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Epic Fail! Fake @bitcoin twitter account fails even to their own propaganda polls :P

Daily Discussion, March 10, 2018

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Bitcoin - so simple... haha, hilarious!

Conversation I had with my friend

Me: oh damn bitcoin is down a bit

Friend: Bitcoin is going to be irrelevant soon

Me: please elaborate

Friend: Its just hype and it isn’t a good system

M: do you know what blockchain is

F: dude its just going to be irrelevant

M: Banks will be irrelevant once people realize how effective a borderless decentralized peer to peer system will be

F: yeah idk dude but i did hear about a guy who invested in bitcoin in the 90s and is a millionaire rn

M: Bitcoin was created in 2009 as a result of the stock market crash of 2008

F: well it was some crypto

M: Bitcoin is the first crypto

F: I don’t believe that

M: I don’t think you realize how much research I do about this stuff

F: Yeah but everything you’re reading is from the internet

M: … what

F: Whats mining I always hear about it?

I killed him in his sleep later that night. We are a long ways away from the general public understanding bitcoin

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