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Blockchain Could Be Set for $462 Billion Finance Industry Stake by 2030

Blockchain Could Be Set for 2 Billion Finance Industry Stake by 2030

London-based global information provider IHS Markit have estimated that the finance industry blockchain market is set to reach USD 462 billion by 2030.

The value of blockchain in the financial sector reached USD 1.9 billion in 2017, according to IHS Markit’s figures but this total is set to swell significantly given the expected launch of numerous projects over the next few years. The London info provider’s chief analyst Don Tait sees his 2030 projections as entirely feasible, adding, that a positive international regulatory stance will impact the industry over time:

“The Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States, the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and other regulatory bodies are reacting positively towards blockchain technology within the financial sector.”

IHS Markit indicated many ways in which the blockchain industry will be called upon in the years ahead, including cross-border payments, share trading, and syndicated lending. Tait sees the global financial market as becoming the technology’s most prominent user, including insurance and fintech. He cites the derivatives market, currently worth around USD 544 trillion a year, as having huge blockchain potential, commenting:

“By applying blockchain to the clearing and settlement of cash securities – specifically, equities – investment companies could save up to USD 12 billion in fees.”

The possible applications for blockchain technology have not gone unnoticed by stock exchanges either, with recent with Switzerland’s SIX exchange and Germany’s Deutsche Börse either actively, or at the stage of, integrating blockchain technology into current systems.


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Hyperledger Releases Cryptographic Toolbox for Developers

Hyperleadger Releases Ursa, A Cryptographic Toolbox For Developers

In an announcement yesterday, the Hyperledger’s Technical Steering Committee (TSC) unveiled a new project called Ursa, designed to be a cryptographic modular intended to help project developers within the Hyperledger blockchain community build resourceful applications seamlessly.

Ursa is being touted as a shared “flexible cryptographic library”, allowing developers to tap from a resource pool of development toolkits “so blockchain developers can choose and modify their cryptographic schemes with a simple configuration file change”. This would invariably save time and cost in building individual projects.

The TSC revealed that the library has two distinct modules: the first being “a library for modular, flexible, and standardized basic cryptographic algorithms” and a second library for more exotic cryptography, including so-called “smart” signatures and zero knowledge primitives called zmix.

In the announcement, TSC identified Ursa’s security experts as developers who currently handle Hyperledger Indy, Sawtooth, and Fabric. Other community members include academic cryptographers.

Hyperledger expects the library to simplify the processes of developing projects with the objective of avoiding duplicates, cutting down development costs, improving security, and creating a platform for expert reviews. Further, the ease to use model lowers the entry barrier for inexperienced developers.

On a broader event scale, Hyperledger has been used for both institutional and commercial purposes. Sberbank recently conducted an over-the-counter (OTC) foreign exchange by deploying smart contracts on the Hyperledger platform. More so, last month, retail company Carrefour deployed organic poultry tracking system on the Hyperledger DLT.

Germany’s central bank, Deutsche Bundesbank, in collaboration with Deutsche Börse, also successfully completed two blockchain trials developed on the Hyperledger Fabric to test potential applications in securities settlements, transactions, and payments, as well as bond repayments.


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Fintech Fusion Shows Ireland’s Intent to Promote Blockchain Hub

Fintech Fusion, a new Irish research program costing EUR 7 million is being launched to focus on paytech, regtech and insuretech technologies.

The project is the brainchild of Dublin’s Science Foundation Ireland’s Adapt Centre and will enable more data-driven research into blockchain development and big data, say its creators. The research will also address the impact of current financial technology on business, both financial and technological, including the retail and wholesale sector.

Ireland currently has a forward-thinking approach to blockchain technology. Recently, National University of Ireland (NUI) authors of a study on the adoption of blockchain approached the government to promote a more widespread use of the technology in the country.

One of the findings of that study showed that only 40% of companies in Ireland had embraced blockchain technology, which the researchers felt was relatively low, despite Ireland’s 13th position on Bloomberg’s 2018 Innovation Index, with high productivity scores and advanced IT infrastructure.

The latest project could take innovation in technology beyond Ireland’s shores with huge implications for the advancement of global financial services in general. The project will be partially funded by Science Foundation Ireland who has pledged to input EUR 2 million, with the remaining EUR 7 million coming from industry partners.

The Fintech Fusion’s academic researchers have managed to land an impressive crew of companies to assist with their work including Deutsche Börse, Fidelity Investments, Microsoft, Gecko Governance, Fineos and Zurich. Also, researchers from three existing Science Foundation Ireland centers will join the project, along with Trinity College Dublin, UCD, DCU, DIT, UL and NUI Galway.

“Fintech is the marriage between finance and technology and offers huge growth opportunities for Ireland both in research reputation and economic impact,” said John Cotter, director of Fintech Fusion at the Adapt Centre. “This will create new opportunities for Ireland, our researchers, and our industry partners.”

Trinity College itself, highly involved in the project, has its own plans for USD 1 billion campus which will be located in the new Grand Canal Innovation District which could provide a home for 400-500 startups, living alongside the offices of multinationals.


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