailers can print out an Instafill QR code and receive crypto payments in their store, and get EUR in their bank account, without being exposed to the volatility of crypto markets. Those that are paid with crypto can send their crypto paychecks to Instafill and receive the fiat they need for necessities like food and rent. Essentially, Instafill can be utilized for any sort of crypto to EUR conversion, and is much more efficient than using a crypto exchange or crypto ATM.

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Crypto Manga, a New Kind of Comic Cuts out the Crypto Babble

A Japanese crypto comic book, thought to be the first of its kind, will go into circulation in order to inform readers of the various aspects of cryptocurrency, writes

Released as a series called Shonen Crypto, the Crypto Manga follows characters as they go through their crypto life. The first issue has six parts, the first of which is called “Crypto Heroes,” which is a story about Bitcoin Senpai, who leads other crypto characters in fighting with fiat characters.

“The fiat characters of Crypto Heroes are USD, JPY, and EUR,” Editor in Chief Taro revealed, adding that there will be a greater variety of characters in the near future.

Taro believes the subject of the series, which is currently only available online, hasn’t been tackled before and he hopes to eventually publish paper copies suggesting:

“I would like people to read it at cafes or many crypto events,” he shared. The first issue has partially been translated from Japanese into English at the time of this writing, and there are plans to produce music and music videos about crypto based on this comic as well.

Originally beginning with just 10 writers and illustrators, Shonen Crypto’s staff has now swelled to 20:

“Someone can draw pictures, someone can gather information about shitcoins, someone can create songs, and someone can make videos,” Taro explained adding “I want everyone to know crypto and its potential. Recently, I feel that the number of active users of crypto is decreasing, and I often hear doubts about crypto.”

The second part of the first issue of Manga deals with “what happens in the Bitcoin world (industry)” with a character named “Crypto-kun.” In the first issue, this character teaches about the Mcafee Pump, Mt Gox, the “Bitconnect Scam,” and Zaif’s glitch that allowed users to buy BTC at 0 yen.

The rest of the first edition looks at other aspects of cryptocurrency such as master nodes, and how to trade, as a crypto professor teaches his pupil trading skills, despite continually making losses himself. Another action circulates around two girls studying BTCFX, and a story about how to use Dapps on smartphones.

Taro has created the series and its characters as he suggests that he wants to introduce crypto and its technology to “the masses” in the light of various scams, which he feels has given the industry a bad name. Also, he claims that current literature available on cryptocurrency topics is “only lots [of] words” and is little read by the Japanese public as a result.

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