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Bitcoin ATM Maker Robocoin Hints at Software Shift


Robocoin CEO Jordan Kelley has addressed rumors the company may be pivoting, suggesting it may soon expand the means by which its allows consumers to buy and sell bitcoin.

The rumors, which first surfaced on 29th January, implied the company would be moving away from its bitcoin ATM hardware due to the technical difficulties managing its network, and that Robocoin‘s future was perhaps in jeopardy due to these issues.

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Ribbit Capital's Micky Malka Talks Bitcoin's Slow Road to Mainstream

Micky Malka, RibbitTwo years ago, the entrepreneurs in bitcoin were inexperienced and those investing in the space were merely a collection of friends, according to Meyer “Micky” Malka.

Flash forward to today and the Bitcoin Foundation board member and founder of VC firm Ribbit Capital can find more than a few reasons to be optimistic about the future of bitcoin, even in the face of continued price declines, issues in the mining community and questions about the commercial viability of bitcoin technology.

Before it can propel itself forward to new highs, however, Malka believes bitcoin must first account for mistakes made during its impressive hype cycle that began at the end of 2013. He predicts we’ll see a “reshuffling” of the ecosystem, as sectors like mining are forced to recover from a bullish run of investments founded on lofty expectations.

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Bank Suspends Polish Bitcoin Exchange's Accounts


Polish bitcoin exchange BitMarket.pl has had its bank accounts suspended by Bank BPH.

BPH initially said the suspension was the result of a technical glitch, but later claimed it was due to outstanding debt and lack of credentials, according to BitMarket.pl. The exchange said it discovered its BPH accounts were suspended on 26th January.

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UK Exchange Launches with Backing From Regulated E-Money Firm

The team behind a regulated e-money issuer has launched a bitcoin exchange called Digital Securities Exchange (DSX).

The issuer, ePayments Systems Ltd, has been an authorised electronic money institution with the UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority, since last JulyePayments Systems has in turn made DSX its agent.

The move is meant to position DSX to capture the market for sterling-bitcoin trading, said Mike Rymanov, who founded and leads both ventures.

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DigitalBTC Dissolves Bitcoin Mining Agreement with CloudHashing

Australian bitcoin company digitalBTC has dissolved a supply agreement with cloud mining service CloudHashing.

Under the agreement, which was finalised in March, CloudHashing was to run digitalBTC hardware in data centres in Iceland and Texas to mine bitcoins.

Today, however, digitalBTC announced that it was pulling out of the deal, filing an announcement with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) that stated the companies had agreed to dissolve the supply deal.

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Reddit Lets Go Cryptocurrency Engineer

Ryan X Charles has been let go from his post as cryptocurrency engineer on social platform Reddit.

The developer, who only this week demonstrated his proof of concept for peer-to-peer bitcoin payments on the site, announced the news in a Reddit post, saying:

“I have complete confidence in the new leadership, but cryptocurrency is no longer in their plans. “

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New Exchange Protects User Funds with Segregated Bank Accounts

Hong Kong-based exchange Gatecoin has launched after a lengthy setup process, promising segregated bank accounts for customers in 40 countries across five continents.

The company says it is the first to offer this kind of security, which is common in the non-crypto forex exchange world. This means customer funds are kept in separate bank accounts to the company’s own funds, and thus can have funds returned in the case of a force majeure financial event that depletes company reserves.

Gatecoin is a licensed Money Services Operator in Hong Kong. It offers bitcoin trading in USD, EUR and HKD through its low-latency matching engine, and plans to implement Ripple in the next few weeks.

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