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Another Blockchain Party, This Time at Sea with 2,500 Cryptolites

A third floating blockchain conference is planned for September of this year with an entire ship reserved for a potential 2,500 cryptocurrency enthusiasts sailing the Mediterranean Sea.

The cruise is organized by cryptocurrency exchange CoinsBank taking in Barcelona, Monte Carlo and Ibiza as 100 speakers deliver presentations on current developments in the industry.

Those at sea will include a mixed bag of pioneers and experts from the industry including John McAfee, founder of McAfee security and Bobby Lee, the founder of BTCC and a crypto expert. Others on board will include venture capitalist and philanthropist Brock Pierce and CEO of, Roger Ver. Apart from speeches, the main speakers plan to also run workshops and one-on-one consultations.

Lectures and workshops covered will cover managing crypto investments, understanding regulations and all things blockchain. Other aspects within this main framework will be cybersecurity, trading and scalability issues.

Blockchain and crypto-conferences are becoming fashionable in the new digital world, dressed for fun but with business lurking in the background ready to pounce. It’s not surprising then that CoinsBank has dressed up three conferences to date as parties, given recent history.

In this year’s Dubai Futurama summit, the conference to surpass all others in terms of razzmatazz, the actual blockchain discussions were basically molded around networking events and basically, having fun. However, these events don’t come cheap, with admission prices running into the thousands of dollars; many happy to pay these after striking up a rewarding business relationship or tapping into yet another good idea. A cruise would be no cheaper.

As has been said elsewhere, possibly at Brock Pierce’s highly-publicized recent desert conference, information is great but having a good time in the process of acquiring it makes it even better. Of course, what he actually said was “…the most likely way to get me to attend your conference is to throw really good parties”.


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Brock Pierce Plugs “Puertopia” at Futurama Crypto Summit

The 2018 Futura Blockchain Summit held last month in Dubai has been hailed by many guests as the best crypto convention ever, according to Bitcoinist.

The summit brought together more than 300 leaders of the crypto world, including Bitcoin entrepreneur Brock Pierce.  Reportedly it was the largest convention of the cream of crypto society assembled together, including opinion leaders, famous businessmen, investors, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Futurama was pitched as being:

“A  unique, 4-day summit, giving an impressive networking experience. Futurama unites the best crypto leaders and most exciting projects through pre-screening and personally chatting with each presenter since the highest quality of the event and the involvement of each participant can be reached only in this way.”

Brock Pierce entertained the assembled with his views on his Puerto Rico project “Puertopia” as the summit got underway, explaining:

“Our main aim is to create the city of the future. In particular, I’ve been searching for the place where we can do the real effect and provide help. There are a lot of problems in Puerto Rico. 20,000 younglings and ambitious people excited to change the planet and make the difference, they just need a chance to do it. I hope you will find the opportunity to come here and see it with your own eyes. It’s a beautiful place.”

Joshua Hong opened the official summit part with the incredibly warm speech and fellow panelist Miko Matsumura focussed on the role of AI in the decentralized world.  Other top speakers were Nicholas Merten, the founder of DataDash, Michael Suppo, also well-known as Suppoman, running a YouTube channel with more than 147,000 active followers and Evan Luthra, young investor, entrepreneur and motivational speaker who spoke for Google and Blackberry.

One of the most innovative startups at the event was reportedly GoByte, a project that implements a commercial payment and business solution. Exchanges Bithumb, Bitinka, and Coinsbank were also represented in panel discussions.

It wasn’t all about the crypto space.  A convoy of 50 land cruisers descended on the desert as part of a dune safari, hot air balloon flights were the order of the day, as was a star-studded yacht party and a Desert Rose Party which brought the crypto milieu together to relax after the panel events with no expenses spared. Investors mixed together and discussed the big thing, whilst the more active guests danced amongst fellow crypto personalities before fireworks lit up the desert sky.

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