SilentVault launches aiming to ‘silence the blockchain'

The new technology was developed to provide peer-to-peer payments and exchanges with anonymity among a growing variety of asset classes. SilentVault is a wallet application which allows the user to bring in Bitcoin or Litecoin, spend them as Silent Bitcoin or Silent Litecoin, and thereby (…)

3 thoughts on “SilentVault launches aiming to ‘silence the blockchain'

  1. Tyrone Johnson

    We’re very glad to see this page with some of our press release. I’m not quite sure how the very nice blue sports car was chosen to show up at the top of the page, but it looks cool. Thanks for publishing our information. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Editor: Well, as we publish all stuff, we even do stuff like silentfault… although knowing it will be a black hole of no return

  2. Tyrone Johnson

    We recently began compiling a page listing all of our media mentions. One of our associates mentioned the editor’s note above. I’m not clear how the editor is “knowing it will be a black hole of no return,” since it is nothing of the sort. We continue to operate, accept bitcoin and litecoin in bailment, and redeem bitcoin and litecoin reliably. So far we have received no customer complaints.

    It isn’t terribly expensive to test, either. Using 0.05 bitcoin, anyone can buy Silent Bitcoin for their SilentVault wallet. Anyone can redeem their wallet contents to any bitcoin address of their choice. So, for less than US$20 at risk, one can “check it out.” Which we invite the editor and readers of this publication to do.


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