Guardian – Bitcoin Migrates Off The Internet (Video)

Guardian – Bitcoin Migrates Off The Internet (Video):

Guardian’ s Kate Connolly (@ConnollyBerlin) and Guy Grandjean (@guygrandjeancover the story happening in Kreuzberg, which is becoming a the world’s largest Bitcoin local economy.  Excerpts:

”’[Bitcoin is] an easier way of digital payment than credit cards, which cost me a lot of money as a business and to which I’m forced to sign up for years,’ [says Florentina Martens owner of Parisian-style cafe Floor’s].”

“Graefekiez, a cosy neighbourhood established in the 19th century in the southern Berlin district of Kreuzberg, currently boasts the highest density of businesses accepting the currency in the world.”

“‘Kreuzberg is traditionally an area in which people are very politically aware, critical towards existing systems and are constantly discussing and looking for alternatives to them, which makes it the perfect breeding ground for Bitcoin,’ says Joerg Patze [owner of Room 77].”

“[Law student Jeff Gallas] taps the amount he owes Room 77 into the virtual Bitcoin wallet on his Android phone and, aligning it with a code on the bar’s device, presses a button to process the payment. A theatrical ‘kerching’ sound follows and Gallas is grinning from ear to ear. ‘It could hardly be easier,’ he insisted.”

“[Wilko Bereit] likes the fact that Bitcoin scares people in suits, ‘because if this thing were to really take off, it would bankrupt a lot of bankers.’”

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