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/r/Bitcoin FAQ – Newcomers please read

This posts explains some dos and don’ts about what to post on /r/Bitcoin .

First lets start with…

Messaging mods

Modmail is for:

  • Problems with the subreddit (some sidebar links are broken for example)
  • Problems with submissions (spam filter sometimes catches too much, we sort things a few times a day. If you have an urgent submission, contact us)
  • Requests that need mod support – if you need us to verify your identity for say, AMA, or that you represent an organization, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you

Modmail is not for:

  • Asking general questions
  • Reporting obvious spam submissions (that’s what the Report button is for)
  • Advertisements on the subreddit (it is handled through Reddit, not us)
  • Help with shadowbans (again, that’s Reddit, not us. Contact them)

Frequent requests:

  • “Can I get a flair?” – No, at the moment we are not giving anyone flair on the subreddit
  • “Can you add my subreddit to the sidebar?” – If you are a local Bitcoin subreddit, we can add you to the wiki. If you are not a Bitcoin-related subreddit, 99% chance the answer is no. If you are a Bitcoin-related subreddit, we only add subreddits that are established – if you have less than a few hundred subscribers and less than a post a day, the answer is most likely no. Beyond that, we can talk.
  • “Can you link to my website from the sidebar?” – No


Please don’t post:

Take heed when posting:

  • Memes – memes are allowed, but some people may not like you for posting them. Be sure to use /r/Bitcoinmemes as well
  • Information about all-time-highs, price spikes, crashes and so forth – 90% of the time, someone has already posted about it. Check /r/bitcoin/new first before posting.
  • Questions about help with a particular website or business – /r/Bitcoin is not tech support for any business, you’re better off contacting the support of the business in question through their forums or ticket system

What to do if you see…

  • Spam – click “report” underneath the submission, vote accordingly. Don’t message mods unless the spam is subtle or needs context
  • Repost – vote accordingly, click “report”
  • A post from the “don’t” list above – direct the posted to a proper subreddit if applicable (for questions and newbie posts), vote and report accordingly otherwise
  • A post that is allowed on this subreddit but you don’t like it being here – vote accordingly, don’t report it. If it is allowed, the mods will not remove the post. Your votes shape what submissions get the most exposure – upvote the posts you want to see more of, downvote the ones you want to see less of.

Some good guides you should look into:

Please do

  • Read the sidebar for community rules – following them will make everyone’s day better.
  • Be sceptical of any news without credible sources – a lot of bad people are trying to play on your emotions by fabricating fake stories. Be sceptical of any story without a credible citation, especially when it is related to economic or legal side of things.

Thank you for your attention. Post responsibly, vote on all submissions, live and let live, have fun.

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