Matthew Lynn – Gold Isn't Only Alternative To Paper Money

Matthew Lynn – Gold Isn’t Only Alternative To Paper Money:

In an article on Marketwartch, writer Matthew Lynn (@MattLynnWriter) describes how gold’s role as a store of value alternative to paper money will be seeing competition from digital currencies.  Excerpts:

“As the American [dollar] grows in strength — as seems likely given its relative performance compared with the rest of the world — then gold will be less valuable as an alternative.”

“Gold is nothing if not a long-term investment [however] the most important threat is the rise of alternative digital currencies such as bitcoin.”

“As a rival to paper money, gold has had the market to itself. Now it will have competition, and that always drives down the price of any product.”

“Financial sophisticates might dismiss digital currencies as a craze. But plenty of other industries have been taken apart by the Internet — there is no reason why the money market should be any different.”

“In many ways, digital currencies may be a better alternative to paper money than gold.”

 – (Further discussion of the article)

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