Are Bitcoiners Sexist?

There has been a lot of talk about the demographic dominance of men in Bitcoin. Critics of the culture point to numerous posts on popular Bitcoin forums like this one, this one, this one or this one.

While I think it’s important to not give people on forums too much credit as an accurate reflection of humanity, it is of course disturbing that, when a woman makes a post on popular forum BitcoinTalk, she can be greeted with “TITS or GTFO.”

You can look at the speaker lists of most Bitcoin conferences, and there are more men than women. The speaker lists at conferences like the London Bitcoin Expo, Inside Bitcoins Berlin 2014 and many others demonstrate this. Contemporary conferences, like Coin Congress in San Francisco and the Texas Bitcoin Conference seem to be making efforts to change this, while others, like Porcest in New Hampshire, have incorporated Bitcoin panels featuring only women.

This is largely in part due to the increasing number of women entering the Bitcoin Community. Former JP Morgan executive Blythe Masters now works in the Bitcoin world; Elizabeth Ploshay; Connie Gallippi; Victoria Van Eyk; Perianne M. Boring and many others make up a diverse cross-section of women now active in Bitcoin.

Nonetheless, as recently as two years ago, UCL researcher Lui Smyth surveyed the Bitcoin community and found it to be 95% male. In more recent surveys, numbers have been similar. Victoria Turk wrote an article for Vice’s Motherboard called “Bitcoin Needs Women.” Before she wrote it, she tweeted:

At London @bitcoinexpo and looking forward to some interesting talks. You can spot me easily – I’m the girl.

— Victoria Turk (@VickiTurk)

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