Update 1: Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto

First of all, I want to thank the Bitcoin community for the kindness shown and expressed for my brother. My heart is touched. Thank you.

I just talked to my brother with my dragon at my side for the first time in at least 2-3 weeks since this Newsweek episode turned our lives upside down, all lines of communications were cut. Majority of the world was not told that Leah was intruding upon people’s privacy with zeal weeks before the launching of Newsweek hardcopies. It was agreed that none of “us” would talk. Make-Believe Journalism was never in our minds until the announcement by Newsweek.

I wanted to share with those who are interested some of the human interest side.

What is endearing about my brother are “things”. Social concepts and personal thoughts that would be of a concern to a majority of the populace is not highlighted in my brother character. How would I word this? Dorian is a technically brilliant person who is more comfortable in an old crumpled T-shirt, cargo short pants, white crew socks and doesn’t frequent mirrors at times to comb his hair. Leah McGraw Goodman got that right. The hair? Maybe a little more infrequent. These observations are not just mine. Over the decades, his friends who are and were executives in the aerospace firms and software engineering companies have told me the same things. I don’t think I am going on the limb when I say that I wear 1/2 size white crew socks, wear Hawaiian shirts a lot and even collect vintage ones at that. That I can spend hours behind flat screens and not shave or comb my hair over the weekend. Since our Lexie, four footed member of the family passed on, I too am out less frequently due to no walks twice a day. If I am a geek, then so be it. I have seen my brother do exactly what he does before there was a culture of computer nerds or geeks, the terms weren’t even concepts at the time. Besides, it is anti-fashion statement expressing freedom from fashion tyranny.

We talked and at no time did he express or mentioned what the Huffington Post listed as the #1 thing that should be taken from the Newsweek’s story written by Leah McGraw Goodman. The number one thing is that his younger brother called him to be an asshole. In usual form, I know that Dorian forgave me and moved on just before we reconnected. I wish that I can have that kind of character to do exactly that in my life. In my life, I tend to remember stuff and not forget even though I have learned over time that I have the ability to forgive people. It’s part of my life I have to continuously work on.

OK, here it is. Does anyone know or can ponder to guess why the AP reporter was given the exclusive? You guys all saw the video and I’m thinking some saw it over and over for details.

Dorian opened the front door and he announced who would buy him lunch. The photographers of all nationalities swarmed in pushing each other flashing cameras and video cameras spearheading the way. No one spoke out but a guy way in back near the end of the low cinder block wall yelled out, “I’ll buy lunch”. Dorian said that the AP reporter was the only reporter to make an offer to buy lunch while all the others kept on taking pictures and taking videos. That is how the AP reporter was chosen as told by Dorian. Now you all know before any other media.

Dorian had to take a short break. I am thinking things were hurting. I asked him what is a “hair ball”. He said that he doesn’t know exactly what a “hair ball” is and that it is probably what was called a spaghetti program long ago. Not well structured and has a lot of re-writing to do. In the short time he personally glanced at the write ups on the net regarding Bitcoin, he told me that the creator is “brilliant” but a poor code writer and that he could have done better with virtually no errors.

With that, I am now convinced that my brother is not the “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Can he do it? I think, Yes. I believe it and what’s more important is that he is among a very select few of people of “extreme interest” as it was told to me by authority on Friday.

I can see where Leah McGrath Goodman and the owner of Newsweek decided to throw Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto under the bus with a 20 to 30% probability that he is and dismiss the 70 to 80% that he isn’t. Excuse me but Leah McGrath Goodman is such an 80’s name. I am going to do her a favor and call her LMG. She is lucky that I don’t call her LSMFT.

My stuff. Calculations made for me by BCG from data publicly available sources that there are only 7 people in the world. The initial calculation went something like this. Overall demographics ie: people with computer programming knowledge, coding skills, distributed network knowledge including swarming techniques, Polish notation programming…right down to having lots of personal time to write code, disregard for family or pursuit of sex that would take time and energy, highly disciplined, focused beyond the normal, obsessive personality or just plain as BC put it “crazy” and highly anti-government. And the final kicker of the name Satoshi Nakamoto that is given weight. By the way, Satoshi is not an unusual name in Japan. The name Nakamoto is from what BCG reported, originates from the Hiroshima area as most “moto” or “source” translated phonetically is defined. I have to state that BCG is tied to the pharm medical world with statistical demographic mainframes with various programs with claims of accuracy audited by the FDA.

I don’t know specifically but I do know that I.Frank Nakamoto was born in Hiroshima before coming to America and then to later be thrown into an American concentration camps as a political prisoner in Perris, California for being a successful and outspoken businessman. I have been visiting his grave over many years at the Evergreen Cemetary in Boyle Heights.

What calculations told me is that when it comes to human beings and their unique characters, profiling is a loose and irresponsible pseudo name for WTF, it doesn’t work. All the professional behavioral analysts that Newsweek may have hired, their obviously under qualified and desperate legal advisers if they hired some, loosely expert statisticians and financial advisers didn’t mean crap when the end result is that they are wrong.

It’s late and I have to get on with my reality. Once again, many thanks to the one and only forum that is a true community. Thanks for allowing me to vent. Thanks for the many posts of support. For those who a unsure, my sincerest apologies. My intention is to support my brother who supported me as a older brother is supposed to do. As the oldest brother, he, in Japanese and many other cultures including America, becomes the head of the family who takes care of the parent or parents. He is suffering right now and all I can do for this time being is figure out a ways to help from a distance due to irresponsible journalism operating at its finest. Instead of energies to minimize the 2nd Amendment we should spend time minimizing Freedom of the Press? I am not a Libertarian. I am a Conservative who thinks most of the Conservatives are Liberals.

Andreas, my sincerest thanks. If we meet in the future, one minute, who is going to buy Dorian lunch? I will buy my brother’s and you a lunch.

Yalla, bye.

As always, I authorize /u/nakamotodragon to answer questions in my absence.

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