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Police Studied IDC Financial Crime for Years (deepd.tw)

On April 28, Italian news outlets published a breaking story that spread rapidly. Authorities in Lecco, Italy, announced a pivotal moment in an undercover operation into an entire dark web forum. The forum, Italian Darknet Community (IDC), functioned as both a forum and marketplace—and given that it appeared on many darknet marketplace lists, many knew IDC as only a darknet marketplace.
On that date, the…

Let's Talk Bitcoin! #330 – Full Box! (letstalk)

On Today’s EpisodeStephanie and Adam are joined by Jonathan Mohan for a wide ranging discussion as the bitcoin and cryptocurrency networks continue into A Few Highlight Topics:High Transaction FeesLightning, Factom and other layer 2 solutionsAltcoins and the Evolving Remittance Story…And more!This episode featured content from Stephanie Murphy, Jonathan Mohan and Adam B. Levine. This episode was edited by Matthew Zipkin.

A newbie asking for confirmation – my personal abstraction layer (reddit.com)

So, as I’m trying to explain to myself what blockchain is and how it works, I like to present it to myself in an abstract way, like a moon. Tell me whether I’m wrong or right. Blockchain is like a moon in a clear night, partly enlightened, visible, partly dark, invisible. The visible part of the moon are the bitcoins we trade with. The invisible part of the moon are bitcoins that are constantly pooring into the market, being awarded to the bitcoin miners. The moon is constantly approaching…