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Global Blockchain Conference, Consensus To Be Sponsored by ARK

Blockchain is a borderless industry and as such, it has different platforms and organizations working all over the world. Much like an industrial association that has different companies meeting together on a single page to discuss about issues particularly related to their environment, decentralized platforms have different summits and forums where they can meet and sit down to discuss their issues, the future and development in general.

Consensus 2018 Sponsored By ARK

Consensus is a global level forum for blockchain developers and enthusiasts that attracts the largest crowds in the world. Last time, in 2017, Consensus saw more than a 100 speakers from different backgrounds talking about the impact and future of blockchain with 2000 plus attendees. This year, the summit will see more than 250 experts speaking on the present and the future of blockchain and is expected to be attended by people in excess of 5000.

ARK, a decentralized platform that allows users of different blockchains to operate seamlessly between them, is sponsoring the forum and is actively taking part in it. The forum is going to be held in Hilton Middletown, New York City between 14th and 16th May, 2018. The ARK team will set up a spacious booth in the meetings, with separate spaces for general meetings and private ones. The three day event will be used by the team to discuss and talk about its platform and how is it going to impact the blockchain world.

The opening on the first day will see Persona giving a presentation with a follow up by Blockport. Later on, ARK team will take over and give different presentations about its platform.

The next two days will have presentations by the founders of ARK, being given every hour. Some of the presentations will cover the basics, while others will dive deep into the technical data and information. The team can be interacted with in booth #113 during the event.

But What Is ARK?

ARK is a blockchain platform that solves a fundamental issue within the global blockchain ecosystem. With hundreds of platforms dedicated for specific workings and each platform having its own internal token system, it is practically impossible for a user to hold each token or regularly convert from his or her own to the required ones.

ARK helps by making creating a blockchain web that is compatible with other chains. This, and the smartbridge technology allows user of one chain to to trigger an event in another, while using tokens from the originating chain- and sending the receiver his or her chain’s native tokens.

Another feature of ARK is their One Click Blockchain Deployment. This is a premade blockchain that is essentially a copy of the ARK chain, giving any organization the ability to possess ts own blockchain based on the ARK platform. This saves the organization from a burden of development, financial and time investment.

The ARK network has working models of its concept for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin networks with capability to rebuild the entire ARK network, should the need arise for more compatibility as more chains are integrated.

For more information about the interoperability platform, visit their website:

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ARK to Sponsor and Attend HackPrinceton 2018: ARK Deployer Available For Competitors

Blockchain startup ARK recently attended the bi-annual Princeton 2018 Spring Hackathon. The renowned event saw thousands of individuals from the programming, web development and entrepreneur courses from various institutions from across all of North America. Teams of students worked together in groups of four to create functioning software or hardware projects within a set timeframe of 36 hours. The Hackathon was sponsored by large tech companies such as Bigwigs, which looks to get some industry recognition and become a more recognized name.

The biggest sponsor for the HackPrinceton event was Blockchain-based startup The platform was represented by some of its senior team members who arrived at the beginning of the event to showcase its lasted effort, the ARK developer tool, and also integrate with some of the most promising young tech talent in the United States.

The ARK Deployer Tool

The ARK platform is a broad blockchain solution that aims to offer services for all manner of clients, from everyday individuals to huge data bank-based businesses. The fintech startup solves problems with scaling, through its customizable blockchain network and user features.

The ARK platform recently developed something called a ‘Deployer Script’, which allows users to take control of the technology themselves and apply it to a number of areas that can benefit from blockchain-based solutions. Once user familiarize themselves with the system then it can be easily used for any number of interesting applications.

The ARK platform uses a SmartBridge technology to connect numerous different cryptocurrencies with each-other, enabling it to utilize complex features such as using smart contracts across multiple different token chains.  Through the use of smart contracts and the SmartBridge Technology ARK is able to design its own Decentralized Autonomous Apps, (or dApps) through the application of REST APIs. This enables ARK to program over a dozen different programming languages.

ARK at HackPrinceton

The ARK crew attending the HackPrinceton event included the following main members, including Co-Founder Mike Doty, Co-Founder Khanh Vuong, IoT Dev Simon Downey, Community Dev Karel L. Kubat , Community Dev Ruud Seegers and Community Dev Robert Hissink Muller .

The 2018 Spring Princetown Hackathon was a seen as a ideal chance for the ARK team to showcase their new deployer and to gauge Industry interest for the technology and its potential for breaking new ground in the future. The team also urged users to trial run Ubuntu VM in Azure to integrate Azure Public IP and Firewall configurations.

This trial run will Enable ARK to control their own BridgeChain Node and ARK Explorer. The run itself can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes, giving its users the opportunity to begin their limitless Blockchain customization. For users to take advantage of this new feature, they will have to start a trial or full Microsoft Azure account and have a basic knowledge of how to connect via SSH.

ARK Official Website:

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