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Dogecoin Founder Develops Script to Combat ETH Giveaway Scams

Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer has developed a script which helps combat the ETH giveaway scams plaguing Twitter users. Palmer delivered this script directly to Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, one of many famous Twitter users been targeted by scammers.

The Twitter Ether giveaway scam is done by creating an account with the same profile picture and name as a Twitter user with a large following. The scammer uses the fake account to reply to tweets of the real Twitter account, with an offer of something like ETH 1-3 for every ETH 0.01 sent to a certain address.

The only difference visible between a scammer’s account and the authentic Twitter account is difference in the actual username. Most users spot this difference and don’t fall for the scam. However, many others do fall for the scam, since they don’t see the difference in the username, mistake it for the actual popular Twitter user. The result has been over ETH 8,000 worth more than USD 4 million scammed from Twitter users as of June 2018, and these numbers have probably grown since then.

This scam damages the reputation of Twitter itself, the celebrities that are being targeted, and financially hurts users that fall for it. The Twitter team itself has done little to stop the Ether giveaway scam, and Elon Musk is one of many who is constantly seeing this scam in replies to his tweets, so he reached out to Palmer to fix the problem.

@ummjackson if you can help get rid of the annoying scam spammers, that would be much appreciated

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 17, 2018

ok, *now* I can finally call it a night.

— Jackson Palmer (@ummjackson) September 17, 2018

In less than a day, Palmer did what Twitter could not, and developed a real way to combat Twitter giveaway scammers. He created a script that identifies any users replying to a Tweet that have the same profile picture as the Twitter celebrity being targeted, instantly blocking the fake accounts run by scammers.

This should help curtail Twitter crypto giveaway scammers and perhaps lead to new ideas to stop the scammers that are even more effective. Perhaps a Twitter crypto giveaway scammer could slightly alter the profile picture so the script doesn’t detect them but that already makes the scam way harder and less effective, and the algorithm can be improved to detect the typical wording used for Ether giveaway scams to make it bulletproof.


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Elon Musk Among the Latest to Challenge Warren Buffett’s Investment Ideas

Warren Buffett has come under fire from Elon Musk after an exchange that led to Musk appearing to challenge his rival with a light-hearted ICO dubbed Cryptocandy. The two had been trading opinions via public shareholder meetings in the days prior. The reference to cryptocurrencies played on Buffett’s rigid ideas on bitcoin and his investment in See’s Candy.

Elon Musk Tweet

Elon Musk hasn’t taken a strong stance on cryptocurrencies but represents a newer generation of success believing that “what matters is the pace of innovation, that is the fundamental determinant of competitiveness”. Although Musk has had little to say, he did share that he had been gifted 0.25 bitcoin by a friend years ago and has been noted to have a copy of Cryptocurrencies simply explained. His company Tesla also began accepting bitcoin as a payment method for their electric cars back in 2016. The use of cryptocurrencies played on Buffett’s rigid ideas on bitcoin.

Musk is well established in the technology sector and is familiar with online payment systems having co-founded which was acquired by Paypal. After standing as CEO for Paypal he went onto make USD 165 million when the company was bought by eBay. With blockchain expanding into several fields that Musk has invested in alongside his knowledge of payment systems, it would be interesting to hear more of what he has to say.

Elon Musk isn’t the only person to challenge Buffett

Buffett — a fellow multi-billionaire, on the other hand, has profited largely from his  Berkshire’s holdings, which are in food and beverage companies, clothing, materials, insurance, banking, and media. Buffet has continued with his militant stance against cryptocurrencies in particular bitcoin which he recently referred to as “rat poison”.

With his view on technology stocks only having recently changed alongside his inability to keep up with the times as pointed out by his use of a flip-phone, by CNBC. Buffet continues with comments such as cryptocurrencies are headed for a “bad ending.”

Musk’s exchange isn’t the first time Buffet has come under fire, with Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng questioning the grounds of his statements. In an interview in January discussing Binance’s growth and customer demographic Changpeng responded with “Warren Buffett is a guy I truly respect from an investment point of view, but I do not think he understands cryptocurrencies at all,” which is confirmed by Buffett who previously said “Why in the world should I take a long or short position of something I don’t know anything about?”

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