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Australian Primary School Is Creating Mini Crypto Entrepreneurs

An Australian primary school is running its own blockchain course as part of the curriculum and has even created its own school cryptocurrency.

Wooranna Park Primary School in the eastern state of Victoria, situated in a low socioeconomic area, is running its crypto programme under the watchful eyes of former network engineer turned educational technologist Keiran Nolan.

The course at the school wasn’t born overnight, but a result of five years of planning, with support from Victoria’s Melbourne Blockchain Centre. The blockchain is now on the curriculum for all students from pre-primary to year 6 and has become a daily feature of school programmes. Nolan explained:

“Each classroom or learning environment is being set up with a Steemit node for what we are calling ‘Immutable Authenticated Reporting’ – meaning that student work is safe and secure and unchangeable using the Steemit blockchain.”

Wooronna Park is now one of 8 schools collaborating together in the blockchain programme. The school’s Minecraft server is stored via FTP on the Storj.io blockchain. The school has now created its own cryptocurrency called Woorannacoin, originally designed as a voting system for students, but has now morphed into “a learning tool on how to create our own currency”, says Nolan, adding he now has a group of year 4 students that want to do their own ICO. “One of the kids learned how to mine ETH and did it at home with his dad, which was pretty awesome.”

It appears that even the parents have tapped into the students’ newly acquired tech prowess with some of them making some profits on crypto investments due to their children’s knowledge. Nolan’s next project is Rocketshoes, a blockchain and IPFS educational platform that allows students to “keep track of their own learning materials, including assignments, notes, and digital assets.”

300 schools from across the country have now expressed some enthusiasm for the Wooranna Park programme as the interest in blockchain grows across the global educational establishment. 

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Bitcoin Market Analysis: 7th April 2019

The hot weekends have given hope to many investors that the market is still alive and has a chance to see new heights in the near future. Today we will try to objectively analyze the situation on the market and identify critical points.

This week the price has grown by almost 30%, it happened on 2 April. To be as accurate as possible, the main volumes of this week were recorded during 2 hours of 2 April. The whole other movement took place in the usual small volumes:

If you continue to analyze last week under a microscope, then you can note that when you try to reach the price zone of USD 5200 – USD 5300 the volumes begin to increase:

Sellers are beginning to be active, but at the moment their strength is not enough to change the situation.

If you look at the situation on the global timeframe, then the price continues to be in the range of two trend lines:

In order to break through the price zone of USD 4200 – USD 4300, it took 4 months for buyers to form forces. And only with the 4th attempt buyers succeeded. The price zone USD 5200 – USD 5300 is a much more serious problem, in our opinion. Pay attention to how difficult it was for sellers to break through the black trend line, which buyers kept from February 2018 to November 2018:

Therefore, we believe that in an optimistic scenario, before the continuation of growth, there should be a correction that will show how many actual sellers remain in the market. It is important for buyers at such correction to keep an aggressively broken price zone of USD 4200 – USD 4300.

If you analyze the mood of buyers, then marginal positions begin to decrease. We think that in the given situation, the longer the price will be in one place, the faster the mood of buyers for the probable continuation of growth will disappear:

Sellers’ marginal positions are also at lows, but this week they are steadily trying to grow:

The current attack of buyers takes place in the black trend channel. If buyers can not break through this channel, then globally this could be a correction after the fall in November 2018:

The correction consists of three waves and it can be seen at the moment that wave c = 1.618 * a.

Therefore, under the second scenario, if buyers can not keep USD 4200 – USD 4300, the first serious problem for sellers will appear at a price of USD 3600:

That is why we are waiting for the closing of the week and see what the sellers have prepared in response to such bold actions of buyers.

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About the Author: Peter Oleshchuk is a trader and technical analyst.
He has spent two years studying and analyzing the crypto market.
Charts: TradingView

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