The First Ever CryptoCurrency Convention Set to Explore the Future of Digital Currencies


The First Ever CryptoCurrency Convention Set to Explore the Future of Digital Currencies

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The first ever CryptoCurrency Convention ( will take place in New York City on April 9 at The Scholastic Auditorium. The event will be dedicated to thought-provoking discussions led by entrepreneurs, developers, and businesses looking to be a part of the currency of the future.

There are approximately 290 cryptocurrencies in existence today, with many more in development and on the rise. The CryptoCurrency Convention aims to create awareness among investors, entrepreneurs, and developers, as well as everyone from newcomers and enthusiasts wishing to learn more about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Those in attendance can look forward to discussions and presentations by leading experts from Bitcoin, Peercoin, iCoin, Infinitecoin, Florincoin, Mastercoin, Litecoin, Solarcoin, Digitalcoin, TimeKoin, Reddcoin, IncaKoin, Tittiecoin, Popcoin, Zenithcoin, Marscoin, Casinocoin, Livecoin, Prospercoin, Potcoin, Quarkcoin, Vertcoin, Digibyte, Battlecoin, as well as BitAngels Co-Founder David Johnston. The goal? To give birth to new ideas and solutions toward making CryptoCurrency the staple of the future economy. Like-minded individuals can also take advantage of networking with those with similar interests, making the CryptoCurrency Convention an unprecedented event in the world of cryptocurrency.

Using cryptography for security purposes, cryptocurrencies are a more secure method of conducting transactions. Cryptocurrencies are being widely accepted as the currency of the future economy.

The focus of the CryptoCurrency Convention is to explore the cryptocurrency economy and understand it through the perspective of developers, visionaries, and the teams responsible for its creation and current existence. Attendees will have the rare benefit of gaining information directly from the sources that have assisted in mainstreaming the concept of cryptocurrency.

With a mission to bring awareness and acceptance to cryptocurrency, this is the very first convention to host the world’s leading visionaries working together to further develop the disruptive technology that has already changed the way people currently view the future of currency. Investors and creators will have the chance to meet up during the event or afterwards at an exclusive sponsored VIP party in New York.

Tickets can be purchased direct from using any of the nearly 300 CryptoCurrencies in existence.

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