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IBM, Global System set Blockchain Developers Humanitarian Aid Challenge

Global tech giant IBM, through a partnership with anti-poverty campaign movement Global Citizen, is challenging blockchain developers to create a donation tracking program, reports Fortune.

IBM’s aim for the project is to encourage philanthropy by tracking the path of donations, from where the money originated to what it was spent on, and who finally received the funds. It is not the first of such projects promoting support for underdeveloped nations and struggling communities. The Multinational recently launched a pilot blockchain-based project to support small businesses throughout Africa with a Kenyan logistics company.

The two-month competition called “Challenge Accepted” was inspired by the United Nations’ Envision 2030 initiative, which aims to improve the lives of impoverished and at-risk people. It is s open for all comers starting on May 15 and will offer rewards to participating developers, including tickets to the Global Citizen music festival in New York in September.

Simon Moss, a co-founder of Global Citizen, suggests that the technology has the potential to change the face of humanitarian aid, claiming that blockchain can provide the much-needed transparency to donations provided for humanitarian aid:

“Blockchain can provide clarity on not only who is donating, but how money and supplies flow through organizations that provide aid – such as tracking a gallon of water purchased by an organization to the location where it was delivered,” he wrote.

Blockchain solutions to these types of donations have a clear benefit in the light of numerous recent scandals connected with humanitarian overseas aid. The most recent media focus on allegations of 26 claims of sexual misconduct against Oxfam workers in Haiti is a case in point. Potential donors are often concerned about the final destination of their donation. Also, fake charity approaches occur all year round and often take the form of a response to real disasters or emergencies, such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, and bushfires.

Along with IBM, both the UN and the World Food Programme have also been proactive using blockchain to record transactions.  IBM project manager Kathryn Harrison commented that IBM is looking to become involved in projects that can make some social impact, involving the company in, “opportunities to use this technology in areas that we can do some pretty substantial social good.”

As for the project, IBM has a fairly open requirement for the “Challenge Accepted” competition: “We’re focused on so many different types of use cases. We look at food safety, we look at microfinance, we look things like the environment and carbon credits and energy savings,” Harrison explained.

There’s been a significant rise in recent years in charities which are now supported by cryptocurrency donations. Some of these have joined a growing establishment of charities accepting Bitcoin donations such as Electronic Frontier Foundation, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, WikiLeaks, Antiwar.com, Watsi, Water Project, Code to Inspire, Bitgive and Epic Change.

Charities trialing Bitcoin donations are on the rise. More familiar High Street names include such well-known organizations as the Red Cross and Save the Children.


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Bitflyer Head Yuzo Kano to Hire the Best Talent for His New Crypto Exchange

Yuzo Kano is a man of resources with a vision. The man aims high, and he wants to have the world’s leading exchange service for digital currencies. It certainly doesn’t hurt that this former Goldman Sachs alumnus is the prominent head behind BitFlyer Inc., Japan’s #1 exchange service. So far the man has doubled his staff over the past six months. He’s looking to have the best and the brightest working alongside him by the year-end. The company aims to have 300 of the best talents from the banking industry and the cryptocurrency field.

Poaching the talent, getting ahead

Luring talent from other companies is not an uncommon practice in the business world. But being as aggressive as BitFlyer has been, certainly seems to put in evidence that Yuzo Kano is taking the lead on making the best out of the relaxation on digital currency regulations by the Japanese government. In the land of the rising sun, government officials are managing trade and exchange of cryptocurrencies with heavy supervision. This has made the legality of transactions using digital currencies an unquestionable, trustworthy legal process. No market can provide this with approval at the moment.

Numbers that favor the initiative

The conditions created by the Japanese government give Kano the opening he needs to launch a global operation. He’s positioned to do that since BitFlyer is currently the fourth largest exchange worldwide, right behind BitMex, Binance, and OKEx. According to last public numbers they handled operations for nearly $2 billion just in 2017. Their users went from a few hundred to almost two million just after the announcement of new regulations. The entrepreneur has been very clear on interviews, stating that he only cares about being the #1 service provider. And to get there, he needs top of the line talent.

Going global, getting credibility

With Japan being set up as its main base, the plan is to go global by opening offices in business capitals of the world. The list includes Tokyo, Luxemburg, San Francisco, Australia and unspecified regions of South America, Africa, and Asia. He plans to go beyond the exchange service by offering new entrepreneurs the framework and the advice to make their plans successful. While his intentions look ambitious, it’s very much at odds with similar initiatives such as the one started recently by Mike Novogratz, who launched a Merchant bank for digital currencies just a little while ago. The talent already hired by Kano gives him a leading hand since it adds credibility to the operation, both inside and outside his country.

Even with a declining number of interested parties and unstable numbers on the behavior of Bitcoin over the last six months, Kano is managing to draw in some very powerful talent by offering some of the best salaries in the industry. He is making sure that people coming to work, have a clear idea of the ultimate goal of the company. It is a guessing game to say how successful he will be. But, it’s worth watching how Yuzo Kano’s efforts pay off in the end.

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CoinIdol Opens an Exclusive Expert Members Club

Popular online cryptocurrency media outlet CoinIdol has recently announced the launch of their “CoinIdol Expert Club”, this platform is to play host to expert members of the community as well as new names from the industry.

CoinIdol.com has been a all ecompasing hub for news and events related to the crypto ecosystem. Providing readers with in-depth news for blockchain, Bitcoin, Fintech and much more. CoinIdol plays host to a quarter of a million views per month, this has motivated the CoinIdol team to open up an exclusive members club.

The online media outlet is well known for its coverage on world-class blockchain events and quoting the most well known faces in the industry. In the past the smaller fish in the crypto ecosystem have not had there say, this members club will give them their chance to share their knowledge with a wide array of the community.  This comes as a rare opportunity for them to become a quoted source, and rise up amongst some of the spheres leading veterans.

The CoinIdol members club is sought to be a minefield of ideas and great wisdom coming together, having access to the club does not initially mean that any and every idea will be taken into consideration by the editors at CoinIdol, the editors will only publish the best of the best.

There is a strict code of conduct that all members must adhere to, members will not be able to promote any projects throughout there time at the club, members who break the code of conduct will have their accounts removed and memberships refused for anyone who violates the rules. CoinIdol’s CEO, George Gor, values reputation and trust over money.

George recently spoke about the company’s ethics, and how they are the pinnacle that everything is built upon. The CoinIdol editorial policy will not change, CoinIdol refuses to publicize any advertising inside editorial articles.

The expert club member to have their quote approved and published by the CoinIdol editor will have it signed by a list of regalia, including personal name, personal photo, brand name, brand logo, brand website URL, special presentation of competencies of the expert with proofs.

To be part of the CoinIdol members club, users will only have to pay a one-time payment, not everyone can be accepted into the club because they can buy there way in. To combat scammers and illicit activities, the standard of quotes used must be high, applicants will need to chat with the editorial team and present themselves as potential members, in a sort of interview like fashion.

The CoinIdol platform plays host to nearly quarter of a million eyes per month, from 174 countries, once in the club, new experts will have the chance to display their competencies and can feature on up to 10 articles per month.

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Bitcoin Price Analysis, 12th May 2018: $9,500 Breached as BTC/USD Enters Downward Spiral

Trading volumes might be up for bitcoin markets, but support wasn’t there in today’s trading session. Prices kept falling, with USD 9,500 levels also being breached in the process.

The Day’s Signals

  1. Selling pressure has been the day’s biggest feat in bitcoin markets with large selloffs making the decisive moves through the day.
  2. Bitcoin markets are now under a great layer of uncertainty with the revelation that no level of support above USD 8,500 proved reliable.
  3. BTC/USD experienced losses greater than 5% through the day, a development that comes to follow trading sessions through which the price was already falling.

bitcoin gdax-btcusd-May-12-2018-5-36-5

GDAX BTC/USD charts are showcasing how the current state of the market came to be. With large sell orders being the driving force behind today’s downward spiral. Support didn’t seem to come up as the price was falling, even dipping below USD 9,400. The lack of support along with the strong selling pressure is something indicating a more dramatic shift in the market’s sentiment. While the outlook for markets wasn’t very positive to begin with, today’s trading session manages to make matters worse.

bitcoin okcoin-btcusd-weekly-futures-May-12-2018-5-36-12

OKEX BTC/USD weekly futures charts are showcasing how dramatically the take futures traders had on markets was able to change. Futures rates went from maintaining a positive difference between live market prices to going below live rates at times. Today’s trading session managed to cement the sentiment doubting positive movements as no downward pressure appeared to be receiving a notable positive response.

All in all, traders might be looking for prices substantially lower than even the current bottom reached under such a market sentiment. A day of prices falling without any chances of consideration signals a remarkably negative outlook. This is undoubtedly something that changed for the worst through the last few days. At the moment, the best traders could wish for is a halt to the downtrend and ideally some support being established.

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Decentralized Shipping Startup BlockShipping Announces Token Sale from 14th May

The container shipping industry is one of the biggest parts of the trade sector. It accounts for more than 60 percent of the maritime trade around the world and is a major backbone of the economy. This amazing industry, however has been facing numerous threats including overcapacity, lower freight rates, security threats including piracy and rogue elements and increasing environmental regulations.

Blockshipping, a Global Shared Container Platform or GSCP is the world’s first registry and joint platform for the over 27 million containers involved in the seaborne freight operations around the globe. This GSCP will allow Blockshipping to handle different aspects of container services with transparency and efficiency like no other. Additionally, it is also hoped that the Blockchain-based service will result in overall industry savings of over $5.7 billion annually due to increased efficiency and reduced wastage and emissions.

Token Event Ratings

The Token Generation Event’s rating on different ICO sties is given below:

Blockshipping’s Awareness Campaign

Blockshipping is on a global awareness campaign for its platform and token generation event. The campaign originated from the most progressive countries, Denmark and Sweden, where blockchain startups are involved in a thriving business atmosphere,  gaining widespread recognition that region. Since the beginning of March, over 100 different pieces have been published in different media outlets around the world about the innovative GSCP project of Blockshipping and its immense future potential.

The Blockshipping.io’s telegram channel has close to 10,000 subscribers as of right now and more than 7,600 followers on Twitter and there is a lot of activity going on in other social media circles.

According to Blockshipping CEO Peter Ludvigsen:

“I am extremely proud to say that a few days ago Blockshipping obtained confirmation from a global container carrier that they will join our GSCP platform as our first customer. This is a carrier in the 10-20 global ranking who has also confirmed that they will join our Customer advisory board.”

Blockshipping.io Token Generation Event

The Blockshipping TGE will start  May 14, 2018 and will continue onwards from there. Furthermore, the token event comes on the back of a successful pre-TGE that met its goals, indeed the future is looking quite bright for the startup.

The Blockshipping.io has a different token model than other platforms. It includes two different token models. They are:

  • The internal utility token, Container Platform Token – CPT
  • The external Revenue Share Token, Container Crypto Coin – CCC

The CCC tokens can be purchased in the Blockshipping Token Generation Event. Backers can purchase these tokens through Ethereum, Bitcoin, bank transfers (USD, EUR, DKK) or via debit or credit card.

To learn more or participate in the token sale visit the Website: www.blockshipping.io

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