Adrianne Jeffries – Why won’t Bitcoin die?

Adrianne Jeffries – Why won’t Bitcoin die?:

Adrianne Jeffries (@ADRJeffries)’s reports from the trenches of Bitcoin 2013 conference in her latest article on Bitcoin in The Verge.  Excerpts:

“CNN, Russia Today, Vice, and Thomson Reuters were among the media in attendance.” 

“As of Tuesday morning, the price of a Bitcoin was steady around $120. That’s still astonishingly high for a currency that relies on a stack of arcane code and a network of anonymous helpers in lieu of a central government.  Actually, it’s astonishing that Bitcoin is still around at all. The currency has had several near-death experiences in its short life […]”

“One attendee at Bitcoin 2013 offered to read the currency’s astrological chart for me. Bitcoin’s sun sign is Capricorn, which means it is an innovator. […] If Bitcoin were a person, she said, it would be ‘really solid, really powerful. Just like, a natural-born leader.’”
“During the conference, the entrepreneur Dmitry Murashchik built a website, “Why isn’t Bitcoin worthless?” which serves up answers […]”

“Given Mt. Gox’s outsize role in the Bitcoin economy, I was surprised that no one at the conference was talking about the absent Goliath.”

“There’s also a disturbing cultishness to the Bitcoin community, where everyone is as bullish as can be.”

“‘Bitcoin had always been three steps forward, two steps back since I’ve been involved,’” [Project lead Gavin Andresen] said in his ‘State of the Union’ talk at Bitcoin 2013.”

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