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New York Legislators Vote for a Cryptocurrency Task Force

The banks committee sect of the New York state legislature has voted in favor of progressing a bill that would authorize a digital currency task force.

The vote took place on May 30, with the committee confirming their backing for a task force that would study the effects of the implementation of cryptocurrencies on the state’s financial markets.

The Task Force

The banking committee is not the final hurdle for the bill, however, as it still must meet approval by the remaining legislators. Should this be successfully passed, the bill would commission a report that studies the impact of regulations on both the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.

Specifically, the study would investigate how such regulations would affect the development of these industries, how the use of cryptocurrencies might affect local tax receipts, and what is needed to increase the transparency of the digital currency marketplace.

The inquiry would be required to provide the accurate number of cryptocurrency exchanges operating in New York state, as well as details of both large digital currency investors and energy consumption of mining operations. As reported by Coin Telegraph, the information gathered may be collected from any organization, government entity or person.

Notably, the bill states a requirement to review “laws and regulations on digital currency used by  other states, the federal government, foreign countries, and foreign political and economic unions to regulate the marketplace.”

The task force would be formed of nine members that would operate under the jurisdiction of the state governor, temporary president of the Senate, and the speaker of the assembly, with the final report expected for publication in December 2019.

US crypto crackdown

In an ongoing process of a US crackdown on cryptocurrency operations, last week the US Department of Justice (DOJ) opened a criminal investigation into whether traders are manipulating the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Earlier this year, the North American Securities Administrators Association issued a warning for investors about the potential risks carried without cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO) investments.

It is important to note, however, that less than 1 percent of bitcoin transactions are associated with illicit activities. If the report is produced by the New York task force, this could be an important opportunity to dispell unreasonably negative perceptions of the cryptocurrency industry.

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Coinshares Chairman Danny Masters Bullish on Bitcoin Revolution

In a recent Bloomberg PNL podcast, Coinshares chairman Danny Masters took an in-depth look into the future of distributed ledger technology, security and regulation in the industry.

He said, “The distributed ledger technology that’s being pioneered by the development surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are really the democratization of transactions as in the same way when the internet appeared we saw the news and information traveling around without the need for news or big organizations as centers for distribution for the information. This is what is at the core of what makes this the revolution.”

Masters went on to talk about Coinshares as a digital trading asset hedge fund, allowing users to trade without actually owning any currency, hedging services or proprietary capital.

The Coinshares chairman defended the point that cryptocurrency was not causing a momentary global leakage in any leverage of fiat assets: “I think what is clear is that there was some regulatory sandbox, in which digital assets of all kinds existed. All the way from back when we started in 2013, right through the third or fourth quarter of last year”.

He said that when the crypto ecosystem was in the sub-10 billion dollar phase, it was still very experimental. But as the market rapidly approached a trillion dollars in late 2017, the media hype around it brought a lot of attention. Banks and governments could no longer ignore Bitcoin’s substantial potential for the future.

Masters is best known as the chief investment officer for Global Advisors. He manages over USD 800 million in crypto assets, leveraging Bitcoin certificates and selling them to Nasdaq in what is by far his most significant product pull.


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PR: Hacken Launches Its Tokenized Bug Bounty Platform

Bitcoin Press Release: A decentralized cybersecurity company, which has grown from the promising Ukrainian startup, launches its long-awaited product, tokenized bug bounty platform, called HackenProof. The core value of the platform is ethical cooperation between white hat hackers and responsible IT and blockchain companies. As it is a tokenized platform, all transactions are conducted in custom-tailored token HKN, what contributes to its decentralization.  

April 03, 2018, Ukraine – HackenProof is a crowdsourced vulnerability rewarding platform enabling IT businesses, and blockchain companies to detect software bugs and improve the overall security of the infrastructure. Having remuneration in HKNs, researchers are the main stakeholders of the platform. Clients sign up for the bug bounty program, set the scope, decide on program type, set the level of payment, and wait for the reports. There are three primary benefits of HackenProof:

The cost of starting HackenProof is cheaper than hiring independent experts. Specialists with different levels of knowledge, mindset, tools and from various time zones attack client company’s resources in 24/7 mode. A clear report and analytics of the system’s vulnerable areas allow implementing more secure procedures. Hacken has already opened HackenProof for companies that needed it most. They are NEVERDIE, Interkassa, OSA, TicketsUA, and NapoleonX. The latter addressed Hacken after receiving blackmail from a black hacker who threatened to disclose their security flaw. Express bug bounty was launched, and no severe vulnerability was found.

Until April 31st, every project which orders bug bounty will be given 20% discount on the signup fee. If the first deposit is in HKNs, the project will be granted 50% discount. Sign up includes a free penetration testing of a product or system.

Dmitry Budorin, Hacken’s CEO said:

“Since the beginning of our project, Hacken’s mission has been improving global cybersecurity standards. That’s why we decided to integrate tokenized economy into the security field. We believe that this approach will help modern businesses to get services of better quality while spending less money. At the same time, white hat hackers will also get a significant financial benefit and appropriate working conditions.”

About Hacken

Hacken is a global tokenized business with operating cybersecurity products. In January Hacken’s token (HKN) has lined up with $8,32 (0,0005 BTC at that moment). In February, the price of HKN token reached its peak in BTC – 0.0008. It had a low market cup during token sale along with a low total supply of 5.6 million tokens. HKN’s price directly depends on the quality of the provided services, number of secured clients and overall size of the white hat community

Hacken’s security partners are Nucleus Vision, SingularityNet, Qbao, Remme, Legolas Exchange, Jibrel, SONM, CRYCASH, Indorse, Membrana, Kuna, Skraps, Neuromation, CCN, Amchart, Essentia, Selfllery, and Fluence.

The Hacken Ecosystem Contains other services as well:

  • Anti-phishing.
  • Smart Contract Audit.
  • Penetration Testing.
  • HackIT conference.

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Media Contact
Contact Name: Katherine Lysenko
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Hacken is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Liechtenstein to Bypass Heavy Crypto Regulations

Liechtenstein’s Prime minister has stated he wants to be at the forefront of the digital age, suppressing any burdensome regulations on blockchain technology.

The Liechtenstein government has the aim to provide its citizens with sensible but cohesive blockchain regulations; this will create a stable legal environment that will help further the country’s innovation within this sector.

While the matter remains uncertain in other countries, who aim to introduce blockchain and crypto laws steadily. With no global regulations insight from the recent G20 summit.

In a recent post, the Prime minister stated; “There is no point in creating regulations that are excessive and lacking in practical relevance because then the blockchain economy will simply develop outside the regulations. That surely would not be in the interest of any country. Therefore we want to propose a sensible regulatory approach utilizing this law, where the role of the state in creating legal certainty and confidence comes into effect where it is needed.” The new law will be passed by Liechtenstein’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority, which in the past has dealt with over 100 related inquiries within the blockchain sector.

The government gained notoriety, reviewing the legislation already in place, set by other countries, and is also in consultation with some fintech conglomerates. The PM expects the bill to be a fair-to-all law, once passed with the aim to present the proposal to the public this summer.

The prime minister also when on to urge that blockchain is the future and it can significantly change almost all aspects of our economic life and financial services.

In a Forbes article, Malahov one of the co-creators for ethereum had a chance to revisit the country, Malahov is a founder of Aternity and has based this new venture out of Liechtenstein. Stating ” Liechtenstein’s quaint valleys and fairytale castles are enough to attract any entrepreneur.”


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Peter Thiel States Bitcoin Will Be the Online Equivalent to Gold

Paypal co-founder and billionaire investor Peter Thiel sees Bitcoin as the online equivalent to gold, betting on Bitcoin and arguing that a quest to amass a great deal of money is the bubble that never pops. Thiel holds Bitcoin as a haven for its stores on monetary assets.

Thiel has decades’ worth of strategic and smart investments, as co-founder of PayPal and one of the first investors in Facebook. He backs the idea that Bitcoin will become a store of value instead of a currency used for an online transaction:

“I’m not talking about a new payments system. It’s like bars of gold in a vault that never move, and it’s a sort of hedge of sorts against the whole world going falling apart.”

If the market sees further consolidation, Bitcoin price could drop a further 25% from February highs, although technical analysis traders have mixed opinions on the matter.

Thiel’s investments could be more than what meets the eye and he could be more bullish on the currency than he lets on. In January 2018, Founders Fund, of which Thiel is the co-founder, recently purchased between USD 15 million to 20 million worth of Bitcoin across several of its funds.

Thiel’s comments could help the market, with the price slowly climbing back up from a fall below USD 7,682. Thiel also struck a bullish tone on Bitcoin against altcoins,suggesting that the most substantial cryptocurrency by market capitalization will maintain its position.

Nevertheless, his sentiments did not express complete confidence. Thiel speculated that there is a 50 to 80 % chance that Bitcoin would have no value in the future.



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