CoinDesk – State of California's "Spray And Pray" Hits Bitcoin Foundation

CoinDesk – State of California’s “Spray And Pray” Hits Bitcoin Foundation:

Reporter Danny Bradbury (@DannyBradbury) of (@CoinDesk) describes the cease and desist (C&D) order given by the State of California’s financial regulator, Department of Financial Institutions (@CaliforniaDFI), to the Bitcoin Foundation (@BTCFoundation).  Excerpts:

“The letter said that the Bitcoin Foundation may be a money transmission business (MTB), and threatened it with fines and jail time.”

“The letter, signed by Paul Clayton, senior counsel at the Department of Financial Institutions (California’s financial regulator), gave the Foundation 20 days to respond, although it was only received last week. The Foundation is drafting its response with legal firm Perkins Coie this week.”

“The language in the letter (which didn’t directly accuse the Foundation, but suggested it ‘might be’ an MTB), indicated that the letter might be a fishing expedition said [Bitcoin Foundation General Counsel Patrick Murck]. The use of cease and desist letters is an easy way to cast the net, he argued.”

“This ‘spray and pray’ approach to regulating businesses could dampen the prospects for bitcoin-based businesses in the long run, warned Murck.”

 – (Cease and desist order)
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