Never. Give. Up.

More than 9 months ago I transferred a sizeable sum of coin into a qt wallet, and promptly forgot about it.

Weeks later when I tried to access it, I realized to my horror that I simply could not recall the password. It was a longer phrase, and in passing I had jumbled up the words and apparently kept substituting the wrong ones.

This morning after months of fruitless searching, I stumbled across a scrap of paper at the bottom of a storage box where an obscure reference to my old password was written down.

Fingers trembling, I booted up the wallet and watched it sync. I tried the password with a send and like magic, it actually worked. The coins had been sitting at the address so long that they didn’t even require a fee to be picked up immediately.

Moral of the story? Maybe you can’t always trust yourself. Use a backup password manager or other form of secure, real-world info to help.

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