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University of Bahrain to Use Blockchain for Tamper-Free Diplomas


Diplomas on blockchain technology will now be issued by the University of Bahrain, as reported by Trade Arabia.

The report claims that the university, in partnership with Learning Machine, is planning to employ the Blockcerts open standard. The company is to provide a platform to issue official records utilizing blockchain-anchored format, which can verify the new diplomas.

In September, the media highlighted Bahrain’s focus on the utilization of blockchain technology for economic prosperity and security issues. Bahrain’s minister of electricity and water affairs, Dr Abdul Hassain Ali Mirza, commented that the protection of the user’s data can be ensured using blockchain.

Moreover, the technology can be applied to various sectors, which makes it truly remarkable for the tiny Gulf nation. The recent move has been regarded as a part of the university’s digitization scheme for mobile learners.

Blockchain’s influence is increasing gradually among the academic circles. Recently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also declared that it will be issuing blockchain-based digital certificates to more than 100 graduates, also using the Bitcoin-based Blockcerts platform. MIT hopes that the blockchain-based certificates would ensure tamper-free and unchangeable academic credentials.

In the future, using blockchain technology, students may be rid of the frustrating procedure of diploma verifications. In particular, the students applying or studying abroad may get the most benefit. However, in order to realize such a system, every institution would be required to adapt to the blockchain-based verification system.


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Bahrain Kicks Off Country’s First Blockchain Academy

The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) has released a statement in which it has announced the tiny Arab nation’s first-ever “Blockchain Academy”.

Under the umbrella of the Specific Council for Vocational Training, BIBF is a non-profit and semi-government setup dedicated to training people in the financial sector. Setting up the academy would allow the institute to train and create experts in the decentralized field. The institute has also partnered with Dubai’s MyLearning Key to offer a world-class Certified Blockchain Professional (C|BP) qualification.

The certification is a three-pronged approach to blockchain technology, designed for rapid and thorough implementation of key steps in making the technology available to the industry: development, execution and strategization. According to Dr Ahmed Al Shaikh, the director at BIBF, the C|BP qualification is designed to “support the growing demand for skilled blockchain professionals”.

Bahrain is fast tracking itself to adopt and adapt the decentralized technology. Only a couple of months ago, the government acknowledged the importance of technology for the economy of the Arab nation. Even the Minister of Electricity and Water Affairs, Abdulhussain Mirza, supported the use of the technology, saying, “Technologies such as blockchain take us a huge step forward in finding a secure way to facilitate transactions.”

Bahrain is not the only country that is offering blockchain technology related qualifications. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, in partnership with blockchain firm Bitfury, has created a blockchain accelerator program that includes educational modules. It hopes to train”specialists who are able to create innovative projects using digital technologies in a short time”.

University of Tokyo is also launching a blockchain-based course that will focus on decentralized solutions and implementation.


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